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  1. Hey, ITS a Monty Python reference in the subject line! Now all we need is Michael Palin to stagger into the thread, somehow. Or even the knight who hits people with a rubber chicken. I like this Challenge already!
  2. I'm actually quite sad to see Rose McGowan's stint ending as Essentials co-host. I thought she was quite eloquent in her discussions with Robert O. I know TCM has never brought any of the old hosts back for a repeat performance, but I do hope they make an exception for her. There were times when I had no interest in the movies being shown, and still tuned in to see what she had to say. And come on, anyone has to be better than the moment where Molly Haskel proclaimed that women didn't like the Marx Brothers! Oy vey, talk about your sweeping generalizations! Also, the McCain thing does
  3. Chip, here's an [interview|http://www.terrortrap.com/interviews/curtisharrington/02/index.shtml] with Curtis Harrington, the director of WTMWH. TT: You didn't use real rabbits in the scene in which Helen goes off the deep end...did you? CH: They WERE real rabbits. They were rabbits who would have been butchered anyway. For food. We did it all through the ASPCA. TT: And that was all monitored by the ASPCA? CH: Yes, it certainly was. We couldn't have done it otherwise. So, um. WAHHHHH. Those poor fluffy things. Amy Sedaris would rolling in her grave (if she were dead).
  4. I'm only halfway through the April listings and oh my God, TCM is showing Best in Show. I f-love that movie so much. The other night I finished watching "For Your Considersation" and thought, "You know in the future, I hope TCM acquires the rights to all the Christopher Guest movies." I've seen it so many times, but I love that movie so much. And they're showing The Bed-Sitting Room too! I've wanted to see that one for ages. Also, I own What's The Matter With Helen?, and I totally enjoyed it until I read an interview with the director and found out that the rabbits at the end? Were REA
  5. But when our host keeps calling long dead and rumored gay actor Randolph Scott "Randy," the tone is set. But isn't that his nickname? Like, what do you want Robert to call him? "Joe"? "That guy with the cowboy hat"? "Spongebob Squarepants"? Also, if you're implying that Lifetime is a gay network, you're sorely mistaken and clearly, you haven't been paying attention to their five star movie lineups. That's the network for unwed mothers, abused wives who need to get out of their horrible marriages, stalkers with restraining orders and teenagers with eating disorders.
  6. Yay! I'm definitely in. But I think you knew that already. And please don't put any cats outside, no matter how badly you want to participate in the challenge. It's super cold outside and really, who wants to wake up to the sight of a frozen cat-sicle?
  7. I don't post much around here, but I LOVE making lists. 1. Easy Living ('37) - I have never laughed so hard, as I did during the automat scene. 2. The Notorious Landlady ('62) - I had such high expectations for this one, and it didn't disappoint. Probably my favorite of all the movies listed here, besides #1. 3. The File on Thelma Jordan (50) 4. Wild is the Wind (57) 5. The Stepford Wives (75) - Paula Prentiss turning into one of "them" is one of the most depressing scenes I've ever seen in a film. Really. 6. A Hole in the Head (59) 7. The Eagle and the Hawk (33)
  8. The only punk song they use is the one for the underground. I wouldn't even call that punk. I would call it, "Random Stock Punk Song" since the TCM Underground song is the same one that The Soup (on E!) uses for their opening and bumpers. They used to have a punkier song, where a guy would scream something about "The Underground" but replaced it a little after. I finally got the change to see this years TCM Remembers segment last night (I really haven't watched a lot of TCM this month), and thought it was rather lovely and well done?although I will say that last years made me cry for a
  9. YAY CHRIS! I'm thrilled that you won! It's about time you get to host a challenge. I think January would be a great time for the next one. I've got a ton of stuff to do these next few months and it would give me a chance to recharge my batteries and come up with some fresh ideas. Again, filmlover--kudos to hosting a great challenge and congrats to everyone who entered a schedule. This was a great challenge and I'm totally looking forward to the next one. ~PS: Thank you to Chris and Fedya for the votes and to my PM voter as well. It means a lot!
  10. I too miss the music videos. I think the last one was for December, and had Gary Cooper as SotM. I've always wondered if all the complaints about the really punky one for September 2006 (William Holden as SotM, the day of shorts and the tattooed girl looking through a telescope) is what put the lid on these promos. I remember the board going crazy with protests when that one came out. It's too bad, I always looked forward to them. And I still miss the old, "Sunny Side of the Street" morning opening. It was so perfect. I recently watched a disc with that old intro and it was like seeing an
  11. Also, I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my schedule. I really don't post much on these boards anymore and I check them rather sporadically. But I did want to thank *ydobon* (my head blows up every time I try to type that without looking), *movieman1957*, *filmlover* (I'm glad you like Aline as SotM--I try to pick people who are a bit more "out there", I guess), *Kyle* (so I'm guessing that you didn't care for Betsy Palmer either? I feel less alone in this opinion now!), *MattHelm*, and *pancakes_barbara* for their kind words and feedback. I've always felt that the programming challen
  12. I've been holding off posting my feedback on everyone's schedules so I could just do it all at once. And I know how much everyone was just waiting to hear from me (eyeroll), so...here I go: (In order of how they were posted) *movieman1957* - I know I say this every time, but I love your schedules. And I love your themes as well: Just Deserts (ha ha ha) and El Sid are really clever puns. I like the birthday tributes scattered throughout (Marlon Brando, David Niven and Jean Harlow--who I really wish TCM would show more of lately). Noir night is good as well. *Kubrickbuff* - Right of
  13. Notes for my schedule: Star of the Month: Aline MacMahon Premieres: The House in the Square (1951) Time Bandits (1981) All The Way Home (1963) Murder Inc. (1961) So This is New York (1948) The War Between Men and Women (1972) A Letter to Three Wives (1949) Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948) TCM Original Production: From Television to Film: The Live Anthology Drama (2009) Marty (1953 - TV Version) Requiem for a Heavyweight (1956 - TV Version) Silent Sunday Night: Chicago (1927) TCM Import: Bellissima (1951) TCM Underground: Neighbors and Under the Rainbow (both 1981)
  14. TCM Challenge 11: It's About Time May 3-9, 2009 Sunday May 3 Reoccurring Characters: McGinty and The Boss 6:00 am - The Great McGinty (1940) - Brian Donlevy, Akim Tamiroff - ps/Paramount - 82 min. 7:30 am - The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) - Betty Hutton, Eddie Bracken - ps/Paramount - 98 min. The Better Version of Me: Look-a-likes in Which One is Bad and the Other is Good 9:15 am - Pardon My Past (1945) - Fred MacMurry, William Demarest - 88 min - Columbia 10:45 am - The Whole Town's Talking (1935) - Edward G. Robinson, Jean Arthur - Columbia - 93 min. 12:30 pm - A Tale
  15. Oh my gosh, they're showing "The Oscar"! I've wanted to see this stinker ever since I read about it and watched the SCTV sketch that mocked it. I'm so excited to see this one. And speaking of bad movies, they're showing "The Apple" during TCM Underground as well. I've heard this one is beyond horrible. I can't wait! Glad they're reshowing "The Long Grey Line" and "Bedtime Story" once more, as I missed them when they were originally shown during last years Summer Under the Stars lineup. Also looking forward to the 30th, when they're showing a marathon of WB programmers. I'm really exci
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