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  1. mgadler does indeed have a point! TCM website administrators and hosts should practice quality control -- or at least, more quality control -- and strive for accuracy. All should be called to task for major gaffes and sloppy reporting. But in the Age of the Internet (which, alas, is not a perfectly reliable reference), critics, scolds, and watchdogs would do well to spell-check and fact-check (to at least CYA) before going on the attack and dressing down others.
  2. The UB40 version of Neil Diamond's Red Red Wine gets a lot of play on a local radio station in my small corner of the universe. Roy Drusky's cover has a smooth, languid, mellow tone that, I find satisfying and aurally soothing. Thanks again, Mr. G!
  3. I'm almost entirely clueless about Country music and had never heard of Brian Collins. I tuned in to That's the Way Love Should Be and Statue of a Fool. Beautiful, clear tenor voice that, IMO, is not the "conventional," "traditional" Country & Western cowboy twangy-drawl. Thanks for the introduction, Mr. G!
  4. Blood and Roses Daughters of Darkness The Fearless Vampire Killers Interview with a Vampire The Vampire Lovers Vampyres Vampyros Lesbos
  5. Ben Mankowitz's . . . Ben Mankiewicz's . . . People in glass houses, etc. Just sayin'.
  6. Suggested Reading for Booster Shot Boosters Is Vaccine Immunity Waning? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/30/briefing/vaccine-immunity-booster-shots.html
  7. That would be Honey, I Shanked the Kids. FYI, Dargo, you left out the "r" in Shrunk.
  8. From La ragazza che sapeva troppo (AKA The Girl Who Knew Too Much, AKA The Evil Eye😞
  9. Judylee, Check it out! https://archive.org/details/SummerMagic
  10. Nope! I briefly wrote DVD reviews for a (now defunct) magazine devoted to mystery and horror movies . . . for no pay and strictly the "glory" of being published. I've since grown up and learned my lesson. These days I don't waste time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears writing reviews for anything (attention, Amazon!) unless my palm is stained with filthy lucre.
  11. I have not yet seen The Nun. Based on the trailer, it looks appealing. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the alert! The last period horror movie that I saw and liked -- but not as much as I wanted to like it -- was Crimson Peak. I thought that it should have at least gotten an Oscar nod for production design. Instead the motion picture academy gave its "Best Picture" award to another Guillermo del Toro flick, The Shape of Water . . . which I didn't dig.
  12. I happen to prefer the Average White Band version of Work to Do over the original authored and sung by The Isley Brothers. For me, the tempo and arrangement of, and vocals on the 1974 AWB cover tops every other rendition that I've heard . . . including this live AWB performance.
  13. When the end comes, style might be all one has left. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." -- Matthew 5:5 And they can have it, as far as I'm concerned. Because what kind of world will the meek inherit? A world filled with the frightened -- living in fear, imposing their fear on everyone, vainly doing anything and everything that they can for one more day, one more minute, one more second -- one more breath -- trying to postpone that which ultimately cannot be postponed nor denied. Far from being blessed, to inherit a world populated by the fearful seem
  14. I'm old and I'm a Baby Boomer. Brainwashed by Big Pharma? Perhaps. Taking the jabz? Perhaps not. Regarding the jabz . . . So many frightened people. So many s-c-a-r-e-d of dying. So many terrified of The Inevitable. Me? I share the attitude of "Big Mac" in I Died a Thousand Times (which some folks in this discussion have done every time they have read and heard about COVID-19): Big Mac (Lon Chaney, Jr.): "It's like the doc says . . . if i don't lay off this stuff, it's gonna knock ME off. But, I'm gonna die anyway. So are you. So what? Nobody ever left this world alive.
  15. To me, Ed Asner had a Spencer Tracy quality. To wit, IMO, he was his generation's "Spencer Tracy." I wasn't a regular viewer of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The one episode -- or more accurately, one moment in an episode -- that remains clogged in my memory banks was ursine Lou Grant (Asner) barking at Mary Richards (Moore), "You know what? You've got spunk! . . . I HATE spunk!"
  16. I love how even Martha Raye posed for glamour and p1nup* pix. No beauty, IMO, but she had lovely legs. * And w-h-y, pray tell is p1nup a "dirty word" on the TCM Message Boards?
  17. I never saw the original, and I'll probably skip the remake. I know that Jordan Peele is, I guess, supposed to be the modern "Master of Horror." But, I wasn't all that thrilled by Get Out and Us. Although the horror film is my favorite genre, I must admit, in all honesty, lately it isn't. The last horror movie that I ventured outside my residence to actually see in a movie theatre was The Unholy, which I liked but didn't love. I prefer "period horror" (particularly Gothic and Victorian horror) to horror movies set in modern/contemporary times. More, I prefer horror movies that are ma
  18. Director José Ramón Larraz [Gil] is, perhaps, better remembered for the celebrated Vampyres (another chiller by Larraz, Symptoms, is also highly regarded). Those are the only two of Larraz' movies that I've seen (and own). Based on the little about him that I've read and a cursory glance at his filmography, I'm not certain that I want to see more of his efforts.
  19. That's an old Ed Sullivan clip that shows a not really too animated Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Brian Jones, and Keith Richards at work. Ladies and Gentleman, it's Mick Jagger (AKA "Mr. Showmanship") and the Zombies. For a band called The Rolling Stones, only one of them is doing any rolling . . . and rocking. On an altogether different note, I always thought that there was a resemblance between Mick Jagger and actress Andrée Melly.
  20. I've never seen No Down Payment but your description of Tony Randall in it sounds similar to his character in the episode "Hangover" on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Randall portrayed an alcoholic Madison Avenue ad man whose boozing naturally (in a TAHH episode) leads to a nasty end. Randall delivered a superb dramatic performance, ably and admirably abetted by his co-star in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? -- Jayne Mansfield. *********** I attended a taping of The Odd Couple during which Randall (as "Felix Unger") pedagogically illustrated to me (and the studio audience, and, I think,
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