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Found 7 results

  1. This movie played on TCM around the same time as O’Henry’s Full House last year. Writer has 24 hours to complete story. Working from an old mansion that has not been inhabited for some time. Was told he had the only key so he would not be disturbed. Far from that as this mystery unfolds....partly noir, black and white with a touch of humor. Everyone entering the house is after money in the safe. A few deaths and at the very end the police finally arrive. I recall a grand split staircase. A Big Thank you to anyone that can assist. BTW I would guess this film was made in the 50’s.
  2. I need help finding a movie that was aired on TCM years ago. It’s a black and white mystery/suspense. From what I remember it’s about a man who pretends to be guilty of murder. I believe he was either a writer or layer and it was to prove that you can find an innocent man guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. After he is found guilty his father-in-law was supposed to step forward with the evidence clearing his name but on his way to clear the man the father-in-law died in a fatal car crash. At the very end of the movie the man’s wife reveals the man had actually committed the murder/murders and was guilty. I believe it was for her fortune. Thank you for any help!!!
  3. I had this mystery on IMDb when it had its boards, I have it on IMDb v2.0's boards now, I have it on Rotten Tomatoes' boards, on IMDf's boards, I've contacted people who worked on the film, librarians, music historians, singers... All that is to say we're no closer to an answer than when I first posted this mystery nearly a year ago. The question is simple: who sang the three Cole Porter songs in the movie Sleuth (1972) The answer is far from simple, sending me down a rabbit hole of false leads and red herrings. I started with the post a year ago on IMDb, after finding out that the mystery had been going around the Internet for at least ten years: We came to the conclusion, verified by several music experts, that it was not in fact a '30s singer who sang the songs, but rather someone hired specially for the movie to imitate the '30s style. That was when the IMDb boards shut down, and this mystery kind of got fragmented among several different websites. I've been up and down looking for this silly thing. My latest attempt was reaching out to singer and music historian Michael Feinstein, who posted the mystery to his Facebook page and received no conclusive answer. Before that, I e-mailed Graham V. Hartstone, one of the few Sleuth crew members still with us, and he also had no idea. Can anyone help? Does anyone know a way to find this answer at long last? As said, it has been floating around the Internet for at least ten years, yet we still don't know. Relevant Links: http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/forum/displayquestion.php?topicid=7598 http://imdb2.freeforums.net/post/810/thread https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1715334931829080&id=304543142908273&__tn__=%2AW-R Many thanks!
  4. Anybody knows where can I find a copy of this film in DVD?
  5. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie both as a reader and a movie lover. Which Agatha Christie movies do you love? Some of my big screen favourites are: Murder On the Orient Express Ten Little Indians (original version) Death on the Nile Witness For the Prosecution Evil Under the Sun
  6. I saw a black & white movie on TV some years ago, and would really like to see it again; if I only knew the Title!! It was suspenseful and had a lot of mystery. It was about an innocent man who was accused of murder. He had been framed and he was trying to prove his innocence by himself. I remember him being at an old deserted lake resort hotel, trying to find out why it was deserted, and who the guests had been. I also remember him being alone in a stairwell of an apartment building. He was desperate to find who had framed him. He wore a trench coat. There were times in the movie when he spoke his thoughts so the audience would know what he was thinking. If anyone can give me an idea of a name of a movie that this description might fit into, I would really appreciate it. There might be a city name in the title. Thanks so much, luvbwmovies
  7. Hope you recall this movie. The main theme is about a married woman who goes on holiday or away for a weekend trip with her woman friend. They have a brief encounter with a sailor or other military man at a bar or nightclub. Later, the women are in a car and the man they meet is in another car. Not sure if he was following them to their hotel or another location. His auto goes off a cliff. The women assuming he is dead drive away without checking. They return to the married woman's home without saying anything to her husband. Seem to recall that the husband eventually gets the information out of his wife because she is very troubled from her feelings of guilt over having killed the sailor. Would love to have the name of the movie as well as the main characters. Thanks all! Texasmoviemaven
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