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  1. Any Lillian Gish fans? I've put together a blog about her life and career that you might find interesting. It includes videoclips of several of her films. Read about Lillian Gish
  2. Yea it's one of those ones I always mean to see but never get around to watching. I have many like that. I'm glad I did finally watch it because people rave about that movie.
  3. I just recently created a new blog on Trevor Howard and thought it might be of interest to some of his fans. I learned quite a lot about Trevor while researching and think there's some good information on him and his films. My favorite Trevor Howard film is Brief Encounter (of course!) but The Third Man is a very, very close second. If I didn't love David Lean so much and the tragic beauty of Brief Encounter, I would be hard pressed to put it before the artsy atmospheric greatness of The Third Man. I think it's says something that Trevor Howard was in both the top two ranked British film
  4. Hi all. We are still always looking for classic movie aficionados to join our club in Pittsburgh. We hold member presentations via zoom, have monthly meetings, either in person or via Zoom, attend classic movies playing in theaters and in the summer we have our own classic movie series that we present at an outdoor park. We also have a Facebook group and a website. Any folks that are interested in classic movies and want to participate in our various events are welcome to join our club. It's Pittsburgh Classic Movie Club. If you google that phrase our website will come up. You can also
  5. I'm working on a new blog and watched a couple of D.W. Griffith movies including Orphans of the Storm and The Birth of a Nation. I must say, especially The Birth of a Nation, I was rather amazed at the scope of what D.W. did at that time (1915). The Birth of a Nation is a difficult film to watch because of the obvious racism but the film itself is a marvel, the war scenes are extremely effective and the acting is excellent. I found both Birth of a Nation and Orphans of the Storm to be an emotional experience and I felt almost drained at the end of both. Both to me are a little too long, I
  6. Just saw the original of this for the first time last night. I had seen the remake with Van Heflin previously. (Big Van Heflin fan, I try to see everything he's in). There's something appealing about John Wayne at this stage in his career - he always manages to project a kind of almost naive affability. What are your thoughts on the original versus the remake? I do like most of the 1939 cast better - Donald Meek, Thomas Mitchell and Claire Trevor but I, of course, would prefer Van in the remake as the Marshal.
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