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  1. @ElCid I may have more to say after I watch more episodes, but my first impression was favorable - enough to make me want to see more, anyway. Really, it’s just nice to enjoy something of his that is new to me - I feel like I’ve seen everything he’s done. ☺️
  2. @txfilmfan @Dargo Gotta love Professor Proton! 🥰 Although, I wonder if the Emmy win was more of a long overdue, whole-career recognition - rather than for that performance alone. Regardless, it was well deserved! 🌟
  3. @Vautrin @CinemaInternational @Mr. Gorman @sewhite2000 @Dargo I found Bob! 😃 The first episode is quite funny. (I laughed out loud several times.) I haven’t watched more yet, but I plan to. Thanks for all the interesting background…I believe Bob said in his autobiography that one reason this show didn’t do as well was it had a bit more of an edge (although it certainly seems tame now! - but I can see where that may have been true at the time) and his character wasn’t quite as lovable (though I didn’t see much difference between him and Dick Loudoun from Newhart - not in the first epi
  4. @Mr. Gorman @Sepiatone Interestingly, soon after reading your comments on his smoking, I caught Bob on a rerun of Johnny Carson (from 1992, he was promoting Bob), in which they talked about it quite a bit. 😃 Johnny’s actually the one who brought it up - at that point, Bob had quit a for year, and Johnny mentioned he “hadn’t quite kicked it yet” or something like that (which is especially sad, because, didn’t he die from emphysema? 🥺). Bob joked about it, (he said he asked the doctor, couldn’t he taper them off - maybe two packs a day…for the next five years…then work down to one pack…for the n
  5. @Sepiatone @Dargo I rewatched Hell is for Heroes! 😃 I still find it hard to follow, especially when the action really kicks in (it’s so dark!) - but I thought Bob Newhart was adorable! 🥰 (That’s an odd word to describe a character in a war movie, but he was just so young and innocent!) And I think the film NEEDED that comedy relief element to break all the tension. Actually, I thought it was a brilliant set-up: it was worked into the story well (and, I guess, realistically? - although, I admittedly know nothing about combat), and it was timed perfectly…I LOVE the moment where two of the
  6. @LuckyDan I rewatched Catch-22! (It’s on Prime Video. 😃) Very, very funny, yet such a heartbreaking gut-puncher - and What. A. Cast!!! 🤩 I’d forgotten much of the story and so many people involved. While I found the choppy style off-putting the first time, I had a much greater appreciation for it this go-round. (I’ve grown to love puzzle-like movies.) And I think I was disappointed originally because Bob Newhart has so little screen time. I was only really in it for him, and I was like, “I watched all this for 5 minutes of Bob???” (Although it’s a great 5 minutes! 😆) That scene you inclu
  7. Don't follow too close.  I feel gassy!  ;) 


  8. @Mr. Gorman Really? 😃 Oh, wow - that’s awesome. 😄 Like I said, pros. 🤩 To be able to match talents with Olivier, of all people, and be like, “Sure. I can play whatever.”…Can you imagine? 🤩 Now I really can’t help but wonder what it would’ve been like had they gone the other way. What started me down that line was thinking back on the moments where Olivier’s character (I don’t remember which is Halpern and which is Johnson ☺️) gets all steamed and upset. I thought, “Oh, yeah. That was definitely meant for Gleason.” 😃
  9. cfc

    My Top 10

    @Bethluvsfilms Interesting! 😃 I flipped for Titanic when it came out. (Like many, many pre-teen girls, I was crazy about Leo. ☺️…Just thinking of him at that staircase and in that tux still makes me go all 😍😍 😍!!!) I’ve seen E.T. and Schindler’s List, too. Very memorable experiences.
  10. @David Proulx You’re not the only one - I can’t take my eyes off him either. 🤩 He’s so magnetic, yet so natural when he’s doing drama. It’s the exact opposite of his loud, brassy comedic style (which I don’t mean to disparage, as I find it very funny and brilliant in its own right - love The Honeymooners!). His dramatic acting is the epitome of subtle. And so much happens when he’s not saying a word. You really have to watch his face. Part of the magic of his performance in Requiem for a Heavyweight is that his silent moments belie the falsely confident, bullying vibrato he speaks with. W
  11. @unwatchable Interesting…I’ve never seen it before. Thanks. 🙂
  12. @Dargo I didn’t know that! 😲 How unfortunate for everybody - Bob included. I have Hell is for Heroes on DVD, but I’ve only watched it once. I need to revisit it. From what I can remember, I found it very disjointed - and Newhart and the clever way they worked in his telephone routine was the only part I actually enjoyed. (Wasn’t it supposed to be fake conversations to throw off the enemy or something?…I love how he’s so nervous about it at first, then later on he’s leaning back - all chill, like, “I do this all the time. No big deal.” ☺️)
  13. @Sepiatone Ah - I just mentioned in my reply to @ElCid that “The Driving Instructor” is my favorite! 😃 This was so neat to see! I LOVE when he says, “Let me get a chair”, and someone whispers, “He’s going to do ‘The Driving Instructor’.” They know immediately. 🥰 Also, someone nearby had a GREAT laugh. (I think it may be the guy filming?) And inducted into The Library of Congress - wow! 😃
  14. @ElCid I enjoy his stand-up, too. 😊 I’ve had his Something Like This collection for a long time - and only recently realized that it doesn’t include EVERY routine (duh! ☺️). So, I’m now working my way through the individual albums on Apple Music. Of all that I’ve heard so far, I think my favorite is still “The Driving Instructor”.
  15. @Mr. Gorman Oh, my goodness - that was so funny! 😄 A very slow build-up - but the more things go wrong, the funnier it gets. ☺️ And the timing couldn’t be better. I just finished listening to his Stars in the House interview / reunion with the remaining TBNS and Newhart cast and crew last night - and they talked about this episode! I believe Julia Duffy said it was one of her favorites. Between what each of them remembered, they described it in detail - Bob even remembered the “Up the Amazon” title. ☺️ She said, for her, it was a toss-up between this episode and “the world’s smallest hors
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