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  1. I would have to say, as did many, Mr. Willam Pratt, aka Boris Karloff ! But I also love the fine films of Lon Chaney Sr., & both of these gifted actors could play drama & melodrama as well. Also Bela & Vince.
  2. It's a Search tool, that searches either by Actress, Actor or Director & finds if any of them are on TV, in any given month, & tells you the day & time, as well as the cast & synopsis - I use it all the time ! http://classictv.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http://www.tv%2Dnow.com/stars/starmain.htm
  3. Stella, I have a few; one is in B.C. & The Sundance Kid; they're on the cliff, looking over Sundance, w/ the posse closing in: "I can't swim" & Butch replies: " Hell. the fall will kill ya !" And I can't be sure, verbatim, here, but Katherine(Merle) in Wuthering Heights: " I shall think it a dream tomorrow..." I recall too many bad to list them all !
  4. For me, I would have to say, & she is my co-favorite actress of all time, w/ Merle Oberon & that was Audrey Hepburn as Rima, in Green Mansions. She just seemed out of place, tho' I still watch it now & again ! And her then husband Mel hand pickhed her . And as good as he can sometimes be, Anthony Perkins did not deliver a great role, as he did in Fear Strikes Out. I would have been more sold on Jennifer Jones, maybe Maureen O'Hara & had she been younger, I think Simone Simon would have made a great Rima. I also feel, as great as he was, Gary Cooper was not the best
  5. Hi Princess & I agree completely; she sings Moon River with such innocence & feeling; the real Holly coming forth in that beautiful scene.....
  6. For me, there are but a few TV Legends; Lucy Ricardo, Ralph Kramden/Ed Norton, & Barney Fife - so long Barn, we're gonna miss you.....
  7. Hi there :-) It seems we have similar tastes in our films & stars of such ! Come on people. 72 have read this Post, at this time, but only pktrekgirl has taken the time to Respond, to which I thank her, but what about you ?!
  8. Who are your Favorite Actors & Actress' & your favorite films in which they star ? Mine are: Merle Oberon in: Wuthering Heights These Three That Uncerian Feeling The Divorce of Lady X --------------------------------- Audrey Hepburn in: Roman Holiday Breakfast at Tiffany's The Nun's Story Wait Until Dark Charade My Fair Lady Funny Face ----------------------------------- Barbara Stanwyck in: Sorry Wrong Number Stella Dallas Meet John Doe The Lady Eve ----------------------------------- Joan Fontaine in: Maid's Night Out Rebecca Jane Eyre Suspicion
  9. Here ya go http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0054218/
  10. I have to say, IMHO. that only the Carpenter/Hill's Halloween is a very good Horror film, along w/ of course, The Excorist. Outside of these 2, I can't really say there is a great Horror film since, that can compare to so very many of the SIlent Era up into the mid 60's. Well, okay, I think the Japanese film Audtion was pretty good & I would have liked it far better had it not been for all the gore. To me, blood & guts is not scary. I feel that in the last 30 years plus, it's all about big money & special effects & if they didn't try so hard to out-do other films & go
  11. Sorry as I mis stated; as good as An American In Paris is, I meant Funny Face ! I also forgot to mention a favorite of mine, starring James Stewart & Margaret Sullavan in Shop Around The Corner, which was remade both as a musical In The Good Old Summertime as well as You've Got Mail some 50 years later ! Another entertaining, tho' not as good for me, IMHO, was Stewart & Paulette Goddard in Pot O' GOod.
  12. Claire, with respect to your other Post, I think Merle Oberon, a personal fave, can also do both quite well - watch her in The Divorce of Lady X & That Uncertain Feeling, which I feel are very good Romantic Comedies, as well as An American In Paris, Sabrina, & Roman Hoilday, my other # 1 Favorite Female Actress, tied with Merle ! I truly think Merle was under rated, as she could & did play both sides, heavy drama & comedy as well.
  13. Tough one Claire as there are so many greats in the Noir Genre ! I would have to go with Out Of The Past, The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, & a few not as well recognized, at least by casual viewers, such as On Dangerous Ground, The Big Steal, Twist Of Fate & The Racket.
  14. I could not agree more Sabrina as this is an excellent film, by the master of disguise & yes, so many emotions running thru this tortured soul; like you, I strongly recommend it as well. Speaking of Lon Chaney, now the name of this film escapes me, but he protrays a very elderly Chinese man - have seen it but 2 times but it's another great, unheralded piece of work by him - check it out !
  15. Thanks Andrew & I will 3rd that wish ! Check out The Innocents, made 12 years prior with Pamela as one of the possessed children in the charge of their governess, Deborah Kerr - very good film as well !
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