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  1. Being the new kid on the block, albeit a 49 year old kid, I wanted to post this list of what I consider my top favorite western movies so others can gauge my interests with theirs.... 10/10 Broken Lance (1954) Firecreek (1968) Last Train from Gun Hill (1959) The Tin Star (1957) Gunman's Walk (1958) Jesse James (1939) Warlock (1959) Winchester '73 (1950) The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) The Naked Spur (1953) Yellow Sky (1948) The Westerner (1940) Fort Apache (1948) The Proud Rebel (1958) The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) Open Range (2003) Destry Rides Again (1939) Hang 'Em High (196
  2. Hello, I have watched different promo's of "Women Make Film" on TCM and I especially was amazed and moved by one in particular. It starts off in the present and goes back in time to when film was just in its infancy. It centered on 100 years of films. I do believe it coincides with Women Filmmakers, I think it is so wonderful how far women have come along in the entertainment industry. Directing, producing and writing as well as acting. I have not found the promo/video on TCM or on YouTube.com either. I would like to know if anyone here could tell me about the song that was used to promo
  3. FULL VIDEO HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_zyP1zn4Wg
  4. Calling all dreamers! I'm assembling a team of creatives to make an independent feature film about cookie dough, depression, and the power of empathy. Entitled Terrificman, it tells the story of a struggling writer/comedian who accidentally eats a tub of cookie dough laced with an empathy drug, enabling him to experience the inner emotions of whomever he locks eyes with. He uses this newfound ability to help people with hidden depression. For more information and to read the screenplay, send me an email at lpsrhen@gmail.com. Have a terrific day! Sincerely, Sam Hendrian
  5. Reach out to TCMBacklotOKC@gmail.com Facebook: TCM Backlot OKC @TCMBacklotOKC on Twitter Website: tinyurl.com/TCMBacklotOKC to let us know who you are!
  6. Hello! Where are all of my Memphis members?! I know there are some here. Do we have a chapter, if so I'd like to join? If not, lets get this going! 😃
  7. Seeing on how the late actor died two days ago, will TCM be doing a tribute next month? As I was watching his spoken tribute to Spencer Tracy yesterday afternoon, I was kinda sad. Knowing he had died and he REALLY adored Spencer greatly. Will the tribute be happening? Has their already been talks of it?
  8. Raja HarishChandra was first silent Indian film and after this film. 1940 to 1960 was a golden age of Bollywood, In these years big buster movies had released. 1970 to 1980 was very impressive for Indian cinema because in these years big buster movies released and some movies is evergreen till these day's. That time Indian cinema movie making technique was very low but in these few years Bollywood cinema movie making technique going to better from the last some past years. Last year Bahubali 2 has been released and this Tollywood movie were top Indian movie of 2017 also this movie braked many
  9. Hello all! I am new to the message boards and I am excited to partake in classic film discussions of all kinds! I just started a classic film blog two weeks ago, and I am very interested in any feedback or ideas that fellow classic film lovers have. I currently have written about 9 or 10 movies. I know I need to upgrade it in terms of graphics, etc., but I will do that in time. Thanks very much! https://charsmoviereviews.wordpress.com/
  10. Hello, I thought that I've been on the games and trivia forum long enough to start a thread. I'm Canadian, and thought I'd start a trivia thread about Canadian movie artists. Whether they have always been Canadian, were born in Canada, or were born in other countries and later became a Canadian citizen, these all qualify for this category. I'll start with the first question: What actor born in Montreal in the year 1931 moved to Ontario to perform at the Royal Shakespeare Company before moving to Hollywood in movies and later television is a Canadian who has never gotten Americ
  11. Here we are sharing latest news updates of highest grossing Bollywood movies 2016 with all of you. Also we are providing movies review. http://www.ilubilu.com/top-10-highest-grossing-bollywood-movies-2016-list.html
  12. I am a big Hitchcock fan. I've seen nearly all of his movies, including titles that you never think of off the top of your head. What are your favourite Hitchcock movies, artists, sub-genres, movies with frequent stars, movies based upon books, and really any aspect of Hitchcock in general? I'll start with his most frequent male stars and my favourite movie of all time. Then I'll look at different aspects on different days so that it is a long running thread but not one where I am posting several pots in one day with no replies in between etc. My favourite Hitchcock movi
  13. Hello, everyone. I am starting this thread to talk about an ancestor of mine and the adaptations of his writing. I am descended from the *brother* of Rudyard Kipling on my mother's side. I try to see every adaption of his writing. My favourite poem of his is "If" which he wrote for his son. It always makes me cry when I read it. My favourite movie of his work is Gunga Din. My favourite version of The Jungle Book is the animated Disney movie. What are your favourite Rudyard Kipling adapted movies and television?
  14. There are a lot of Hollywood families in the movie industry. Usually when the relationships are parent and child, they have the same surname. Siblings quite often don't, especially during the studio system era when you were given new names. What siblings do you admire their work. Are you familiar with all members of a family, or do you prefer one over the other? What are your favourite films of theirs? I am a fan of both Joan Fontaine and Olivia DeHaviland I love all Barrymore siblings with a preference for lionel I am a fan of both James Arness and Peter Graves I am mor
  15. What are your favourite movies and television titles from the work of Edgar Allen Poe. I love The Tell Tale Heart. I enjoy The Raven. There is a wonderful movie about him starring Joseph Cotton as Poe before he was famous called The Man With a cloak. A lot of his movies have been made into horror films that are a bit too gory for my taste, but he is a wonderful writer.
  16. Hello, because many of the American and some of the Canadian posters are focused upon the upcoming election in the US, a lot of us who want to talk about movies are finding that we are having a hard time getting new people to join our threads. This thread is created with this in mind. This thread is to talk about the movies made about politicians who are real life and how well they are made. ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN is my favourite as it is a suspense film. Lincoln is a favourite subject of movies, as is FDR, and JFK. I have yet to see All The King's Men, but it has long bee
  17. http://www.ultimatemovierankings.com/film-noir-movies/ Many thanks to ClassicMovieRankings for completing my requested page for Film Noir on his Ultimate Movie Rankings website. I love it Bruce. I have seen 186 movies listed with plenty on my to-see list. What an Easter present for me.
  18. http://www.ultimatemovierankings.com/afi-top-100-movies/ ClassicMovieRankings has completed a request for a page ranking AFI's Top 100 movies. I have seen 74 of them. CMR has seen 100 of them.
  19. MOVIES WHICH CHEER YOU UP: The Thin Man is about to start in half an hour. I love this film and it always cheers me up. What are other movies which cheer you up after a hard day?
  20. Hello everyone. ClassicMovieRankings hasn't been TCM forums in a few days, but I wanted to let people know who are fans of Lillian Gish that he completed her page: http://www.ultimatemovierankings.com/lillian-gish-movies/comment-page-1/#comment-17319 It is his quest to do all 50 AFI legends. He now has only Mary Pickford and Buster Keaton to complete this 5 year goal. He would love to publish a book on all 50 of them depending upon costs. My favourite Lillian Gish movie is The Night of the Hunter. I've seen some movies from her early career, and some of he
  21. I know I may get some flack for this, but I find it extremely depressing to go on to this website for TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, and have it totally overrun -off-topic forum I grant you that - by topics about elections (Canada just went through one), and various hot button issues. I press 'new content since my last visit" and everything is mostly totally political. I stopped watching everything that had commercials and avoided everything online during that time when I wanted to relax. If a movie is about politics, I'm quite happy to talk about politics in reference to how that movie looks a
  22. why is it that TCM takes so long to show her films and when they do, they are at very bad hours. however, i see that on may 2nd they will be showing as an essential no less, Ninotchka and then Anna Christie which they nver show and they will also show Queen Christina which was way ahead of its time in content, watch the film and see what i mean, anyway thank you TCM for this nice treat, keep up the good work, incidentally i am sick of seeing Gaslight it is a good film but really every other week it is on.......and correct me if i am wrong but Bergman does not create much interest today, lots
  23. Hey all! Earlier this year, Harry Belafonte was slated to receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, an honorary Oscar, at the Governor's Awards ceremony. The event took place on Nov. 8th, and I wanted to share the video links to his acceptance speech. Listen to the whole thing, if you can; it's worth it. I'm constantly floored by the carriage and presence of this man (not to mention I found him DEVASTATINGLY handsome). He serves as a prime example of one who believes in using their platform to positively impact others. I'm glad to see that he received it, although I do believe that h
  24. Initially one of the items on my bucket list (I actually have one) was to watch every picture that has won the "Best Picture (Production)" award from the Academy. I have now watched 82 of 86 of them. Now that I have come close to achieving my goal, I have started watching every movie ever nominated for the "Best Picture" award. I have created a spread sheet and am actively working to watch all 512 movies. I am wondering if anyone out there as done this. I have been working on it since approximately January, 2014, and have around 140 more movies to watch. I would love to be able to discus
  25. Piper Laurie will be attending the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention September 18-20, 2014 in Hunt Valley, MD. The convention will also include many other exciting movie stars signing autographs and posing for photos. There will be vendors, seminars, and a movie room as well. Anyone that is interested in attending this event can find further details at:midatlanticnostalgiaconvention.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mid.convention
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