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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Blondell , IMHO was always one of the most underrated natural beauties in Hollywood. Relegated to playing mousy sidekicks to the top billed female leads she always did shine brighter than most of them. This photo really exudes a subdued but dynamic feminine energy and I have never seen it before. Thank You.
  2. I must confess I was not a big fan of his but am extremely envious that he had the opportunity to embrace Ann Sothern. Lucky man.
  3. I must confess, I too and no big fan of the movie. Don't necessarily agree with your assessment here. I don't see this as a gender issue. No man or woman can really have it all. A craft ( or any discipline for that matter) that requires singular focus means time spent. Time spent one place is time that necessarily cannot be spent somewhere else. This is just what it is. Businessperson, athlete, artist et al. If you are spending 24 hours a day 7 days a week working towards a goal you are not somewhere else. If you are not a singular those around you suffer that. If you give the people around yo
  4. IMHO, no nostalgia is not the death of cinema. Absolutely not. Reflection or remembrance via a nod to one's predecessors either via imitation ( in part or whole) or directly re-copying with a personal touch is essentially the foundation stone of all intellectual product since the dawn of human history. All academic exercise and progress is based upon this foundational principle. Art forms are no exception. IMHO it is the depth of the lack of talent and creativity ( where present) that is the death of any endeavor. Cinema being no exception. Put bluntly, greatness does things gr
  5. Wonderful actress. Love her work. The cutest most endearing lisp in the business. Ba"r" none. Maureen O'Hara's hard "T" in lieu of "thee" is sweet as well but a mere distant second. Her films are always must watch. Glad she will be star of the month. When she is not, her films come on in the 2,3, 4 am slots and are difficult to watch.
  6. Love the film. Agnes Moorehead is so underrated. A great, great actress. No movie with her could ever be a failure. She could play it all. Joseph Cotten, who starred in one of my top 10 favorites ( Portrait of Jennie ) is wonderful as well. He was never in a failed film IMHO. Welles knew how to pick them. Didn't he?
  7. I will be with you in spirit. It would be a dream come true for me but alas is not in the cards. As the years wind on, the list of truly "special" special guests does indeed dwindle. Wonder who will be going from the stars still shining? Have a wonderful time and ( between the fun and festivities) please take copious colorful notes to share with us
  8. Death Takes A Holiday (1934) Saw this one over 40 years ago on the late late late late late show way before TCM March has been my favorite actor ever since. Sign of The Cross, Mary Queen of Scots, Anthony Adverse, et al - all the way up to the creep you love to despise in Hombre as an elder statesman. I have a horrible, grainy VHS tape copy of the film made when I first saw it missing the intro credits because I didn't get the "show on the road" in time. It is barely watchable. If any film buffs out there can tell me when this EVER airs ( or aired) let me know. I have not see
  9. The Count of Monte Cristo (1913) (1934) (1954) (1975) (2002)
  10. The Private Lives of (Queen) Elizabeth and Essex 1939 Davis and Flynn
  11. Mary Queen of Scots (1936) Hepburn & March
  12. Cattle Drive (1951) was my favorite child-Stockwell pic. A quasi Captains Courageous set in the West with the great Joel McCrea. Extremely versatile performer. Who did NOT appreciate him? May God grant him peace and shine perpetual light upon him
  13. So hard to pick just 5, here we go in no special order off the top: 1. The Asphalt Jungle 2. While the City Sleeps 3. I Wake Up Screaming 4. Illegal 5. I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang
  14. Yvette Mimieux was in The Time Machine with Doris Lloyd
  15. Stream of consciousness and in random order: 1. Quigley Down Under 2. Pale Rider 3. Outlaw Josey Wales 4. High Noon 5. Bronco Billy 6. Cattle Empire 7. Hombre 8. Stagecoach (1986 ) 9. Destry Rides Again 10. Monte Walsh 11.Buffalo Bill 12. Union Pacific 13. Dodge City 13.Rooster Cogburn 14. One Foot in Hell 15. Arizona 16. The Magnificent Seven 17. From Noon to Three 18. Valdez is Coming 19. Hondo 20. Any western with the trio of William Boyd ( hoppy), James Ellison ( johnny nelson) and Geor
  16. By far and away the original. The remake 1966 IMHO was not even close However, the remake from 1986 was IMHO exceptional and far better than the 66 version and as good ( for different reasons) as the 39 version. Not for aesthetics to be sure, but the familiarity of interplay between characters was very enjoyable.
  17. Iris Adrian was in Mighty Joe Young (1949) with Terry Moore
  18. I voted "other" Jeanette Mac Donald and Nelson Eddy undeniable body chemistry
  19. Ms. Malone's accent is so charming , so very endearing that I dare say one could hardly expel the energy to call her out on a slip of pronunciation ( if that's indeed what it was ) Just one mans opinion
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