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  1. 50 minutes ago, LornaHansonForbes said:

    from imdb:

    Bela Lugosi's character name "Legendre" means "the son-in-law" (Le gendre) in French. It however, in no way, shape or form translates to "legend" in French, contrary to uninformed assumptions. Simply "son-in-law", and nothing else.
    Not once is Bela Lugosi's character name "Murder Legendre" pronounced by anyone at any moment in the film. Nor does the character name appear onscreen once---in the credits nor otherwise.

    First, I love your OCD, which is inspirational.

    Regarding the name "Legendre," "It was often given with slightly mocking intent to someone who had [bettered] his lot by marrying the daughter of a rich or influential person." -- SurnameDB

    Since "Murder Legendre" is never spoken in the movie we see today, I'm wondering if what we are seeing is the entire movie?

         "A preview of White Zombie's first cut was shown on June 16, 1932, in New York City.* This print of White Zombie had a running time of 74 minutes, whereas the regular
         distribution prints ran for only 69 minutes." -- Wikipedia

    * White Zombie: Anatomy of a Horror Film by Gary Don Rhodes

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  2. On 10/2/2021 at 5:51 AM, Fausterlitz said:

    Here's a restored version of White Zombie on youtube. Looks nice a nice print. The Spanish subtitles only appear if you click on the "CC" button.   🙂



    The YouTube presentation uploaded by Julio Trujillo is muy, MUY bueno! IMO, it beats the "HD Remastered" upload by JonPlaysGames, which got high praise (probably from JPG's friends and relatives) but which, to me, looks horizontally stretched (i.e., wrong aspect ratio).

    Regarding the movie itself (and not its presentations), is Bela Lugosi's necromancer ever actually called "Murder Legendre"? There is (I think) only one moment where he is referred to simply as "Murder."

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  3. On 10/2/2021 at 9:02 AM, txfilmfan said:

    When it asks you to select a provider, select the "View all TV Providers" button at the bottom, and then in the search box type in "Hulu", and then click on "Hulu."   It should then redirect you to auth.hulu.com, which will ask you for your Hulu credentials.

    This is on the Watch TCM website.  I'd try it there first to make sure it works, and then try it on the Watch TCM app.

    I have YouTube TV, and it works for that, in both cases.

    I don't think txfilmfan's suggestion will work for you, LornaHansonForbes.

    I have a Roku device. I also have a Hulu account (via Disney+). Like you, I also do not have a cable TV provider. I watch TCM strictly via Sling TV on my Roku device.

    I tried txfilmfan's suggestion, and I was unable to log in to Watch TCM because I don't have a cable TV provider. Entering my Hulu credentials alone did not grant me access to Watch TCM.

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  4. Just now, Allhallowsday said:

    Not at all.  Emboldened, eh?  Very well.  Not no fan of TINY TIM but I'll own that too if I need to.   I responded to your remark.  You are the pot calling the kettle black. 

    Yeah well, grass is legal in California, and I callzum as I seezum.

  5. 9 hours ago, jaragon said:

    Mike Flanagan's " Midnight Mass"  on Netflix is a thinking man's horror series dealing with religion and how evil can use to take over people's mind. The arrival of a charismatic priest brings miracles, mysteries and renewed religious fervour to a dying town.   The series is slow and takes it's time developing the characters like in a Stephen King novel.  It pays hommage to "Salem's Lot" .   The show has some horrifying scenes involving animals  which has turned some people off- personally I was very disturbed by the death of a dog- but this is horror show after all.


    I watched Midnight Mass, and -- exercising all my willpower -- hung with it. I'm not really into mini-series. Tell me a story efficiently, economically, and above all, swiftly. I'm old and don't have time to plod through "character development" and a leisurely paced narrative.

    "Charismatic priest"?

    Yeah, the characters in the story  found "Father Paul" charismatic. Me, not so much. Au contraire, I found actor Hamish Linklater goofy in appearance, delivery, and performance. But, that's me. I too sensed the Stephen King vibe . . . which didn't thrill me. No Stephen King fan I! Stories set in small towns populated by small-town folk don't appeal to me. Ditto banal,  expository, echt-sounding dialogue between characters whom I find dishwater dull and a test of my patience. The last gasp of "Erin Greene" I found particularly prolix. Instead of being inspired and uplifted by her final monologue, I was thinking, "For God's sake, Woman! D-I-E already!"

    For me, Midnight Mass was a follow-up mini-series -- after Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu: another endurance test for Yours Truly. One common connection between both serials was the (for me) annoying overuse of music. Am I watching a drama or a music video? Enough with filmmakers' overloading samplings of their favorite Pop songs past and present! Midnight Mass mixes in Neil Diamond tunes with bombastic hymns -- aural torture that sorely tested my almost overpowering urge to punch the Mute button for relief.

    YMMV. Watching Midnight Mass was, for me, not a joy but a penance. On a positive note, it was better than self-flagellation or a hairshirt, and that's the best critique of it that I can give.


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  6. 19 minutes ago, Allhallowsday said:

    TINY's version with GARY LAWRENCE is a wonderful piece of music, that BOB & RAY was only funny for a moment... and my mother used to listen to BOB & RAY (I think I've still got some vinyl of theirs... like Mary Backstage Noble Wife...) 

    Everybody's a critic.

    Here's a funnier Bob & Ray routine:


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  7. On 9/30/2021 at 10:41 AM, SweetSue said:


    Well . . . I can't say that I was ever into Girl Rockers. That said, I found Man is a Man "music to my ears."

    The QuatroRock Website

    Despite my disinterest in "Chick Rock," I did buy the album that included this timeless ballad* . . .

    The album debuted the same year as Ramones (the eponymous vinyl introduction to the Rock band of the same name, which I also acquired). At the time, I thought that The Runaways ate the lunch of the grotty punkers from NYC, and predicted that the gals would have a long, fabulous, superstar career while The Ramones would bite the Big One and fade away into obscurity.

    . . . which is why I don't have a career in the music biz.

    * Fun Fact! Cherry Bomb was The Runaways' cover of the popular hit by Kate Smith (the B side of God Bless America and, of course, Smith's signature song).

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  8. I watched The Magician, the 1926 horror-thriller starring Paul Wegener, directed by Rex Ingram.

    Horror film fans (Present!) will recognize the influence of this MGM production, filmed in France, on Universal horror "talkies," most notably Frankenstein. Turner Classic Movies' 2010 edition emphasizes the similarity between The Magician and Universal horror films via Robert Israel's evocative soundtrack. Israel exquisitely accompanies cinematographer John F. Seitz's nightmarish images and Ingram's melodramatic story-telling with familiar musical excerpts from Dracula and The Mummy (the title themes of both being Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake), The Black Cat (enhanced with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes BrahmsFranz Liszt, and Robert Schumann), and Werewolf of London (score by Karl Hajos). I could easily imagine a sound remake by Universal Pictures starring Bela Lugosi as sinister hypnotist Oliver Haddo*.

    Eighty-nine minutes definitely well spent! Thank you, TCM!


    * W. Somerset Maugham, who authored the source novel, based Haddo on Aleister Crowley -- also the inspiration for Hjalmar Poelzig in The Black Cat.

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  9. 19 hours ago, Aritosthenes said:

    *Pop Quiz* (If Your Interested.)


       Do YOU Know, (a la Wheres Waldo); Where to Find the Great Stoneface (🗿🎩) in the Comedy Classic Its a Mad Mad .. . Mad World ,?    Far As I Know, Harold isnt in this Near Encyclopedic Who's Who of Laughter.  But Keaton Is. (Took me Years (And Years); & a little help to Finally figure it out).

         I Imagine You Know Darn Well EXACTLY Where to Find Him in Said Film. If Not Though Lemme Know.

    In this excellent streaming presentation on a Russian website, you can see Buster Keaton at the 2:19 (two hours, 19 minutes) moment in It's A Mad,  Mad, Mad, Mad World.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, SweetSue said:

    I hunt for this stuff man! I fall down never ending rabbit holes for this stuff, what I post here isn't even HALF of what I've got. If you have Spotify I can link you my "Rare" playlist that has all my gems I've come across on it, some may be familiar, but a lot is stuff I find on the depths of youtube and from radio stations in the UK. It's just a hobby of mine😂

    Nope, don't have Spotify. But, no biggie.

    I suspected that the Steve Hoffman Music Forum site that I linked to might interest and appeal to you. I found this 1968 tune from surgeon-clarinetist Jean-Christian Michel thereon.


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