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  1. It’s not the print. “The French Connection” was on TCM back in May and IT WASN'T CENSORED. TCM most likely will do this from now on. “The French Connection” was on Fox Movie Channel and it was totally uncut.
  2. Yes. Slang for an Italian. Which was also censored. TCM is now censoring their films.
  3. Tonight I was watching “The French Connection” and to my surprise it was edited. The scene after Popeye is ready to leave the police precinct he calls his partner “a dumb ginney” and tells him not to trust “a n*****”. Yes, Popeye’s not a likable character, but why censor that scene? Being a longtime viewer of TCM, I’m really surprised that TCM is now censoring its films. What a joke! Unfortunately TCM has done what they’ve never said they would do. They’ve bent the knee to the social justice warriors. I thought, I’d never would say this but, TCM has gone woke. “The French Connection” is just t
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