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  1. Thanks, but definitely not it. As I recall, cotumes and sets were 60's style futuristic, though distinctly low budget.
  2. Hey, let's not get crazy here! 😄 Seriously, half a century is probably getting close to that mark, at least. And if a human being can be born and grow to adulthood since a movie first came out, then that's an old movie.
  3. What's Up Doc? (1971) is still one of my favourite comedies, and a fine salute to the screwball comedies of the pat. I would like to add that I would be just fine with TCM showing more recent films still still have TCM relevant content. Hugo springs to mind. and that recent biopic about Laurel and Hardy would also be a good choice, I think.
  4. I'm trying to find the title of a film from the late '60s. It was set in the future, and the plot involved trying to get information out of a comatose (or amnesiac?) agent about a Chinese plot. Somethings I remember are that the scenes where the flashbacks of his memory were animated, and the plot invloved the Chinese tunneling udner the United States. I also remember that the climax involved the repeated mind probes creates an Id monster that ended up killing an enemy agent.. Does that ring a bell with anyone?
  5. I know we don't like to think about it, but the '70s happened a looooonnnng time ago. Salutes to the golden age of Hollywood like "That's Entertainment". or "The Cheap Detective"? Those were about 'old" films that were maybe 30-40 years old! Terminator 2 is a 30 year old movie now. We all have movies that are maybe not the greatest examples of the flimmaker's art, but we love them all the same because we caught them at a certain time of our lives, and there are adults walking around who's happy childhood memories were formed at the dawn of the 21st century. TCM's been around for a whi
  6. Here Come the Seventies I was going to include an opening clip, just to prove it exists, but it's not really family friendly
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