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  1. Excellent Points! I have seen A Clockwork Orange only a few times since it was released. It is THAT disturbing to me. However, it is a good piece of cinema. It takes 'Energy' to view it. For example the film Reservoir Dogs is a 'Good Film' (Not a great film...just a good one) but that one is so disturbing I just do not have the 'Energy' to watch it again. As 'For a Face in a Crowd' that too is a well made film. I actually never heard of it until a few years ago. So of course I was taken a little back to see Andy Griffith in such a role. Far from his TV Show person
  2. My wife and I watched Lawrence of Arabia last evening. I was not planning on it since I own an Amazon 4K version and the 4K disc version. (Of course the 4K disc version is superior since it is NOT compressed. Either the picture or the sound. Then again the Amazon 4K is pretty good too) However it was 'On' and we settled in. My wife just loves Peter O'tool and Omar Shariff. It is in my top 5 films of all time. What I did not like about viewing this wonderful film was the TCM logo would pop up from time to time. The more recent 'Older Logo' is a LOT more subdued and you
  3. Hmmm...Seems I should purchase some 'Swag' while it still is available. (with the old Logos of course) A few Shirts, Socks, and what not. I hope they are of good quality. I bought my wife one of those stand alone Record Players from TCM a few years back and it was a POS. The records would simply warble and sound horrible. I should of returned it but I did not feel like standing in line to do so.
  4. What gets me is that people were paid good money to come up with this. AND they feel justified in their efforts. The more I see it the more I really cannot stand it.
  5. More like when they promoted 'Batman'. TV shows of the Mid-1960's were promoting their shows 'In Color'. To me Art-Deco would be most appropriate since it is a Timeless Design and never goes out of style.
  6. Well, I just viewed a bit of this 'New Look' after watching Freshman Love (1936) this morning. Hmmm...I do not like it at all. BUT, it is better then what could of happened I guess. I just do not understand why they could not just use an Art Deco Look. It would fit a lot better then this 'Fresh Look'. This 'Fresh Look' kinda reminds me of 1960's TV when they blasted us with bight colors to push color TV sets of the time...
  7. Good point. 'Maybe at Noon'. However 8 PM seems more likely. Seems like the farther we get from Robert Osborn's death the more they alter this channel. I am grateful I have been viewing Turner Classic Movies since the 1990's. I would love to see a video on the changes over the years. Graphics, Content, and the little things. Makes me wish I used my VCR more diligently in the past. I did have a LOT of content recorded but it was on my old DVR from Comcast (about 10 years worth) that I turned back in when I upgraded my TV set and my Cable Subscription last Octob
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