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  1. my past junk: I started out back in 1999 with a Packard Bell desktop clunker my sister gave me. the old thing has a cyrix mll 333mhz processor. it had I think 64MBs of ram and a 6.4 hard drive.
  2. I never had to punch in my password as it was saved in my browser so over the course of time I forgot it. my browser always remembered.
  3. I always felt that legendary TV newsman John Facenda looked like Bela Lugosi.
  4. I did try that but the email they have is long defunct.
  5. lemme tell ya about Corky our family dog from when me and my siblings were kids. we had numerous pets mostly cats but some dogs. had a beagle named champ that bit me in the heiney ouch. corky was some kinda dog half collie half golden retriever. he was the jack nicholson of dogs a real dog around town. my dad would open the living room door and sent corky out to bedevil the neighborhood which delighted my mother no end. threats from the neighbors to sue were not helpful. corky owned the neighborhood that wild and crazy dog. my father never had to bring corky home when he showed up where he wo
  6. then shouldnt we have stopped ourselves from building and stockpiling thermonuclear ICBMs?...but we didnt. just where does the criteria lay for us not permitting ourselves from doing certain terrible things?
  7. its late and Im going to bed.
  8. captains log supplemental: the impossible has happened. from directly ahead we re picking up the call letters of a vessel which has been missing for over two centuries. did another earth vessel once probe out of the galaxy as we intend to do? what happened to it out there? is this some warning they ve left behind?.......
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