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  1. Always the Kiss of Death for any recommendation, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Unfortunately, the clip on YouTube is missing the opening credits. Among the credits: "MUSIC COMPOSED by NINO ROTA" (B.F.*), and " 'Monty' trained by Canine Film Stars" * Before Fellini.
  3. Last Saturday, October 2, I watched the Dracula and Frankenstein double-feature in a movie theatre, courtesy of Fathom Events. I've seen Dracula on The Big Screen several times, but had not seen Frankenstein in a movie theatre. Looking at the images on a modern-day movie-theatre screen was quite a thrilling experience. The print was superb, revealing set design and costuming details (a friend who accompanied me marveled at the lace designs on bridal gowns) difficult to discern or even lost on a smaller TV screen. On that note, I thought that I spied Fay Wray as one of the bridesmaids to H
  4. I've got a Roku device and a Samsung TV. I have not had a problem accessing and watching TCM. Check out this report on TCL TVs and Roku TVs. https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/10/22616941/tcl-6-5-series-google-tv-price-specs
  5. To my ears, Rosenman seems to have "sampled" part of Gerald Fried's title theme for I Bury the Living. ***** IMO, all of Paul Williams' songs and music in Phantom of the Paradise are ab fab. I particularly dig the music during the end credits. It perfectly complements and enhances Brian De Palma's montage. https://ok.ru/video/1118790748728?fromTime=5233
  6. I don't see it on the October schedule. But, here it is on the Russian website OK : https://ok.ru/video/824132438535 (with Russian subtitles) https://ok.ru/video/2053995498111 (without Russian subtitles)
  7. Splendid catch, Eagle Eye! I totally missed that ironic moment. If Mineo noticed the marquee during the shooting of the scene, I wonder what he was thinking and feeling? "One minute it seemed I had more movie offers than I could handle; the next, no one wanted me." -- Sal Mineo (Wikipedia)
  8. We have a winner! Thank you for providing an answer for "U" -- and not skipping one of the more difficult letters of the alphabet! W William Windom
  9. Shrinkwrap, Check it out! https://ok.ru/video/275565775523 . . . featuring Phil Brown ("Uncle Owen" in Star Wars).
  10. Indeed! But, where did "Legendre" come from? Was it in the script? In the original 74-minute preview print? I suspect that the answer lies in Mr. Rhodes' monograph.
  11. First, I love your OCD, which is inspirational. Regarding the name "Legendre," "It was often given with slightly mocking intent to someone who had [bettered] his lot by marrying the daughter of a rich or influential person." -- SurnameDB Since "Murder Legendre" is never spoken in the movie we see today, I'm wondering if what we are seeing is the entire movie? "A preview of White Zombie's first cut was shown on June 16, 1932, in New York City.* This print of White Zombie had a running time of 74 minutes, whereas the regular distribution prints ran for only 69 minutes.
  12. The YouTube presentation uploaded by Julio Trujillo is muy, MUY bueno! IMO, it beats the "HD Remastered" upload by JonPlaysGames, which got high praise (probably from JPG's friends and relatives) but which, to me, looks horizontally stretched (i.e., wrong aspect ratio). Regarding the movie itself (and not its presentations), is Bela Lugosi's necromancer ever actually called "Murder Legendre"? There is (I think) only one moment where he is referred to simply as "Murder."
  13. I don't think txfilmfan's suggestion will work for you, LornaHansonForbes. I have a Roku device. I also have a Hulu account (via Disney+). Like you, I also do not have a cable TV provider. I watch TCM strictly via Sling TV on my Roku device. I tried txfilmfan's suggestion, and I was unable to log in to Watch TCM because I don't have a cable TV provider. Entering my Hulu credentials alone did not grant me access to Watch TCM.
  14. A couple of (now politically incorrect*, "sexist," and "cringeworthy") tunes vocalized by Jack Jones . . .
  15. Yeah well, grass is legal in California, and I callzum as I seezum.
  16. I watched Midnight Mass, and -- exercising all my willpower -- hung with it. I'm not really into mini-series. Tell me a story efficiently, economically, and above all, swiftly. I'm old and don't have time to plod through "character development" and a leisurely paced narrative. "Charismatic priest"? Yeah, the characters in the story found "Father Paul" charismatic. Me, not so much. Au contraire, I found actor Hamish Linklater goofy in appearance, delivery, and performance. But, that's me. I too sensed the Stephen King vibe . . . which didn't thrill me. No Stephen King fan I! Stories se
  17. I think I touched a nerve of the president of the Tiny Tim Fan Club. Chill, Prez.
  18. Everybody's a critic. Here's a funnier Bob & Ray routine:
  19. Well . . . I can't say that I was ever into Girl Rockers. That said, I found Man is a Man "music to my ears." The QuatroRock Website Despite my disinterest in "Chick Rock," I did buy the album that included this timeless ballad* . . . The album debuted the same year as Ramones (the eponymous vinyl introduction to the Rock band of the same name, which I also acquired). At the time, I thought that The Runaways ate the lunch of the grotty punkers from NYC, and predicted that the gals would have a long, fabulous, superstar career while The Ramones would bite the Big One and
  20. Tiny Tim ain't got nothin' on Bob 'n Ray!
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