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  1. IMO, the most sensual version of Richard Berry's much covered Louie Louie.
  2. XX This game might be responsible for getting this flick the most publicity and promotion that it's ever gotten.
  3. I enjoyed Cloudburst, which moved at a brisk pace and was executed with the customary efficiency by the Exclusive Films Ltd. production team. I'm not really keen on revenge movies. But, the filmmakers' comparatively restrained handling of the "vigilante justice" theme made Cloudburst more palatable to me. Indeed, a highlight in the story (for me) was when John Graham (Robert Preston) poignantly expressed his desire and need to be regarded as the son -- not son-in-law -- of his wife's mother -- a quite moving scene, IMO. During his introduction, Eddie Muller mentioned Cloudburst featured f
  4. A favorite of my mother and part of her record collection:
  5. Totally clueless about Bettye Lavette. Thank you for the introduction. Here's Lavette's interpretation of Billy Strayhorn's Lush Life.
  6. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, right. Suurrrrrre he was. Tell that to Ronan and Dylan Farrow, Rosie O'Donnell, Gloria Allred, and the #MeToo mob . . . I can just hear Maurice: "MOI? Un agresseur d'enfants?! C'est incroyable! C’est scandaleux! C'est quoi ces conneries??!!?"
  7. Don't hold back, Hibi! Confession is good for the soul! I promise I won't judge you (well . . . maybe a little bit).
  8. LOL! I remember Gary Puckett & The Union Gap -- a band that would oft be included on "Golden Hits of the 60s" compilations, along with "Bubble Gum" groups and "One Hit Wonders" such as The Buckinghams, The Cyrkle, Tommy James and the Shondells, Blues Image, and Tommy Roe. I was never a fan. I suppose we could also include Maurice Chevalier's rendition of "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" in a Pedophiles' Greatest Hits collection.
  9. Here's a tune that -- I wouldn't at all be surprised -- probably is or will be on "The Cancel Culture's" Hit List:
  10. I'm inclined to believe that your commendable review is probably better than its subject. Yet despite your sterling write-up, I shall still skip watching Mansfield 66/67. After reading the IMDb profile on that "documentary musical" and seeing the names Kenneth Anger, "Peaches Christ," and the de rigueur John Waters, and also learning that the directors are a married couple, my reaction to the The Ebersole Hughes Company production is, "Well, that's typical." By which I mean that there is a distinct type of homosexual who just loves, Loves, LOVES vampirically sucking on The Rich and
  11. Totally baffled why ghoulish vultures, diseased with schadenfreude, glom onto tabloid journalism/reporting and enjoy feasting on the carrion of celebrities whose lives were either tragic and/or horrific or whose lives ended in tragedy and/or horror. Why am I not surprised that John Waters, The Pied Piper of Bad Taste, is involved with this documentary?
  12. Uhhhmmmm. Some of us of the XX persuasion actually are attracted to abundantly curvaceous gals (Present! Front and center!). I don't see men being told that they "should want" "plus-size" women. The "Body Positivity Movement" is merely fighting for -- if not total acceptance of "people of size" -- at least a cessation of ridicule, discrimination, prejudice, persecution, condemnation, and dehumanization.
  13. Exclusive Films Ltd. was a British film distribution company founded by comedian William Hinds (AKA "Will Hammer") and former cinema owner Enrique Carreras (father of James, grandfather of Michael). Exclusive eventually begat Hammer Films. After Cloudburst, Exclusive allied with Robert L. Lippert, an American film producer and owner of a chain of movie theatres. Lippert would distribute Exclusive movies in the U.S.A. and Exclusive would exhibit Lippert's productions in the U.K. -- a mutually beneficial and profitable business association. During the alliance of the two film companies, Li
  14. An all-time, personal fave of mine, featuring exactly the kind of woman I craaaavve!
  15. A "New York Stories" film festival without a single Woody Allen film (whither Broadway Danny Rose, A Rainy Day in New York, and especially Manhattan -- not to mention New York Stories?!). Apparently The Criterion Channel has joined the lynch mob ostracizing one of America's preeminent filmmakers. Disgraceful!
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