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  1. As a young girl growing up, I LOVED to watch old classic movies with my grandmother and mother late at night. SOme nights my grandmother and I would stay up all night long watching classic movies (when I was out of school for summer). My all time favorites are those classic comedy/thrillers. The ones that have a madman or ghost on the loose, that involves some comedy team or man/woman in a mansion or estate. A few examples are :Ghostbreakers, Scared Stiff (Lewis and Martin),Canterville Ghost, and Murder, He Says. I know there are many of these, but these are all I can think of right now. Pret
  2. Well thank you for that correction. Sorry bout that. She was a very good actress and a delight in this film. As well, I loved the balck face act. I find nothing offensive about it, but then again, I am caucasian. yanknrebel
  3. Ok, I found the title I was looking for. Not sure if it was the one you meant. Wake Me When It's Over 1960-USA-Satire/Military Comedy N.Y. Times Review by Bosley Crowther PLOT DESCRIPTION Wake Me When It's Over is a zany service comedy in which Ernie Kovacs plays the latest in his long line of military captains. Kovacs and his men are stationed at a dead-end Japanese island. World War II vet Dick Shawn, redrafted through a clerical error, arrives on the island and decides to liven things up. Using the materials at hand, he supervises the building of a hotel, using the island girls a
  4. I rememebr a movie like this, but sadly, not sure of titel either. The one I am thinking about is full of "stars" . They are on an island and take "surplus" of the Navy and end up building a large Hotel. There were geisha girls in it that played hostesses, and maids, etc. All the local people were employed at this hotel . Of course all heck broke loose when the war dept found out that the old parachutes and surplus etc were used in this way. It is a very funny movie, and I too would like the name of this movie. yanknrebel
  5. I love "The Uninvited" as well as "Rose Red'. Another that I love is "Ghost Story" with Fred Astaire and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. VERY good ghost story. The "Lady in white" is another good movie. yanknrebel
  6. Thanks Bill. I had a feeling it may not be a good thing to ask. Now I know. yanknrebel
  7. There was a movie that I saw as a young girl that the only thing I remember is that at the end of the movie a house is burning and Medusa with her head of snakes is burning in the house. I know this is not much to go on, but I can't seem to find anything about Medusa that sounds like this movie. I think it was a colored movie, but more like a 60 or 70 era movie. Any ideas? yanknrebel
  8. Would you be interested in selling a copy of Dark Secret of Harvest Home? Yanknrebel
  9. This was answered on another post. "If A Man Answers" with Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin Super cute movie. Now out on release.
  10. Ok, I have gotten on a kick of finding old clasic movies that somehow my family and I (avid classic movie watchers for years) have missed. I found a name of one the other day and wanted to know if anyone has ever seen it and if so what did you think of it or where might I find a copy? It is"If You Could Only Cook" with Jean Arthur. yanknrebel
  11. Well I have been very fortunate in finding the in search of movies I had listed. I have found these so far. It's a wonderful world (Colbert, MacMurray The Smiling Ghost (1941) Spirit is Willing (Sid Ceasar ) 1967 Murder He says (MacMurray , Marjorie Main It happened one night (Colbert, Gable) Merrily We live (1938) C. Bennett, Billie Burke The Mad Miss Manton Remember the night - Barbara Stanwyck, MacMurray One foot in Heaven- Frederic March, Martha Scott Still looking for these: Nothing but the truth Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard Christmas in July The Bride Comes Home
  12. I have seen I was a male war bride. Very funny as well. Love Cary in the wig. LOL. I also love him in Monkey Business with Ginger Rogers. That part is perfect for her, as is her part in The Major and the Minor. Any other suggestions?
  13. Mine is, without a doubt, HOLIDAY INN. It is so funny and has some really great musical numbers in it. I really love the French dance scene where Astaire is trying to kiss Bing's girl, and Bing jazzes it up and slows it down just as Astaire goes in for a move. LOL So funny. Then you have to love the maid, Hattie McDaniel. "Is yo name's Mamie"? I love that line. yanknrebel
  14. The Awful Truth? Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.!!! I have seen it and it is Hilarious. I LOVE it when Irene Dunne pretends to be Grants "cousin" to new wife. Now what is the other movie of this same storyline? Give me some more great comedies allong this line. I LOVE TCM and love this great message board. Thanks for the welcome. yanknrebel
  15. Just wanted to say I LOVE this message board site. Thanks to some messages I found one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I found a copy of "Merrily We live". I have never seen this film, but sat up till 3 am watching this movie by myself. I laughed my head off. I especially loved the beginning part where the last butler Ambrose had stolen the silverware, so the family was using all sorts of family utensils to eat breakfast with. That was hilarious. I would LOVE to hear everyone's favorite classic comedy. This one ranks right up there with "Murder he says,"" Ghostbreakers ", "It's
  16. I also love Murder he says, and have requested it. I have a copy off of tcm on vhs many moons ago. I had never seen or heard o fhte movie, but decided as a fluke to record it. After all It had two awesome actors MacMurray and Main, so it had to be watchable. I am SO glad I did. My mother and aunts who also enjoy good ole classics had never seen it before either. It has become a highly sought after movie. I just found a website that carries a dvd version of it, and I plan on ordering it today. yanknrebel
  17. Please tell me which two titels you have on dvd that you are willing to trade for? Not sure I have anything you are interested in, but let me know. I have found a few of the titles already: It Happened one night, Spirit is willing, sitting pretty, the cat and the canary, and Remember the night.. Still looking for: The Smiling Ghost, One Foot in heaven, The Mad Miss Manton, Merrily we live, The whispering ghosts, It's a wonderful world, Murder he says (dvd) . Mary
  18. Thanks for that little insight into "snapperhead"s" personality. LOL I have been called naive before, so I will chalk my believing that story to that. Good one snapperhead. As I am newly 40 years old, there is seems to be alot of movies that I have missed somewhere. So, I fell for that one, though it didn't SOUND like a rela movie title. HAHAHA yanknrebel Mary
  19. Thank you all so very much. We have a 42 in plasma HDTV that is thin and hangs on the wall. NOW My husband wants to buy a 60 inch when we build our great room addition on next spring. Told you he had to have the BEST of everything in electronics. We are sitting on a torn up ratty couch that has seen better days, but HEY we have the LATEST and BEST in electronics LOL We even had to buy a new computer. He wanted one about 3 years ago but I told him no. Well then ours BIT THE DUST so we hade to go get another one. OF COURSE we had to get one with a dvd-r in it, which he keeps reminding me
  20. Is there REALLY a sequel to "It's a wonderful Life?". Or are you pulling our leg? Mary
  21. Thank you Fred. That is exactly what I want to do. Since my husband does not like b&w movies (unless they are war movies), he gets upset when I want to buy them. Especially when there are so many that I want to buy. Since he is always buying the "Newest" and latest in electronics, then he will just have to buy me a dvd recorder. I keep trying to tell him it will save him money in the long run, me taping them then for me to keep buying them. LOL Thanks again, Mary
  22. I LOVE comedy thrillers. I don't know if they are called B movies or not, but I love them. Any movie with a decent cast from 1930-1950 with spooky castles, mansions, creepy butlers and secret passages ways, I want to see. I am constantly on the lookout for some "gem: that I have not seen or don't own. WHat are your favorites? Where can I buy a copy of them? Here are some of my favorites, just to give you a taste of what I am talking about. Scared Stiff_ Lewis and Martin (even better version( The Ghost breakers) Bob Hope One Body too many- Jack Haley The Black Cat (1941) Ba
  23. Favorite Movie for Christmas has got to be 1) Holiday Inn -Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire 2) White Christmas _ Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye 3) Going My Way- Bing Crosy- Barry Fitzgerald (see a theme here?) 4) Home Alone (watch this with my 3 small children) 5) While you were sleeping- Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullen (Maybe not a "real" Christmas movie, but it happens during Christmas and I just love it I love It's a Wonderful Life but as my grandmother was alive, our tradition was we watched this movie New Years Eve night. Still do this. Unfortunately my husband does not like b and w movie
  24. I hope I am allowed to ask this here. I see a bunch of movies that I would like to have a copy of that are playing on TCM in Nov. Now I know that I can make a copy on VHS, but is there a way that I can copy it from TCM and my tv onto a dvd for my own personal use. I have no desire to sell these. I am only trying to save money instead of buying all of them. Any ideas? Mary
  25. Sorry can't help with the title of your movie, but Take her, she's mine is a wonderful movie. I especially love the scene where Jimmy Stewart wears that frontier outfit for that costume party. The one that was sewn with invisible thread, thanks to that crazy man. LOL Very cute movie. Mary
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