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  1. Claude Rains does not disappoint. He could have read the phonebook and he'd be worth watching. He's someone who could make a mediocre or crappy movie worth watching. There are many actors that surprising to me I have not seen a lot of there work. Arthur Kennedy would be a good choice. I'm glad to see days devoted to Van Johnson and Sidney Poiter Have you ever seen "The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case"? Cotten is quite good and it's one of my favorite of his later roles. They show it on one of the Encore channels from time to time.
  2. I haven't seen "Half Angel" so it's good to know it's coming up. Encore Western is showing Cimmaran in Sept. Is it worth taping? It would be nice if TCM did a Claude Rains day(my other all time fave) but I'm not sure they have enough movies to fill their schedule. Besides I probably have all of his movies that are available. Except I do need The Wolfman
  3. Hush Hush Sweet Charlette is one of my favorites too. Is it wrong for me to say I find the movie funny? My favorite part is when after Betty and Olivia "dump" Joseph Cotten's body and when they come home, Betty walks up the stairs and JC is coming down all covered in mud. It would be fitting for it to be on in October- Halloween month. It really is a shame if Encore has the rights to all the Hitchcock movies Fox Movie Channel does indeed show the same movies over and over again. On Friday's they show a film 3 times! Their primetime lineup is crappy. At least with that channel I'v
  4. I read TCM lost the rights to Shadow of a Doubt and Portrait of Jennie. That's such a shame since those are 2 of Joseph Cotten's most well known and best movies. I was disappointed that The Farmer's Daughter wasn't among the movies either. Has TCM lost that one too? It's such a charming movie. The scheduling was a bit disappointing- In three of them- Othello, F for Fake and Soylent Green if you blink you'll miss him. Why not show Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte? Unless they already have this month. I was glad to see "Love Letters" I had never seen it before. The Third Man is always w
  5. Yes, it's a very good episode. The second season of Alfred Hitchcock Present's comes out in October.
  6. Classic: The Third Man Current Classic: Superman Current: Big Fish
  7. A couple of others: The Bicycle Thief, Umberto D, The Lost Weekend, Johnny Belinda
  8. Forbidden Games, Schindlers List, Penney Serenade, Grave of the Fireflies, Terms of Endearment
  9. I am so happy TCM is finally, finally having a Joseph Cotten day. I've noticed he's getting more of a focus. Last year they did a block of his movies in primetime, they aired some of his movies on his birthday and now he'll have his own day. I'm looking forward to Love Letters. I've not seen it and it will be good to add to my Joseph Cotten collection
  10. I am also in agreement for a Joseph Cotten day. He's in my top 5 of favorite actors. I do agree he is highly underrated. Last May would have been his 100th birthday and I was kind of upset that TCM didn't show some of his movies like they do others.
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