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  1. One of my favs is Bob Mitchum's best line from Out of the Past: "I don't want to die either, but if I have to I'm going to the last one!". And indeed, he is the last one. Hard to work this one into 'normal conversation' but I always look for openings. Another one from Jan Sterling's character in Ace in the Hole: "I never go to church to pray. Kneeling bags my stockings" (not that I ever wear stockings, but I'll marry any woman who uses this line in my presence). Or how about her smack down of Kirk Douglas' character: "I've met some hard boiled eggs in my time, but you're 20 minutes".
  2. Reminds me of a story once told to me by a famous jazz musician. When he got to be 78 years of age he finally gave in and went to a hearing specialist to get fitted with hearing aids. Right off he was surprised to be able to hear sounds he hadn't noticed for years ..... but when he got home he was even more surprised to discover that he was also married. 😂🤣
  3. When all is said and done regarding Alicia, it's that damned accent that seduces me every time, despite any reservations about the astrology misfire. Far from irritating, I find it refreshing to hear English spoken with an Aussie accent and after 15 years or so in the US I am happy that it doesn't seem to have faded. As an Aussie woman once assured me, "you can take the girl out of Australia but you'll never take Australia out of the girl!" I think she would be a wonderful femme fatale in a noir film. Charming, lovely to look at and listen to, and ever ready to perforate the male lead wit
  4. That's really telling them off with class!
  5. I always wanted a racing green Austin Healy 3000 like this when I was in college, but couldn't afford one. Had to settle for a beat up 1958 A. Healy Sprite (the early bug-eyed model) with a whopping 40 HP engine and SU (floating needle) carbs that had to be constantly synchronized. But still had a lot of fun when it wasn't broken down - once managed to pack 5 students into that little two seater and even managed to duck a cop who made a u-turn as soon as he passed me and saw my expired inspection sticker.
  6. Gotta admit, you may have me on this one. The terror actually looks like a giant green sex toy, but according to IMDB.com, a much better monster created for the film was stolen just before shooting began, so they used a handy pile of carpets as a substitute. No end to resourceful creativity in that business.
  7. Also, I am not a Libra. I do work on cars if that helps, but I'm really just a stop sign.
  8. Oh the shame of it! I had a momentary lapse and forgot that the first gen 'vette appeared in 1953, not 1963, thus throwing my calculation off by a gen. 3rd gen it is, but mine is still a supercharged 2003 50th anniversary 5th gen - at least, I think it is .... 🙄 Photos available upon request.
  9. Also don't miss that other regular contender for worst ever, "Amazon Women on the Moon".
  10. Ha, ha. That's a really entertaining tongue-in-cheek video. However, I'm still waiting for that single shot cure-all serum, public executions on broadcast t.v. sponsored by my local gas company ("Nothing snuffs 'em better than gas!") and my family physician to be replaced by a more effective genuine African witch doctor.
  11. Yes, that is the best part of what most film scholars consider to be the worst film ever made, although I personally think "The Room" is even more deserving of that honor.
  12. So there was a 1978 film starring Mark Hamill (yeah, the Star Wars guy) called "Corvette Summer" which featured a tricked out 1973 second generation Corvette Stingray coupe (converted to right hand drive to Mark could hang out the passenger side window). Unfortunately, mine is a 2003 5th gen model, so I guess it won't qualify. ☹️
  13. I'm hoping TCM won't think of holding "Seances with the Stars" featuring 'noted mediums'.
  14. Does that prohibition extend to Chevy Corvette's too? 🤥🙄
  15. Same reaction here. I only registered for these forums to express my anger and disappointment that TCM would lend itself to a belief system that has no more crecibility than phrenology or fortune telling. Can't decide for myself if Alicia, whom I have always enjoyed watching, buys into astrology or was roped into this by TCM management (Robert Osborne was apparently a dedicated subscriber to astrology). Some think they could see indications in her body language that she was uncomfortable sharing pre-screening sessions with Susan Miller, but I didn't pick up on that at all. Maybe I'm not s
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