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Found 2 results

  1. In a earlier topic on message board I had corrected Ben Mankiewicz's claim that m.g.m. released Kiss me Kate Flat,cause of 3D being dead.I too made a mistake . I misread some information about the release of the 3D version as being released through 1955.I was wrong. The 3D version was released late of 53 to early 54.That makes much more sense what was happening to the motion picture business at the time.Sloppy projections,Expense and huge wide screens put an end to 3D at the time.It was easier and cheaper to shoot a film with a single Mitchell camera using a big fish eyed lens,Todd A.O. to the psychological perspective for the movie audience in a film.
  2. Recently i had bought house of wax and Creature from the black lagoon, dial m for murder.All were excellent and the 3d was great.I bought an adapter called the 3d wizard for my t.v ,Although it was digital anaglyph it may not have been excellent ,but, it was good .It wasn't like my front t.v ,but, I can watch it in the back too.Looking at many opinion in the web directory ,There is too many negative opinions against 3d .In 2011 article stated 3d was dead .In 2013 article ht same thing ,In the recent CEO 2015 two companies dropped 3d .The whole article doomed it My brother went to an electronic convention and saw some new 3d t.v s out. Time Warner is going to put our Kiss me Kate in3D ,which I already reserved Flicker alley is putting out a compile of 3d shorts classic and trailers .The newest hobbit film will be released on Blu ray in 3d and flat .They are selling the man in black ,in Scotland in all regions version Inferno and the man in black in 3D .If it's dying ,If The majority of movie fans are suffering from head aches or they hate the glasses ,then why are these classics being put out in 3D? I'll tell you. ,In the first place What killed 3d in the fifties was the out of sync problems and phase problems mainly ,This chased people away from these films .There were people with eye problems ,that could be cured ,like depth vision problems and other problems that if they put 3D glasses on it would show and head aches would appear .Unlike the ears of stereo phonic sound ,3d put more plays into ones eyes ,We stereoscopic fans have deep Vision and strong mines We are either a large majority or majority .the current problem of encouraging 3d is that the manufactures are not putting 3d in all t.v.'s and they are over charging blu- ray players if they do have 3D I believe it's only a minority of film fans who tried 3d and just don't like it.They find it boring to them or they don;t like the glasses or they got eye problems ,that are curable..I feel the a majority if consumers love 3d ,these days,but, many Film journalist and film makers and members of the m.p.a.a and members of the electronic industry hate it want to get rid of it,They don't want to serve it us fans ,They are intolerant of the technology and us fans who like it .We offend them.So they are blowing up the minority opposition as if they were the majority ,Two companies have turned against 3d ,just to save money, possibly ,One of them is Vizio.I think we are large and can over throw the opposition .We must write to companies thanking them for putting out 3d t,v and encourage them to put smaller models with 3d,We must write to companies that put out blu- ray players and ask them that they would put 3d as a standard on all players .We must write letters to video companies that put out 3d blue ray and thank them. .We must confront our friend and love ones who are intolerant of the technology and those of us who are fans .Try to convince them we have the right to have the film business serve us t as much as them in their flat fantasies ,That we are not trying to do away with flat film s.I practice 3d in restraint ,I don't abandon flat films ,We must defend 3d against the opposition .By having continued 3d this would encourage much improvement ,like no glasses 3d. Where you can look at a 3d film without glasses .The people who don;t like 3d and those who don't tolerate it are only a minority now,cause there has been too much in improvement.
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