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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Classic movie fanatics, I need your help beyond proportions! My great great grandmother was the wife to an eccentric comic legend, and his name was LUIS ALBERNI... Luis Alberni was a very respected, admired and well loved sensational on screen and on stage personality of his time. He left behind an immense body of work and memories that will soon be lost forever, if I dont do what I am doing now. Wanda Wilson, my great great grandmother, was the daughter of a Texas Architect, whose registered historic landmarks to this day still stand. In the 1920's she was a bootlegger, she would fly her plane loaded with barrels of gin and Whiskey while my great grandma would sleep atop he barrels. She had only one daughter, her daughter (my nana Wanda Ward - Alberni's "Kiki") had only one daughter my Mom, and I am the first born great great grandchild. In the late 1930s Luis Alberni still married to his first wife Charlotte discovered Wanda in a night club standing and chatting above a spiral staircase. She had pulled back platinum hair, her eyebrows shaved and drawn on in the Harlow style, her eyes strikingly blue, she wore red lipstick, a satin red dress, red pumps dazzled in rhinestones. He discovered her and instantly fell head over heals, she always would say "I fell in love with his curly jet black hair," according to my Nana. And so they began their love affair. He was truly one of the greatest and an extremely seasoned freelance actor, he would often watch people in movies who couldn't act or who'd overact and say "Ah, they stumped their toe!" My great great grandma a very classy and refined woman could be a mean drunk, so they would fight at times and recieved much publicity for their marital problems, they divorced in 1945, but still stayed with one another. My nana born in 1947 saw none of this. Wanda lived in Topanga Canyon a couple miles away from Luis when he died in 1962 at the motion picture television fund. The moment I discovered Luis, was when I was 6 years old, my Nana Wanda yelled to me across the house "baby come here quick, papa's on t.v.!" I yelled back "okay I'm coming nana," this was a pivotal moment in my life, and my nana 71 years old now and 15 years old when her papa passed away planted the seed in me, that's made me who I am today. My name is Anthony Gilbert Carrillo and I am 33 years old. I'm an actor and film maker and desperately searching for people that are fans, once met, interviewed, have memorabilia I can use, and know about the legend behind the screen - Luis Alberni... The proceeds of my film will be set aside for orphan children veterans of war, and another project of mines. I need everyone's help in this way: Could you all here, please, please show a photo of his face to anyone you know who was living before 1962 who was born in the 10's, 20's, 30's 40's 50's? And ask they if they know my papa. You will receive credit, a moment in my film if youd like, and a cash reward if you can find me someone with information. I cannot pull this one off alone. Please contact me at Luisalbernidoc@gmail.com or my cell at 626.367.3559. -Anthony THE FATE OF THIS HISTORY, DEPENDS ON THIS FILM BEING CREATED. PLEASE ASK THE WORLD IF THEY REMEMBER LUIS ALBERNI. MY LIFE REVOLVES AROUND HIM! And it's not too late, I walk the streets carrying his photos and asking everyone, I also knock on doors, I have met a total of 28 people who once met him. You might know someone! Luis was a member of The Masquers Club organization, and #36A founding father of the Screen Actors Guild.
  2. Dear TCM fans, I couldn't find my original thread from October of 2011 announcing that Charlie Tabesh was considering my Barrymores film festival suggestion, so I am creating a new one. This new thread, however, announces that it will finally happen next month in April! Posted below is a link to my Yule Log message board where in October of 2011 I had also posted a thread announcing Charlie's consideration of my idea of the Barrymores film festival suggestion, as well as the format proposal that I recommended to him. After you click the link below, SCROLL DOWN past my original announcement dated October 1, 2011 to my current post dated March 19, 2016. http://forum1.aimoo.com/theyulelog/NEWS-S/TCM-to-possibly-use-my-Barrymore-s-film-festival-suggestion-1-2065725.html Lawrence "Chip" Arcuri (aka TCM_1) Lionel, Ethel and Jack Barrymore
  3. I have been curious about the medal Rudolph Valentino presented to John Barrymore in 1925, for his performance in Beau Brummel. The award, named The Rudolph Valentino Medal, was presented only once and is considered the precursor to the Academy Award Oscar. Specifically, I am interested to know the whereabouts of the medal today. I can find no evidence or pictures of it. Is it lost, or still in the possession of the Barrymore family? Any information on your part would be most appreciated. Here is a picture of the actual presentation of the award from Valentino to Barrymore in 1925. http://oldhollywoodincolor.com/tag/rudolph-valentino/
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