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  1. Sounds like we both took the plunge at the same time. Harold and Maude was one of those films I'd avoided for years, because it didn't sound like something I'd enjoy, and was right. I was okay with the dated style, but I'm supposed to be sympathetic to the plight of this spoiled man child who had everything practically thrown at him? If anything, my sympathies were with the people around him who had to put up with Harold's baloney. Quadrophenia was another one where I couldn't muster up any sympathy for the protagonist, even though I'm a huge fan of The Who's music.
  2. Westerns as a whole I can't get into. When a horse opera comes up on TCM, my hand usually goes for the remote with a speed that would put Wyatt Earp to shame. Even so, there are a few I enjoy.
  3. I paid money to go see Avengers, and Avengers: Endgames, and enjoyed them very much. The biggest selling point for me was Joss Whedon's ear for dialogue. I'm in total agreement that zombies as a genre just needs to die. I have acquaintances who are just nuts about Transformers movies, and even thing the 1985 animated film is some kind of cultural touchstone, but I could never get into the idea of sitting down for what is essentially an extended toy commercial, much less paying the price of admission for the privilege. Now, I'm glad I saw A Clockwork Orange, but it was
  4. The Ealing comedies are great, and I'll watch anything with Peter Sellers in it, but when it comes to laugh out loud funny, The Life of Brian and Monty Python and the Holy Grail are at the top of my list. I'll also watch anything Terry Gilliam has directed, funny or serious.
  5. I found the streetcar graveyard scene in Hellbound fascinating as a snapshot of a particular point in time, and it shows why old movies are worth watching regardless of what you think of their merits as a piece of art.
  6. In total agreement there. Not just for noir, but for the other genres. One of my favourite parts of Summer Under the Stars was when they showed the star of the day's less well known works.
  7. To be fair, there's only so many times the can play "Out of the Past"
  8. Still paying for cable to watch TCM, but I'm up in the frozen north, so it would be nice it you added Shaw to the list of cable providers for your online app.
  9. And then there's Ladyhawke, where the heroes run afoul of an evil bishop. The '80s were very big on evil clerics. This is still one of my favourite films, mostly for the great characters and gorgeous visuals.
  10. Honestly, I enjoy seeing interesting failures like Quintet, and other films you keep hearing about, but never get a chance to see. However, it would be nice to see some more non American scifi like the ones Krelvinator mentioned, and maybe some more foreign language sci fi. TCM has already shown Solaris, and Frau im Mond, but how about some of the less well known films?
  12. The World's Fastest Indian (2005) The Indian is a 1920 Indian motorcycle
  13. That would have been something to see. I got to see Lawrence of Arabia on a big screen at the Uptown Stage * Screen, and it made such a difference. The same theatre used to hold a yearly event where they brought in a guy with a theatre style organ to accompany silent movies. One theatre I especially miss in Calgary was the North Hill Theatre. Demolished in 2000, it had one gigantic Cinerama screen, and it was the theatre to go to for watching the big blockbusters.
  14. One of my favourites is the the 1966 film A Man Fpr All Seasons. Paul Scofield as Thomas More squaring off against Henry VII.
  15. THE FAST LADY (1962) The "Lady " is a vintage Bentley.
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