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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. I have mentioned several times that I am a Glenn Ford fan and that I want to see every movie he ever made. I have a high percentage of movies seen from his big screen career-past 85%. I thought it was time to start a favourite forum thread on Glenn Ford. Here are some of my favourite Glenn Ford movies in no particular order except the first film: Gilda, which is the first film I saw with him and in my opinion is the sexiest movie I've ever seen. Here are *some* of my favourites: GILDA 3:10 TO YUMA THE GAZEBO THE TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON TORPEDO RUN THE BIG HEAT DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER EXPERIMENT IN TERROR THE MONEY TRAP THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE DEAR HEART THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER IMITATION GENERAL THE SHHEPMAN IT STARTED WITH A KISS COWBOY RANSOM INTERRUPTED MELODY and many more. What are yours?
  2. Hello Fellow Noir Lovers, I always enjoy seeing new noir movies emerge and push the boundaries of classic noir archetypes. Because of this I've developed my own film noir and would like to share its story with you. Chalk is a short comedic film noir about a washed up detective looking for clarity in a world full of corruption, murder, and chalk. This film explores the cost of self-preservation. Set among a fictional backdrop, a city of chalk slowly being replaced by dry-erase, we explore the affect gentrification has on individuals by using comedy to approach this sensitive subject. You might be wondering why Chalk? Well, can you think of anything more black and white than chalk on blackboard? If I still have your attention then check out the film's website: http://www.thechalkmovie.com You might just be surprised how much this makes sense. -Eric Whitten (Producer|Writer|Director)
  3. Answered successfully! Thank you! THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE (1946)
  4. Such is the plot of this excellent western that I was fortunate to watch on the Starz Western channel a few months ago. The first good thing about this movie is fans of the tv show Laramie might get a kick out watching John Smith play against type as the villainous gunslinger and he plays it up with gusto. Fury at Showdown may be a B Western but it packs a lot of punch into its running time and lives up to it's name. This movie quite possibly features the most vicious knock-down, gut-busting, fist-bruising, bloody, knuckle-duster I have ever seen in a western since Shane. At times the fight seems so realistic that I actually think the actors got into a real fist fight! This is a good one and highly recommendable. 7/10
  5. JOHN GARFIELD: DEAD BEFORE HE COULD REACH 40, THE AGE HE BELIEVED ACTORS BECAME GREAT ACTORS. John Garfield was a major movie star during the studio system era. He was an activist and campaigned for a role in Gentleman's Agreement opposite Gregory Peck about anti-Semitism. He won the role. Garfield was himself Jewish. Garfield was ready to join the fight in WWII and showed up only to fail the medical - 4F - like a lot of Hollywood stars did - because of heart problems. But Garfield wanted to contribute to the war effort as best he could and joined Bette Davis in starting Hollywood Canteen - a place where military personnel of any branch could stop off each night and be entertained by the most famous actors, actresses, dancers, singers and comedians every night. He and Bette Davis later played themselves in the movie version Hollywood Canteen. edit: Tom has pointed out that it was Bette Davis who was the actress behind Hollywood Canteen. No problem. Everyone wanted to help out. His signature movie is The Postman always Rings Twice. But other favourites of mine - I mean my top 5: Between Two Worlds Destination Tokyo They made Me a Criminal The Sea Wolf I've seen 17 of his films so far. Considering he died at 39 - he made a lot of films. The only film I tried to watch and could not get through was Dust Be My Destiny. Maybe it was a bad day for me. Maybe I just don't like this film. I'll have to try it out again.
  6. Dear Wonderful Community, I have received such wonderful help from you in the past in finding unknown movies, so I hope I'm not out of place in asking for you assistance in helping me to find the title of a series that came on television late 1960s-early 1970s (I think). The only thing I remember about the series is the opening sequence: It was done "cartoon" fashion (no real actors). The colors were red, black, and white. A door opens and a man's figure stands in the doorway and his shadow casts across the threshold. Thank you for your help! I hope to find the opening sequence on YouTube to verify and to be able to watch some of the episodes.
  7. I remember watching this classic movie, but for the life of me I can't remember the title or any of the names of the actors, just the plot! I recall it was in color, probably a film made in the late 1950's / American movie set in Spain or Italy, period drama about a royal Spanish Lady that's supposed to wed / arranged marriage with a nobleman from England (maybe), and then she get's abducted by a criminal and later on she gives up the throne and elopes with this same criminal, and her lady's maid falls for her English man - I remember a scene at the end of the film where they are both in a small floating boat. For sure, the two leads / the male criminal and lady are both dark brunettes. The plot is similar to The Spanish Main - 1945 but it definitely doesn't star any Maureern O'Haras or Paul Henreids. Can someone pleeeeeeeeeease give me any suggestions here, anything that comes close will suffice because I've been haunted to find this movie for over 20 years now - I just must know what film this is!! Thank you soooooo much!!! )))
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