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  1. I'm posting hoping that one of the movie studios will release the 5 Little Peppers series. I think it's such a great series and the children actors in it are just great. I think young kids would like seeing them too. Does anyone know of release dates for these if they are going to be released? Thanks so much!!!!! P.S. I know of two places that have them on dvd but the prints are horrible. Thanks again. Sincerely, Troy Leong
  2. Shutoo....thanks for your response and I seen a copy on the Russian site ok.ru. I love love love that site they've got everything there. Why don't you think the studio might remaster this film? I think it would be awesome if they did. I think it's a classic JOAN gem. Anyways....thanks again and have a GREAT day!!!!!! Sincerely, Troy Leong
  3. Hi TCM & TCM Fans, I was wondering if anyone knows the exact date when Letty Lynton will be able to be seen and released? I know there was a big trial over it many years ago and supposedly the copyright infringement is expiring. Was wondering if MGM plans to clean up the print and do a dvd / bluray release of this film. It's one movie of Joans I've never seen. Thanks so much!!!!! Sincerely, Troy Leong
  4. Hi James....I mean when you tune into the channel...next to the film title the year of the film is always listed. The channel isn't doing it anymore. Sometimes it's there....sometimes it isn't. It's a sporadic problem. Thanks.
  5. I'm a huge TCM fan . I love movies of the 1940's & 50's and was wondering why TCM isn't posting the year of each film when your looking at the tv? They used to do this all the time but aren't doing it now. I think classic film fans like seeing the date the film was made / released.....it's a plus for us. Hopefully this will be fixed. Thanks for reading my post. Sincerely, Troy Leong
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