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  1. I also like Tubi's movie catalogue . . . and its overall catalogue of entertainment. Pluto TV blows. Too many commercials. Too many of the same commercials. Sometimes I'll scroll through its offerings and every channel I hit has a commercial -- sometimes the same commercial. Too much repetition. Pluto TV shows the same episodes of one season of a show (that aired for several years) over and over and over . . . Recently Pluto TV resurrected its James Bond channel, which tiresomely repeats a limited number of Bond thrillers. Re Dan Curtis' Dracula, I don't know about its preemptio
  2. I searched for "A Darkness at Blaisedon" in the TCM Message Boards, and did not find it. Apologies if this news is old and redundant. Tubi is showing A Darkness at Blaisedon, a failed TV pilot produced by Dan Curtis. Dark Shadows fans might find it worth a look. Besides the familiar music by Robert Cobert, this 1969 ABC broadcast features DS alumni Thayer David and Louis Edmonds.
  3. Furthermore, in some local theatres near me, theatre seats are more like Barcaloungers that recline and can even be heated with the mere touch of a button. Yeah, me, I like a little popcorn with my butter. . . which ain't butter. First job I had was in a movie theatre where I sometimes worked the concession stand. You don't wanna know what the "butter" was. Also, stay away from hot dogs. From theatre opening to closing, hot dogs would cook in a steamer -- eventually acquiring a "greenish" hue and turning into a science experiment or a Science-Fiction movie ("The Weenies That Ate C
  4. To me, a simpatico song to accompany Out in the Country is Kenny Rankin's Peaceful as performed by Helen Reddy.
  5. Love it! "an album with a unique ambience but the songs are also very good and the listener never knows what to expect next." -- Rising Storm
  6. Thank you for your response, Mr. Bricks (since we're being so formal)! Regard Sal's "Up periscope" condition -- hey, he was in a pool scene with Juliet Prowse! Yes, I know that Mineo was gay, or, at least, bisexual. But, some enticing stimuli simply cannot be resisted or denied!
  7. Not to mention International House. Monumental Missed Opportunity: Bela Lugosi as Rasputin in Rasputin and the Empress. He would have been perfect as the "Mad Monk" -- much better than Lionel Barrymore, IMO.
  8. Several years ago at a local theatre in my 'hood, I chipperly requested, "One senior" at the box office. The elderly attendant glared at me, then asked me, "How old are you?" "I'm 62 . . . today, in fact!" I replied. She gave me the fisheye, took my money, then grumped, "You don't look it." Secret of my "eternal youth"? Moisturize!
  9. Here's another Three Dog Night tune that I dig. Love the melody. The "message" of the song: meh! No country boy, I!
  10. Not TCM-Fathom Events presentations, but exciting exhibitions nonetheless! The Return of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, and The Wolfman
  11. Ride My Seesaw is an ab fab song to listen to while "working out." Its driving tempo and steady beat quicken the pulse and fuel-inject the adrenaline -- galvanizing one to GO FOR THE PUMP!
  12. Never heard of Cosmic Dealer. Thanks for the introduction. "When I joined the band it was called “Floating Fudge including the Cosmic Dealer. But later we found the name was too long and we shortened it . . . The Cosmic Dealer album Crystallization has become the most re-released album by a Dutch band ever. It had been one of the most expensive collectors albums from Holland." -- Cosmic Dealer interview
  13. Thanks for the clip! Prescient in what way, Allhallowsday? Do you mean how the LGBTQ crowd is persecuted, rejected, and reviled by "mainstream," "normal" society? If that's what you mean, that brand of prejudice has been going on since the Dawn of Man.
  14. On October 2 and in honor of their 90th "birthdays," Fathom Events will resurrect Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in their iconic, star-making roles: On October 30, the immortal Claude Rains and Lon Chaney, Jr. will return to weaken knees, tingle spines, and curdle blood in their iconic, star-making roles.
  15. Because I'm still in "The Rat Race," I can handle the ticket prices . . . but then, I also go to cheaper-priced matinees at senior citizen prices. After I retire, a movie will have to really appeal to me to shell out for it. Whether new movies are crap is a matter of opinion and taste. I tend to agree with you, Movie Collector OH. Very few new releases interest and excite me. But, I also realize that I live in America, which really doesn't give a good GD about the elderly (at least the non-famous, middle-income and lower-income elderly). Not being in the desirable demographic, I'm "invisi
  16. Both these terrific tunes were the A and B sides of a, IMO, perfect 45 (that I still have):
  17. Ladies and Gentlemen, the euphonious song stylings of Mr. Clarence Leroy Van Cleef, Jr.: Captain Apache April Morning News to me: Van Cleef cut a record.
  18. Oh, man! Don't get me started! I'm not into "cosplay." That said . . . When Wonder Woman (2017), which I skipped, was in theatres, I was in line (for another movie) behind a young lass dressed up like WW. Very fetching! Wouldn't at all have minded having her tie me up with her lariat.
  19. Grace Jones covering the 1978 song by Flash and the Pan.
  20. The inimitable, sui generis Grace Jones multitasking. You never saw Doris Day or Judy Garland workin' this kind of action:
  21. I'm not sure if I saw Cannibal Holocaust (based upon the little known romantic story by Louisa May Alcott, right?). I saw some Italian cannibal movie during which an alligator/crocodile was brutally and actually slaughtered by "natives." I loathe, detest, despise, and h-a-t-e filmmakers who show or simulate animals being hurt or killed. I don't know if you are old enough to have seen The Exorcist during its original theatrical release, Swithin. But, there was a utterly idiotic and disgusting, nauseating trend of audiences puking in theatres during the movie (Are they hurling in Milwa
  22. "Miss Sarajevo is a song by U2 and Brian Eno, credited to the pseudonym "Passengers". It was released on 20 November 1995 as the only single from their album Original Soundtracks 1. Luciano Pavarotti makes a guest vocal appearance, singing the opera solo." -- Wikipedia Thank you, rjbartrop!
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