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Found 18 results

  1. i have a movie that i dont remember..... when i did have tv i watched TCM all the time and now that i dont i cant anymore... anyways, there was a movie i watched and remembered it was actually so good but i dont remember the title. there was 2 woman in a house i think in the country that were getting help hostage by this man who i think had a gun. and they were trying to escape to get help,i believe one escaped and got help or someone and the man got caught. the woman were old ish or one of them..it was black and white and possible 1940 or 1950's. i dont know if this is the right format for this but im so stuck...
  2. Nobody has mentioned Caribou Trail which was on the other night and those introductory placards which told the story of the Cinecolor process and how it worked as well as the steps used in restoring the movie on more modern film techniques. I didn't grasp all of the explanations but it was something new to me and therefore appreciated. I also liked that it was set in Canada. From Western movies we have learned a lot about Mexican history-crooks are always crossing that border-but very few deal with the settlement of our neighbor to the north. AMC ran one a few years ago where Alan Ladd played a Mountie but that's about it. Did some of them cross from east to west in covered wagons to settle their country? Did they have problems with the native populations as we did including some of ours who attempted to resettle there? Did outlaws try to escape our laws by crossing over into their territory? These are things I've always been curious about and it seems the two countries we are between have gotten unequal treatment.
  3. It would have been from around 1964 - 1967. I was watching something on TV where a crew member (of what, I don't remember) didn't have enough time to get through some sort of geometrical sliding metal door and it was implied that he got cut in half. I think he screamed as the door closed on him and then they cut away. Presumable he was running from something or trying to get on a ship in time, something like that. It gave me nightmares! Anyone have any idea what this was? Maybe a sci-fi movie, or an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? Thanks.
  4. Hello all. I have been searching for a movie for a few years now, but none of my searches have been fruitful. I saw this film on the TCM chanel about eight years ago. If anyone could help me find the title of this film I would be forever grateful. The plot I remember: There's an older woman who has recently taken on a younger one to teach her. She's being taught to flirt with men and lead them on to get financial favors. Their car breaks down and a young gentleman helps to fix it up for them. Him and the younger girl hit it off, but the older lady writes him off due to the presumption he has no money. A scene I distinctly remember is of the girl sitting on a couch with a gentleman older than herself. She's playing coy and telling him that is is saving her kisses for marriage. At the end of the movie, the young man from the beginning is revealed to have money from oil. They are happy. And there is an implication of setting the older woman up with his uncle. I have scoured the Internet several times in the past three years. If you can, please help me out! Thank you.
  5. Please solve this great mystery, by sharing the name of film recently aired in which a lead actress plays a football in a performance within the movie. Much appreciated in advance! Gratefully.
  6. Les Stances a Sophie is a French New Wave Film directed by Academy Award winner Moshe Mizrahi. The film is very notable for one of my favorite jazz albums. The story of the band who recorded it--The Art Ensemble of Chicago--is a great tale in and of itself, but the soundtrack is a work of beauty. But I can't find this film for the life of me! I did request it but they only very rarely take requests. Nothing on Wikipedia, Amazon has nothing, and could only find traces of it online. I know for a fact it is not lost, as a blog recently reviewed it, but I just want to see this movie.
  7. I watched Nosferatu (1922) for the first time yesterday. I was a little surprised, it was not what I expected; I'd heard a lot about it, and it was very different from what I imagined. I am often surprised by silent movies, either it will end in a way I didn't expect, or it will be something entirely unexpected. For example, Male and Female (1919) was not at all like I thought it would be, the ending came about in a way I didn't think of (trying not to give anything away for those who haven't seen it). Cobra (1925) was another that had an unexpected turn of events a the end; I did not expect a star like Valentino to end like that, but I'm glad he did, it was the perfect ending for that film. What silent movies have surprised you? This can be a surprising scene, ending, dialogue, or a movie that turned out nothing like how you thought it would!
  8. What are some of your recommendations for biopics of real-life women? This topic is intended to be year round and refer to any era or country. It is inspired by the fact that today is International Women's Day but make no mistake, this is a thread about movie portrayals of women in all aspects of life whose lives have been captured on screen. Sometime biopics are accurate, sometimes they are influenced by the era in which they were made and what was allowed to be shown on the screen at that time. Furthermore, sometimes the autobiographies upon which they are based are biased, such as Anna L. perhaps increasing the actual influence she had on the Siamese King. Some biopics that come to mind that I recommend are: Blossoms in the Dust The Nun's Story I'll Cry Tomorrow With a Song in My Heart Love Me or Leave Me Smash Up: The Story of a Woman The King and I as well as Anna and the King
  9. Hello everyone. I have noticed in the short time I have been here that there are some people who don't like repeated programming while others would love to see the same movie repeatedly. What favourite movies, actors, actresses etc. do you have that you love so much you could watch them over and over and not get tired of them?
  10. http://www.ultimatemovierankings.com/buster-keaton-movies/ ClassicMovieRankings has now completed his Ultimate Movie Rankings page on AFI legend Buster Keaton. I see that he has not yet published a link on this, so I am starting a thread. This completes the top 25 actors of AFI's greatest male movie stars and now he has only one female star to go to complete the whole 50: Mary Pickford. Buster Keaton is my favourite silent movie star so I've been waiting for this one a long time.
  11. De-de, de-de, de-de, de-de "There is a fifth dimension, one we call The Twilight Zone," and this film came from there. John Kennedy, played by Dick Powell, tries to stop an assassination of Abraham Lincoln on his way to his inauguration. He does this time but is not around four years later at Ford's Theater. As we all know Evelyn Lincoln was the secretary to another John Kennedy who would occupy the office exactly 100 years later and suffer the same fate. The only thing missing was Rod Serling's commentary. Actually this was a good movie with several recognizable actors in the cast: Marshall Thompson, Paula Raymond and Will Geer for starters. I'm curious as to why it's never been promoted that heavily due to all the ironies. Thanks TCM, for helping us discover it.
  12. I watched half of this movie (I loved it!) and try finding it for two month and found nothing. It was a movie about two military guys, possible navy, and they were on a ship and one of them pretend to be the other and was talking to a girl and the other one found out he was acting like him so he act like the other guy and when they finally meet her, the girl bought her friend along for the other guy and the other guy didn't like it cause he liked the other girl so he had an idea and pretend to drink mouth wash and act crazy and drunk, the date between the one girl and other guy who was pretending to be the other guy was ruin and the guy had to drag the other guy out. I think there was also a part where a guy was in the middle of the water and one of the salior or captain try to bring him on board but the guy was the enemy and he stab the salior or captain. I know this might confuse you but please I really want to know what movie this was.
  13. Hey everyone check this out: I came upon this link about the famous night club fire from Nov 28th, 1942. I was aware and had heard of this but after doing further research found not one feature film had ever been made about it even though one of Hollywood's own cowboy star Buck Jones perished in this fire. With lack of originality in Hollywood these days I thought why not? Why not make a movie about this and the way this screenplay is written it seems to have the sports, love story, mystery, and like it says: The Boston story that has never been told. In a triangle between love, coincidence & corruption, only two make it out alive. https://www.facebook.com/cocoanutgrovethemovie http://www.cocoanutgrovethemovie.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocoanut_Grove_fire So tell me what you think, check out the links and see if you feel the same.
  14. I'm looking for a movie title [haha obviously] and all I have to go on is what I remember from the movie. The movie itself is in black and white, so it makes me think it is prior to the 1950's but I could be mistaken. A rich guy comes into this smaller town for a business meeting [could be a business party] and is sitting in traffic for a long time, though he's in a rush. The main actress comes walking down the street and he asks her for help several times before she concedes. She accompanies him to this party/meeting and they get completely drunk. In the middle of the night, they've decided [in their drunken stupor] to get married. The next morning they wake up in his car, freaking out because they don't know what's going on, or who each other are. The rich guy takes his new wife back to his city and has to explain to his family AND his girlfriend/fiance what happened. During the trip back to the city, they get into arguments, [typical "I hate you but in the end I'll fall in love with you" storyline] and at one point are sharing a cottage room but the guy puts up a curtain to maintain privacy. He makes a deal with his wife; after six months, they'll get divorced and everything will go back to normal for them both. During the six months, she's practically a prisoner in their home/apartment, and she's not supposed to talk to anyone, except him. However, at the end of the month turns out he is falling in love with her. I watched this movie on TCM, 6+months ago, and have been looking for it ever since.
  15. There was an older movie (maybe 50s/60s?). A professor had bought an apartment in the city and was renting it out to men (a group of four?) from the suburbs to see what would happen when they did come into the city and study their behavior. His assistant ends up falling for one of the men, wives come in at the end of the movie and it's complete chaos and fun. I watched this movie on TCM ages ago (back when I still lived with my folks and had cable!). I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, can anyone remember? I know it's not a lot to go on...
  16. Hello - Like so many, I'm searching for the title of a movie. It's a movie in english. What I can remember is I've seen it a few times in the last 30 years. Probably not the time period in which it was created, but, rather when it was re-run. I don't recall if it was b&w or color(ized). I do remember one part of the movie in which a "theatrical" event took place outside on what seemed to be a royals estate grounds. There were scenic "walls" which made up the parameters of the area and were moved at the end of this part of the movie. I don't believe the movie was a serious one, maybe more romantic. I am familiar with the movie "Mame" and the scene I'm referring to above had that sort of flavor. Thanks for any help you can provide! drgnldy147
  17. A habit I wasn't really aware of came to my attention recently. When channel surfing, there are certain rerun programs that I can not go past. Sometimes I get stuck on a favorite show and I just can't help stopping to see it to the end. Several examples came to mind recently: JEREMIAH JOHNSON -- Run across it at any point, and, unless I'm already committed to something else then running, I stay with Jeremiah to the end. JUNO -- Never pass it up, no matter where I happen upon it. THE LECTOR CYCLE -- MANHUNTER, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, RED DRAGON, HANNIBAL, even the prequel HANNIBAL RISING I just about always stay with any of these where I find them. The one exception is the NBC series HANNIBAL. I gave it three tries, and it never held my interest for an entire episode. I've noted that one of my sons can not pass up any DR. WHO program. Are there any viewers with favorites they react to in that way?
  18. Wow! If I don’t have anything else go right for me this week-end at least I discovered this little gem. Trust TCM to come through for us. First, from Ben’s opening comments, this was a great example of what can be done with limited resources when people really care about their work and take pride in what they do. I did not see any evidence of the short cuts Ben said Fuller had to take on screen. It was like the old Outer Limits TV show where they did such amazing things with Styrofoam cups and old vacuum cleaner parts. Today’s filmmakers think you need 200 million to just shoot the credits. The story and characters were believable which showed Fuller’s ability to transfer his real- life experiences onto film even though the wars were different. Sadly, this pointed out his ending statement that “There’s no end to this story”. Gene Evans: What a great beginning to such a long and fruitful career! Yes, Zack’s a jerk but learns the hard way what being a soldier is really about. For a moment you think he gets killed near the end but find yourself glad when he’s not. No wonder Fuller inspired so many moviemakers who’ve followed him. I’m going to look at more of his work myself.
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