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  1. Fifty years ago Dark Shadows debuted as a newspaper comic strip. Beautifully drawn in a "photorealistic" style by cartoonist extraordinaire Ken Bald (using the pseudonym "K. Bruce"), Barnabas Collins & Co. haunted the daily and Sunday "funny pages" -- much to the collective unease of Blondie and Dagwood, Nancy and Sluggo, Rex Morgan and Mary Worth, and Charlie Brown and Snoopy, undoubtedly. I used to clip out the Sunday editions, and probably still have them somewhere, wrapped in a plastic bag.
  2. Maw Hatton: "What shall we name our son, Paw?" Paw Hatton: "Dunno, Maw. Whaddaya you think we should call him?" Maw Hatton: "Don't rightly know, Paw . . . Lookit them ears." Paw Hatton: "Yay-ahh. I see 'em . . ." Maw 'n Paw Hatton (looking at one another): "Rondo!"
  3. You 'n twenny million udder guys . . . 'n goils.
  4. Well, Rondo Hatton's destiny was prefigured . . . by his name, IMO. Who the heck names their kid Rondo? The young man in the pic provided by Swithin doesn't look like a Rondo, to me. Looks more like a Harry -- "Handsome Harry" Hatton. The Creeper, OTOH, looks like a "Rondo." What happened to Rondo Hatton was a cruel tragedy, one over which he had no control. Unlike, this nudnik . . .
  5. Buddy Hackett also subbed for Lou Costello in Fireman, Save My Child. Originally intended for Abbott and Costello, Hackett and Hugh O'Brien (!) "pinch-hit" for Bud 'n Lou who withdrew from the comedy.
  6. I was a big fan of The Tubes and saw them in concert at least twice, perhaps thrice -- the last time for free at a local outdoor musical festival. The first time was, I thought, at The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood during the 1980s -- but I don't see a performance at that venue listed in The Tubes' concert history. I remember Waybill on stage in his priapic Quay Lewd drag coaxing reluctant band members, "Oi! You can wrap yor teeth 'round me beef!" Similar with Jethro Tull, the songs by The Tubes that I liked and which made me a fan were never major hits, while The Tubes tunes that became
  7. Another Suggestion Ride Beyond Vengeance I saw this unsung 1966 shoot-em-up during its initial theatrical release, and two vignettes were permanently seared into my 11-year-old brain-pan: A hysterical, fear-crazed Johnsy Boy Hood (Bill Bixby) grabbing a red-hot branding iron and ramming it deep into his belly. Frank Gorshin's twitchy histrionics as he hauntedly describes the grisly sight of Johnsy Boy Hood's gizzards hangin' out of his body ("look like crawlin' blue snakes"). As far as I'm concerned, a really good western has really good-really bad villains. Ride
  8. My Suggestions The Big Country (sprawling, monumental "horse opera" distinguished by Jerome Moross' majestic score) The Big Gundown (superior "Spaghetti Western" starring Lee Van Cleef and Tomas Milian and directed by Sergio . . . Sollima; Ennio Morricone's musical contribution is, as usual, superbo) Blood on the Moon (stylish Film Noir oater with a "psychological" undertone directed by Robert Wise and starring Robert Mitchum) El Condor (underrated gem, scripted by Larry Cohen; contains Lee Van Cleef's finest performance, IMO) Lonely Are the Brave (thoughtful requiem a
  9. Mr. Gorman, Thank you for the alert about Lara Parker in Kolchak: The Night Stalker TV series. I was a faithful viewer of Dan Curtis' spin-off from his highly regarded, high ratings-winner 1972 TV movie. Somehow, I don't recall the episode with Parker. Jonathan Frid (along with Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, and David Selby) also appeared in Tim Burton's disappointing (to me) Big Screen travesty. Race with the Devil is a high-octane action-horror thriller directed by the estimable Jack Starrett and written by Lee Frost and Wes Bishop (the culprits behind The Thing with Two Heads)
  10. Not I! I was around in 1969, and I had no starry-eyed illusions about or idealistic high hopes for "Tricky Dicky's" presidency. During my lifetime, NOT ONE Republican president has been worth a tinker's damn, as far as I'm concerned. . . . with the possible exception of Dwight Eisenhower -- only because of his warning about the "military-industrial complex." But then, I was in swaddling clothes and not qualified to confidently declare, "I like/don't like Ike." We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
  11. Indeed! A bona fide blonde bombshell! Baffling to me why Lara Parker did not blossom into a Major Star and why her acting career was, arguably, lackluster. According to the Internet Movie Database, Parker retired from acting and became a high school and college English teacher (!). Man, if I'd had Parker for a teacher, I'd have flunked her class just to take it again. And again. And again . . . .
  12. I wonder if Brown's hip had a welt on it after the way she was workin' that tamborine.
  13. Because I was a horror movie fan (and still am), I dutifully watched Dark Shadows during its original broadcasts. At the time, I found it a chore to watch (I was a preteen when it debuted and in high school when it ended). The lethargic pacing of the daytime soap opera format was the challenge for me. Nonetheless, when the feature-film House of Dark Shadows was released, I eagerly and without reservation went to see it. . . . and loved it! More dynamically executed and more swiftly paced than the TV soap (for obvious reasons), the Big Screen rendition also benefited from stylish cam
  14. I heartily second your recommendation! As, I suspect, would Jeva Lange. The Distinguished Eucalyptus P. Millstone Rating: Five ribbits. And A Golden Croak Award! Important Trivia Ray Milland disliked his costars, telling producer George Edwards: "I'm not touching one damned frog." (To which President Georges Pompidou retorted, "Alors qui t'a demandé?") Milland walked off the movie three days before its completion (and subsequently went on to appear in The Thing with Two Heads for which he did not receive an Academy Award nomination). Required Reading Unleash
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