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  1. Thanks for your overwhelming generosity guys, I am going to diligently implement all this advice into my search for great movies. I have somehow managed to center my schedule around the classics that TCM is showing this month. I have watched Sunset Blvd, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Bridge on the River Khia, Syonara, Angels With Dirty Faces, On the Waterfront, One Foot in Heaven, and The Pride of the Yankees over the weekend. It would be an understatement if I say that all these movies were spectacular in their own right. After revising the last few post's I see that I have missed the bo
  2. Thanks for the replies. Disregard my double post. I watched The Bridge in the River Kwai, fantastic film. Alec Guiness' performance was superb. I'm watching Sunset Blvd right now. The movie had some rave reviews, plus you guys are endorsing it so I'm definatly watching it. I'll also be on the lookout for Cabin In the Sky, and the other classics you pointed out. I'm grateful for your opinion. -Hoz
  3. I have recently become an avid fan of classic cinema, before TCM and AMC, I was just another rambunctious and deluded college student who was susceptible to the cheesy Hollywood blockbuster. Now, after discovering the superiority of the films that long predate my birth, I am left infatuated by movies such as "Casablanca", "In the Heat of the Night", "A Letter to Three Wives", etc. I would like the help of you experienced movie watchers, to kindly compile the best movies you have ever watched, so I can get a sense of which movies I should immediately go and rent/buy. I approach this request wit
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