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  1. Another fine period noir is So Evil My Love.
  2. If you want to get in a Doris frame of mind before the book comes out, try listening to the albums Day by Day and Day by Night on YouTube. Doris is in great voice singing songs that are perfect for her.
  3. King of Cool will be shown again later this month.
  4. That must be one of the very few houses in California that has declined in value.
  5. One of the most beautiful songs ever written. Thanks for posting it.
  6. Lorna, for some reason the Kinsey scale goes from 1 to 6, and I believe that 6 is the gayest one.
  7. Having complained recently about unfunny comics, I must say I thought this was absolutely hilarious and deliciously wicked. Loved the guys' hairstyles, too.
  8. I recall an interview (perhaps in the NY Times) with Ron Leibman and Linda Lavin when they were seen as a power couple in the theatrical world.
  9. I missed the beginning of this, but saw most of it. It was great to see David Selby. The movie is very 1970s in its everyone-is-corrupt style, but entertaining enough and, by today's standards, short. About this time Ron Leibman seemed poised for a big career--New York critics were enthusiastic about his theater work--but that didn't happen. David Selby would probably have become a major movie star in the studio era, because he is perfect for historical roles. I mean, Quentin Collins, right? He doesn't fit as well in the grittier 70s. That soft-spoken gentlemanly Southern voice is not in tune
  10. Thanks, Sans. I fixed the error. There are so many great elements in the audition and rehearsal scenes. To choose only one, it's jaw-dropping to see a stage full of hopefuls dancing to "On Broadway," then we see fewer, and fewer, and then only the final group. And yes, there are many great legs on display.
  11. It was odd to see All That Jazz only after I'd seen Fosse/Verdon last year. The two previous films I'd seen were Tight Spot and King of Cool, and it was amusing that All That Jazz also had a smarmy telethon host (though I greatly preferred Mississippi Mac of Tight Spot), and after the unfunny scenes of Jerry Lewis in King of Cool, All That Jazz topped it with two unfunny comics, the emcee at the burlesque house (I felt sorry for this guy, whose jokes weren't as bad as the movie wanted us to believe) and the agonizingly unfunny and smugly self-important "cutting edge" comic based on Lenny Bruce
  12. I enjoyed the King of Cool documentary, even though I am not convinced that being cool is actually, well, "cool." One of the joys of not being young is not having to worry about stuff like that. The filmmakers interviewed a wide variety of people, and though the whole "Rosebud" approach was overdone for my taste, they outlined some of the major themes of Dean Martin's life. He had a remarkable number of successful show biz careers: Martin & Lewis, Martin as singer, Martin as actor, Martin as TV star and variety show host, Martin as Vegas headliner, Martin as part of the Rat Pack. The
  13. I recently saw him in a small role as a terrorist in The Little Drummer Girl (1984). He was, as always, excellent. He seems like a born actor, and one fortunate to find that one great unforgettable role.
  14. Agree just about all the way, Bronxie. In his intro Eddie mentioned how much dialogue Ginger has. Oh yes. Tight Spot wasn't tight enough. Phil Karlson did a good job directing the film, given the constraints of the setting. We have movement within shots and a fair amount of variety in camera set-ups. Cutting fifteen minutes--fifteen minutes of Ginger's dialogue, mostly--would have improved the film. Did you notice how Ginger's character is watered down? She didn't participate in the robbery, she didn't sleep with the unattractive aging gangster but only pretended to be his girlfriend, etc
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