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  1. hi, yes, i've picked up that tip from an older post in this forum. i was looking for another similar feature that would bring you to a separate page. there (i think by way of macromedia's flash) would be a colorful calendar and the option to enter up to five persons' names. and the titles of their films would appear in their date's boxes for the next three or so months. so, i'm guessing it's gone?
  2. hi, there used to be a feature on the site where one could enter several actors' or directors' names (i think max. 5) and an interactive calendar would show up for the following 3 or so months. it would show which days their movies would be played. do we still have this feature on the site?
  3. 2) enter the film title into the search bar at the top and it will take you to the film's unique page. in there, on the right column, there should be the reminder feature.
  4. Thank-you so much! My favorite was his "mmmhm!" Is this available on DVD? I see you are collecting the shorts, I'd like to too. Do you know when they show them or should I be on TCM 24 hour from now on?
  5. I just saw this MGM short on TCM (in between Sunrise & She Done Him Wrong) and I missed the title. It was just instructions on how to stuff a duck but the narrator was hilarious about it. He was saying stuff like, if you put two eggs in it'll be cement, three eggs and it'll be concrete, etc. Thank-you in advance.
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