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  1. To riff on Allhallowsday's latest contribution . . .
  2. Although I am totally clueless about Timebox, I was familiar with Timebox's arrangement of Soul Sauce. It is sampled by the host of a local radio show. Thank you, NoShear, for helping me to identify that captivating intro.
  3. Never seen Silent Night, Deadly Night. Do you recommend it? What about it grabs you? The almost similarly titled 1972 chiller Silent Night, Bloody Night is a favorite of mine. Featuring an impressive cast that includes Patrick O'Neal, John Carradine, Walter Abel, and desirably dangerous Mary Woronov, it is further distinguished by a stylishly filmed and intensely creepy flashback (that features Philip Bruns and alumni of Andy Warhol's "Factory" Ondine and drag queen Candy Darling). The low budget and grimy, grainy photography paradoxically enhance the plot's morbid tone and eerie atmosphere
  4. Streaming, Screaming Gialli Here is the link to Federico Caddeo's documentary on Tubi. https://tubitv.com/movies/496155/all-the-colors-of-giallo Yesterday I subscribed to ARROW, the streaming service offshoot of Arrow Films. Several gialli thereon. Ditto on Shudder.
  5. jamesjazzguitar, Thank you. For a minute there I was worried . . .
  6. . . . which explains why extraterrestrial life forms haven't made contact with us. A little of Sun Ra goes a long way with me.
  7. "Make Tonto funk the T-Funk, Tonto want to get funked-up."
  8. Jillian Atchley, Don't feel obligated to watch any of the movies on my list. Cinema longa, vita brevis. Or, so many movies, so little time! Also, you like what you like and don't like what you don't like. I'd be truly amazed if there were any female Charles Bronson fans. Another movie fave of mine is The Trip, the 1967 American International Pictures mind-blower directed by Roger Corman and written by Jack Nicholson. Speaking of which, I seem to be on a psychedelic trip myself. Sometimes I see three pages and more than 50 responses to your My Top 10 post. Other times I see on
  9. (Gasp!) The circle of life . . . which is ever-changing, ever-evolving, and ever-renewing.
  10. And my response is, so what if "nobody" bothers with old movies? I love movies. I love old movies. I love really old movies (I recently acquired the 1924 German thriller Waxworks). But, they are only movies. They are only entertainment. If, in 20 years, "nobody" wants to watch movies made in the 20th century . . . well, the sun will still shine, the world will still turn, and life will go on. But . . . . . . there will always be folks who will cherish and preserve old movies. The preservation society might become smaller, more rarefied, and itself older, but . . . . . . there will
  11. "Too bad" Mantovani or Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops never recorded The Greatest Hits of Iggy Pop. Meanwhile Back in Outer Space
  12. Yeah, now that you brought it up, I do remember Lust for Life. My only excuse for not remembering is Selective Amnesia.
  13. Recently Released Film Noir Thrillers Released by KL Studio Classics Alias Nick Beal Larceny (with commentary by "Eddie Von Mueller") Thunderbolt The Web Released by Kino Classics British Noir III: Brass Monkey Breakway The Frightened Lady Tall Headlines Third Time Lucky Released by Warner Archives I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes
  14. I don't quite get the point and purpose of introducing teens to "classic movies." Smacks of trying to force someone to like spinach or play the violin ("It's good for you. You'll learn to like it."). Many years ago, two preteen nephews (from Holland) of my roommate spent some time in our home. I was watching Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. The tykes joined me and got a kick out of the movie; they especially were tickled by Costello's antics. Their interest sufficiently piqued, they wanted to see more movies with "Thin and Fat" as they called Bud and Lou. I grew up (during the
  15. Man, like, WHAT is Iggy Pop's trip? First time I read about him, the story was accompanied by a photo of Pop all bloody because he had mutilated himself with, I think, a razor blade. Anyway, thanks for I Wanna Be Your Dog, which I recall having heard before now. It certainly suggests that Pop is a seriously twisted head case with an inferiority complex and masochistic tendencies.
  16. https://forums.tcm.com/topic/44234-the-post-an-interesting-pic-thread/page/66/#comments
  17. NoShear, Oh I find the song Born to Run irresistible. I haven't listened to every Springsteen song. For me, the track stands out because it doesn't sound like the other Springsteen tunes that I have heard. IMO, it sounds as though "The Boss" and the producers on the album were deliberately shooting for Top 40, Tops of the Pops success. Springsteen's first two albums, IMO, don't have the "Glitz," "Flash," and "Grandiosity" that won Born to Run mass appeal, boosted Springsteen to superstardom, and which makes it sound like more like a majestic anthem than a plain, ol' rock song. Re The
  18. Ron Masak impersonated Lou Costello in a TV commercial for the Ralston breakfast cereal Bran News.
  19. See! Bela's not thrilled about vaccination either!
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