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    Music, supernatural and fantasy fiction, weight lifting, outdoors, tennis.
  1. One of my favorite actors, and I think another of his best roles was in THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, which I consider to be a superior horror movie.
  2. I have the remake form a few years ago and it's actually pretty good too. So the sequels could have been worse, but none rise to the original BLAIR WITCH, which fits the normal pattern about sequels and remakes. The others I mentioned above are my favorites from found footage, and I recommend them. EXISTS had a lot of good reviews, where as WILLOW CREEK ones seemed more negative, but I really liked it. They're both based on the bigfoot mythology, so that might turn off people from the start, but I think they're both worth watching.
  3. I consider this an excellent horror movie. Simplistic and extremely effective, it proves that you don't need extravagant Hollywood budgets to pull off a great horror movie. As the days grow long, the feeling of impending dread creeps up on you, knowing the group once again must spend another potentially terrifying night lost in the woods, hunted by something unknown, and regardless of the antagonist being either natural or supernatural, the threat is palpable. It kicked off the found footage genre, of which my favorites include CLOVERFIELD, EXISTS, LAKE MUNGO and WILLOW CREEK
  4. Looking at the list, I recognize some, but I was very young then. There were a few classic horror titles in that mix. I also remember several movies based around the Bermuda Triangle which were creepy, especially the one with the giant turtle that takes the guy underwater at the end. I need to revisit that movie.
  5. I remember the weekly ones, maybe ABC movie of the week or something like that? If I searched, I could find it. There were definitely some creepy shows on at the time. And let's not talk about NIGHT GALLERY!
  6. Some that freaked me out were TRILOGY OF TERROR, GARGOYLES, and of course the original DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK. Not traumatizing per se, because I grew up to write a lot of horror and supernatural material, but impactful for sure.
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