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  1. Hopeful news! Thanks if you've been passing the word along. Many people have been contacting city officials. https://www.ketv.com/article/city-planning-says-it-wont-put-fred-astaires-childhood-home-on-demolition-list/38339109
  2. It's not "virtually" falling apart. The owner on record passed away many years ago and didn't transfer it to his son. The son lived there, and the son passed away a few years ago. You can't request local Landmark protections if you're not the property owner, and nominating a property to the National Register doesn't mean the owner has to maintain it or preserve it... the circumstances do not mean no one cares about the property. Even as a small, simple example of 1880 architecture, the house is worth saving. You should find something constructive to do with your time. Try walking on water
  3. Clearly not to you. If you need to get worked up, watch your favorite kiddie show.
  4. I don't know if I agree about Omaha growing... Omaha takes a step forward, then takes a step back. Lots of mistakes and lack of vision. The city, and the state, has a really hard time keeping young people here and giving young people a reason to relocate here. At the turn of century, so many made fortunes in Omaha. Of course the same is true of other cities. But, in Omaha, individuals made fortunes and left town with it or kept it in bank accounts. I don't think that happened, or happened to the same degree in cities like Kansas City and Minneapolis. That's just my hunch based on observat
  5. Thanks for your reply. It is amazing the number of stars from Omaha and Nebraska and Iowa. Darryl F. Zanuck was from Wahoo, just west of Omaha. Don't forget Henry Fonda and Harold Lloyd. Donna Reed and Cloris Leachman, both from Iowa. You're right, there are so many more. I also get a kick out of how many times Omaha is mentioned or referred to in a movie... The Balloon in the Wizard of Oz... In Lover Come Back, Doris Day's character talks about coming from Omaha...
  6. Are you shaking your finger at me?? Research Jobbers' Canyon and you'll understand the attitudes toward historic preservation in Omaha, Nebraska, and what the community is up against when trying to save history and historic architecture.
  7. Lilypond, yes, I am an Omaha resident. Unfortunately, Omaha takes great relish in demolishing its history and its architectural history. Omaha lays claim to the demolition of the largest National Register Historic District in US history. Attitudes have not improved. The chance of elected officials supporting the home's rescue and preservation is very unlikely. An angel is needed, and I am hoping perhaps someone on the national stage will see this and help.
  8. I guess this post is somewhat a plea for help. The City of Omaha, Nebraska is planning to demolish the birthplace of Fred Astaire. There is some complexity here because the owner of record died several years ago and his son has died recently but the property was never transferred to a new owner. Fred Astaire's story is the American story. His birthplace home is a piece of American history and should be saved from the wrecking ball and preserved. Omaha has a terrible record of historic preservation, and the house is now tagged for demolition. Demolition is impending. I'm reaching o
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