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  1. No, of course not. As I said, the article has a hidden agenda. It seems like everytime I see one of these BBC articles on the subject of film, that's the case.
  2. I saw this movie when it aired originally. Watched it on the big RCA console my dad had bought for my mom the previous Christmas. If I recall correctly, it was an ABC Movie of the Week, though I see you say it was on CBS. Well, 51 years is a long time LOL.
  3. I had to look this one up on IMDB. Directed by Luis Nepomuceno. What did you buy? A VHS cassette?
  4. My comments do not refer to age differences between men and women. Age has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the idiotic mating ritual Hawks puts his characters through. It seems that Hawks' ideal woman has to be "one of the guys," which I find more than just a bit odd. Did Hawks think the gals wanted the guys to be "one of the gals"? He had some strange ideas.
  5. There are lots of great choices in this thread, but this one tops them all for me.
  6. Hawks had this idea that the female romantic lead should be the equal of the male romantic lead and as a result, there's a lot of stupid dancing around the subject in Hawks' non-comedy films.
  7. Yes, the relationship between the romantic leads in Hawks' films seems at times to be needlessly strained. Rio Bravo is a good example of this. Only Angels Have Wings is as well. Hawks seems to have had some odd ideas about the idealized romantic relationship between men and women.
  8. Fred Astaire's birthplace. Sorry, I just can't get worked up about this. I suppose it would be nice if the place could remain, but let's be real- Astaire was a dancer and an actor, and that's all. If the house where he was born disappears, is it really that great of a loss?
  9. I don't get the impression film-making has ever been intended as an art form. From the beginning- from Edison, the Lumieres, the Skladanowsky brothers, James Williamson, whomever- it's always been about making money. They love to put on airs that it's about artistry, but, take away the profit incentive and watch how quickly they would abandon their "art"
  10. There is more to this article than meets the eye. The PC crowd is upset that the entirely unnecessary all-female version of the Ghostbusters movie bombed at the box office, so now they want the franchise to die. If they were truly concerned about the future of cinema, what they would be doing is refraining from re-making films solely to fill these remakes with women. Nobody cares about this PC nonsense, and the box office figures show this, but they can't accept the reality, so we get these insipid remakes. If a movie comes along in a franchise after one of these all-female bombs, and do
  11. Yeah, those lefties just love putting their hands on people's kids, and then making such things OK, huh? And they love bringing freakish-looking (cross-dresser) men into the classroom of small children, to brainwash them. Well, none of this is "OK" and as long as parents have a say about their own children, it won't ever be "OK". Keep your insane hands to yourself, or you may lose a whole lot more than your hands.
  12. Yes, well, as you pointed out- relevant or irrelevant, consequential or inconsequential, it doesn't matter. Muller and Mankiewicz will mention HUAC every time they have the opportunity. Without fail. And that makes it boring. You can bet your bottom dollar that if HUAC had been dealing with the far right instead of the far left, we wouldn't see the utter reverence with which the people who were questioned by HUAC are treated by the hosts of TCM. Instead, the members of HUAC would probably have a shrine built to them by the left.
  13. I was wondering about the edges of the falls. Don't those degrade over time because of the force of the rushing water? Aren't the falls- in effect- receding?
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