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  1. Cinemascope, please check your private messages Message was edited by: Filmgenius89
  2. bumpities > Where can I find a list of all the Essentials Films > since the Program first aired??? > > Thanks
  3. Where can I find a list of all the Essentials Films since the Program first aired??? Thanks
  4. TCM has been playin a lot of Disney Movies Lately (Shrunk the Kids, Roger Rabbit) any word on playing the animated features?
  5. When TCM plays a PD movie, which print do they use? Are they always the best quality availiable? For example, His Girl Friday, The Thirty-Nine Steps, Farewell To Arms, Meet John Doe. Where do they get these prints?
  6. Does TCM play things for a while and decide to never play them again? Or do they Play every film once in a while? For example, If i had missed TAXI (1932) once, am i never going to be given a chance to see it again? Are any films "retired" on TCM?
  7. I looked up The 39 Steps (1935) and it said it was going to play in July! I guess this means that they already made up the July Schedule. Where can I see it?
  8. Has TCM played this title before? Does it with any regularity?? thanks for the info
  9. That could be a problem if you're using an 120 min tape or disc and you want to use SP for high quality. How would you do that?
  10. Do the TCM prints of the Paramount titles (Animal Crackers, Duck Soup, etc) look better than the Universal DVD? I heard that the quality of the prints on the DVDs were lacking in quality. Does TCM use the same prints?
  11. This was an amazing movie I saw years ago in my 7th Grade theater arts class. Its been out of print for ages. What's the chances of it coming to TCM?
  12. When the running time of a movie is put in the schedule, it is the length of just the movie. If a movie is 119 minutes, how do we know how long to tape for as not to miss the ending since Robert Osbourne's message usually starts two minutes or so late?
  13. One question... How come TCM puts a logo on the bottem of the screen every 20 mins or so?? Im just curious.
  14. Hey all. I missed Hook today. Will TCM play it again in the near future? Can I be notified somehow that it will be on the schedule again?
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