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  1. I'm just grateful this film was aired. TCM instead might have aired any number of well-known films noir, films they have shown many times, and then what would there be to discuss?
  2. Yeah, the irony is sublime. That goes for Hollywood in general- they've made untold millions/billions of dollars portraying and glorifying gunplay, yet they want to outlaw private ownership of firearms in the US.
  3. If you haven't seen it recently, I agree you should watch Unforgiven tonight. Although I've never heard anyone classify it as such, I consider Eastwood's film to be post-Revisionist. (That'll bring 'em runnin')
  4. Vautrin, don't you have a DVR? And it's not The Unforgiven. That's a 1960 John Huston film. The Eastwood film is titled simply Unforgiven.
  5. That's much too young. Because I associate him with Newhart he'll always seem like a young guy to me.
  6. I'd be very surprised to find out that it's not the camera operator rocking us to sleep.
  7. If they're going to move the camera, I wish they'd get serious about it. How about if they put the camera in the middle of a mosh pit. Do they still have mosh pits. That's pre-rave, y'see. Do they still have raves, or is that so 2006? How about bringing a major league baseball pitcher into the studio to hurl 99 mph fastballs into the side of the camera. That would put some real movement on it. Let's get a drunk guy on a forklift to play bumper cars with the camera, and maybe Ben while he's at it. These are all good suggestions. Let's put on our thinking caps. I still wanna know abou
  8. I was watching a cooking show on PBS and they were doing the same thing! God, I hope this fad passes quickly.
  9. As to your first point- it's refreshing to hear someone admit it. As to your second point, this will not be acknowledged, except perhaps with the usual deflection of : TRUMP! Somehow, some way, those riots, which caused millions upon millions of dollars in property damage, will be declared his fault. You heard me say January 6th shouldn't have happened. I can't imagine anyone on the left admitting the same about those shameful riots. They don't seem capable of it.
  10. If you want to see how truly silly this random movement is, watch it at 2x or 4x speed. Back and forth, back and forth...
  11. It certainly does seem that way, and those people have been here so long, they seem to think this section of the forum is their personal property. As for me, all I want to do is to be able to post my opinions and observations without having to explain myself and without having a boatload of assumptions dumped on those opinions. Now, if you think my unwillingness to explain myself to certain people here (since they don't really want to discuss anything. They just want something else to ridicule) equates to my "getting upset", so be it. I haven't asked anyone here to agree with me, nor have
  12. Am I required to make a list? Let's see- all police shootings for...what interval? A year? For all US history? Any specific departments, or all of them? If you comment on one film, why just that one, and not all the others? In case you hadn't noticed, we're in a thread which has the subject of the person in question. Am I supposed to bring unrelated incidents into this discussion? Some of you guys, I just don't understand your thought processes.
  13. BLM speaking point? Man, I don't know what you're talking about. Do I strike you as a follower of BLM? This is my own opinion. I didn't form my impressions from someone's "talking points". I formed my opinion based upon the evidence at hand. You seem to assume quite a bit. Someone else happens to have the same opinion as I? That's no surprise, but I arrived at my conclusions independently. I think for myself. And you're correct- I feel no need to explain or justify my opinions around here. It's just more fodder.
  14. There's no arguing with facts: it's a film. A film, I might add, which has a scene involving something called "space herpes" The scene is on youtube. I won't post it. Really, now, I can - perhaps- see TCM playing this at 3 AM Sunday morning, but... 🤨
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