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Found 5 results

  1. Has TCM gone woke? An entire month long salute is dedicated to the beautiful and talented, Ingrid Bergman. Yet TCM has elected to air, three of Miss Bergman's most memorable films. Including 1945's Oscar nominated, The Bell's of St. Mary's (1945). One of Hitchcock's best, Notorious (1946) and Joan of Arc (1948). It appears that TCM is continually try to tune off many of its viewers with their non stop, selected themes. Centered upon racial, LGBT and gender based topics. How can the producers dedicate an entire month salute to one of its greatest female stars of the Golden Age; Ingrid Bergman. While deliberately avoiding to air 3 of her most memorable films? Could this possibly have something to do with the Catholic themes abounded throughout The Bell's of St. Mary's and Joan of Arc and that both may turn off viewers who are hostile to the Catholic faith? Or what about Notorious? A classic Hitchcock film which was once aired regularly on the network but has not been included along with other Hitchcock films during the stations monthly marathon tributes? Especially since the death of TCM's late host, Robert Osborne. It is clearly obvious that the producers are pushing this network into an entirely new arena. In order to coincide with the non stop, leftist/progressive agenda concerning racial and gender "awareness". It's very sad what our culture is devolving into and the fact that Hollywood is also contributing towards its demise. We can no longer enjoy classic films without some politically motivated disclaimer attached. To prepare sensitive viewers of uncomfortable characterizations. Depicted of a bygone era! Shameful!
  2. Today's Daily Dose is an early scene from Notorious (1946). Watch the scene over at the Canvas course site, and come back here to share your insights with a special focus on the film's two biggest stars, Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. As it is Noir Crossover Week, you can also discuss what these two stars contribute to the noir style in what has come to be recognized as a classic film noir. Here are three questions to get you started: What Hitchcock "touches" do you see in this early scene from the movie? How does Hitchcock choose to light, frame, and photograph his two stars in this scene? What are some of the contrasts that Hitchcock trying to set up between these two characters through art direction, costume, and cinematography? Based on this scene (or the entire film if you have seen it already), reflect on the casting of Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Does this scene conform to or challenge their well-known star personas?
  3. To kick off the Halloween Special, I reviewed the 1941 version of Jekyll and Hyde...It doesn't even come close to the 1931 version with Fredric March! Feel free to recommend some creepy classics to me, guys!
  4. I had to watch this movie at least twice before I got the whole idea of the picture in my mind. But OH when I did, it has become my all time favorite movie! I can watch it every day and not get tired of it! The chemistry between Ingrid and Gary is amazing, and the story line is unlike anything either of them has ever done! Truly this is unlike any other movie I have ever seen, and the cast and script are so unusual.... The script lets Gary and Ingrid be real, and "talk", "sing", and make love (so to say)- so life like. There has not been another movie that allows the characters be REAL. You just have to watch to understand..... I can't understand why it is not more popular than it is... Any one else feel as I do?
  5. While I was waiting for The Ten Commandments to download last night, I whiled away the time watching Casablanca again. I have seen this movie countless times, and for me, it was the film that motivated me into being the movie lover I am today. There is a magic about this story and its production that always grips me. Last night's viewing reminds me that this story takes me to foreign shores, yet the production never leaves Burbank, CA. Well, maybe there's a scene at the Van Nuys airport, but again, not that far. I still buy it. It is such masterful production design, it hooks me everytime, even when fully aware of the actual shooting locales. Am I the only one who feels like this?
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