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Found 7 results

  1. All of a sudden the movie clips and the host intros for the On Demand movies won't play (they used to). The movie itself plays fine. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. Why is tcm on xfinity in both sd and hd option on demand coming in with a block box around the picture?! In 2016 this happened- and turned out tcm had been sending to comcast a error- hd format for sd option. I think its same issue- Ive sent messages to tcm online to no avail. Anyone else notice this? What else to do?! Hard to watch some movies size of a stamp. UPDATE-TCM replied via my message to them via facebook, they say they are forwarding this issue to their team and to also alert comcast as well. Idk if they will really fwd the issue or not but that what the message states. hmmm
  3. I'm unable to watch live or on-demand movies. It worked perfectly before but suddenly is broken in all the browsers I have and three different computers. Mac or Windows. No dice. I do the Charter log-in and the "Powered by Charter" logo pops up normally but the video never loads. After a while, a dialog opens that says "<not authorized>". For anybody in the know, it appears to be a stock jQuery UI message box. After reporting this a few times via the contact TCM page and getting no reply, I thought I'd try here. Charter, naturally, is no help either. Incidentally, I use the same Charter sign-in to watch ESPN content, which works perfectly, as do other streaming sites. TCM is my favorite channel of all time. I like this new feature a lot and I can't be the only one having problems. Anybody have a clue? Thanks
  4. Star Date: 3 January 2018 * After 2 years of no problems whatsoever, suddenly last summer, TCM On Demand movies stopped mirroring to my TV. All I get is audio with a black screen. Oddly, host intros & trailers & such continued to play fine, both audio and video. Live streaming has always been dicey, now even moreso. Live streams play on the TV for about 1 minute then cut out. * At least I could still watch via the TCM App, on both my iPhone and iPad. Until about a week ago. Now the only thing I can watch is live streams & host intros. NONE of the On Demand movies will play on my devices any longer. * Stray observation: I’ve only noticed an update for the TCM App once or twice in all the time I’ve had it, in spite of multiple, major Apple IOS updates - especially in recent months... is TCM unable or unwilling to keep up with the technology? * I strongly suspect Apple and/or Flash are the primary culprits. In which case I may be sh*t out of luck. Because I won’t be forced into buying new devices, if that’s the aim, when mine are in perfectly good working order. Still, if these issues are known to TCM (???), why not state either a. We’re working to fix the problems, etc., or b. We have no intention of dealing with the problems, better luck next time. But the silence and lack of communication from TCM is beyond insulting and arrogant. * I’m about to take the drastic, last ditch step of printing & mailing with a stamp, a written plea to: Ms. Jennifer Dorian, General Manager Turner Classic Movies 1050 Techwood Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30318 * I’m also going to tweet my complaints and questions to @TCM and any other corporate officers or on-air personalities I can find. * Final, self-indulgent comment: with American “culture” in a state of ever coarsening decline, I suppose the refuge of TCM is too good and too small a niche to last. “We need more mindless porn, more sports and more obnoxious leaders & cable TV hosts,” cried the vast majority of citizens, “yeah!!!” I so dearly want to be proven wrong, but I’m not exactly optimistic as anyone reading this may have detected. Still, I’m not quite ready to give up my TCM!
  5. Hey guys, Anyone able to advise why I cannot turn on Closed Captions when I am playing TCM On Demand via my desktop/laptop (using Chrome). When I click on the CC button it gives me the option of English but wherever I click on it, it doesn't turn them on and I cannot get the captions to work at all. This is super frustrating so would be great to know if this is a known glitch that TCM Techs are working on - or if there is anything I need to do my end to get that working Thanks so much
  6. Oh TCM. You are really starting to get on my nerves. Why would you not put all Hitchcock movies currently airing live on the on demand option? I was so mad when I missed Rebecca but then thought I could catch it on demand. Then to my disappointment you didn't put that on there. Then of course I missed Notorious and you again didn't put that on demand either. That's so unfair! I know everyone nowadays has a DVR but I do not. How hard is it to just make these movies available on demand? Especially during Hitchcock class time. I get it that maybe other movies are ok to leave out but if you're offering a class you should make the movies available on demand. Also, why do you cut off the host closing remarks after a movie on demand? You didn't use to do this but now you are. Also annoying. Every time I hear Ben Mankiewicz say "we'll discuss more after the film" I get excited but only to find out to my disappointment once again that you did not include those 40 seconds on demand.
  7. Hi, this is my first post and i hope that i've placed this query in the right section so that i can get some clarification. I'm a huge fan of TCM and in addition to watching the live channel i regularly peruse through the TCM On Demand schedule of movies that are held over for repeat viewing for about 5 or so days after appearing on the network. Usually this is anywhere from 10-15 movies with regular turnover as older hold-overs expire and are replaced by more recently aired ones. Unfortunately, for the past week and a half, no new movies have been added at all as the previous ones expired, and even more headscratchingly, the final batch of movies that were scheduled to expire ("The Juggler", "The Pawnbroker", and "Roseanna McCoy") have been extended TWICE (the latest being extended from the 19th to the 25th). I searched online and came across somebody else with the exact issue as myself: https://www.facebook.com/tcmtv/posts/10152697332095396 and like her the cable provider in my case IS Cablevision (a little ominous). Can anybody - maybe even an official TCM source - shed any light on this? I feel like i'm missing the chance to catch some great movies i might i have otherwise missed during their regular airing (for instance i fell asleep halfway through "Hill 24 Doesn't Answer" and would be GUTTED if that movie had been held over.) And while i'm here, i wonder if there is ANY way/schedule to predict in advance WHICH movies WILL be held over in the TV On Demand lineup in a given week? (yes i'm aware of the awesome online On Demand feature but i'm not in a position to use it, since i am not the primary account holder). It would be great to somehow know in advance what was being held-over and what wasn't and be able to plan my viewing accordingly. I hope somebody can help me out.
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