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  1. They were absolutely lovely. Also her voice, hair, the dresses that so flattered her figure type......
  2. Have a long time habit of alternating between fiction and non-fiction. So last fiction was The Changeling by Victor La Valle. Non-fiction was The Broken Heart of America by Walter Johnson
  3. Just watched Body Heat (1981). Seen it only once before, on its original release. Although the plot details died in my memory a long time ago, I've never forgotten how the movie made me feel, like no other up until then. Although I loved the movie back then, now I can appreciate its connection to the old noir movies from even farther back. Twist ending was great. My 24 year old self was stunned by Maddy Walkers beauty. My 65 year old self is still stunned.
  4. # 1 Key Largo(1948) Easy, because before I'd even heard of film noir, it was and is one of my favourite movies of all time. Star power: Bacall. Bogart. E.G. Robinson. L. Barrymore. Claire Trevors' performance was heartbreaking. The unrelenting tension between the victims and criminals along with the horrible storm threat thrown in for good measure. #2 Gun Crazy(1950) Peggy Cummins acts and looks absolutely CRAZY. John Dall plays CREEPY. He is also creepy in Hitchcocks' Rope(1948), but in a totally different way. Super simple plot. But the cinematography
  5. The second movie I watched this week was Chinatown(1974). Never seen it before. Watching Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson act together was a real pleasure. And John Huston played a great bad guy. I also loved the music that opened and closed the film. Usually film music doesn't hold much interest for me, but this was really special.
  6. The first movie I watched this week was Tension(1949). It was a blast! I really only checked it out because of Audrey Totter. I discovered her about a year ago and became hooked. She was so deliciously beautiful and evil here. The plot was really solid for such a low budget picture. André Previns' theme for Totters character was perfect. Also, I had no idea that Cyd Charisse did anything but musicals. Finally, I had the added pleasure of watching both Richard Basehart and William Conrad as younger men. I remember both of them older from my television youth.
  7. Thought about putting this in the A Total Waste of Space On The DVR thread, but that thread is pretty old now. I just watched "The Woman In White" (1948). I know from experience not to expect film plots to be copies of their source materials. But this was an absolute butchery of Wilkie Collins' novel. Even without the awful screenplay, I thought the actors performances ranged from adequate to very poor. Worst thing was Sydney Greenstreets' staring eyes lit up like they belonged to Bela Lugosi in Dracula! As for the best thing, I can only come up with mentioning the
  8. I've been watching a lot of noir the past 6 months. Enjoyed most of the films, even ranked them on a star system. But I gave The Postman Always Rings Twice zero stars. Found the plot poor especially. The only good part was Lana Turner's stunning entrance. She was breathtaking.
  9. Manderley in Hitchcocks Rebecca or the Morbius home in Forbidden Planet.
  10. I'm watching Twentieth Century (1934) for the first time. Fun stuff! One actor says to another "That kind of acting's for pins in a basement" Usually I'm good at figuring out old slang, but this has me stumped. Can anyone here translate for me?
  11. I've seen posts referring to popular movies some people just personally don't like. But are there any well-known classic actresses or actors whose performances you don't understand the appeal of? 😑 The main one that comes to mind in my case is Lee Tracy. I like wise guy characters in general, but this guy...
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