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Found 25 results

  1. I'm sure there are several films that are hard to find on TV, streaming, renting, and even purchasing. For me, I'm working on finding a couple of Fred Astaire films that are impossible to find. Even physical copies are not compatible to US. You Were Never Lovelier Let's Dance I hope TCM will have these films on TV. What else should they add? Anyone know of other sources to watch hard to find films?
  2. Hello everyone, I've been reading these posts on the TCM message board for a long time, and now that I have my official username I guess I'm now legit, so why not post for the first time? Anyway something has been bothering me for a long time (but maybe I'm just over thinking this). As my username implies I love everything from the past, the films, cars, even the basic household items like pots and pans If only the past come back to life. I've restored (and now use) a 1950s desk that belonged to a WWII vet, restored a 1950s desk fan, a 1940s clock...maybe one day I'll have my own 1930s house I shave with a 1940s double edge razor, use only old fashioned hair pomades (rock it Clark Gable esque), I dress adequately (not like a hipster), I have an array of records, a 1950s record player (and sooo many more vintage/antiques that I use), I love swing music, can't stop listening to Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra. The point is I'm naturally attracted to these things and many people probably say this but I genuinely feel like I was born in the wrong time period...but that's not the point. What's been bothering me is that I find it so hard to find a girl with similar interests (you can laugh if you want). I'm 23 years old and a college student. I'm not a bad looking guy and have no problem finding girls to talk to or even meet. Fortunately or unfortunately I'm frequently hit on by older women (like women in their 40's), and I won't lie I've willingly gone out to places with them (and that's all I'll say). How should I handle this? I don't who to talk to or ask for advice. I eventually want to meet a girl with shared interests, someone who appreciates the things I do but I haven't found one, it seems so difficult and rare, and with the world we live in I find it harder and harder to come upon one. Where do I look? At school? In class sometimes a professor will mention Gone With the Wind or mention stars of the past and everyone will look dumbfounded. I've been watching TCM and classic movies since my freshman year in high school and I can truly say it was a blessing to find the beauty of this channel. I've met WWII veterans in the past, one who actually became a close personal friend during high school (now deceased) and we'd watch TCM from time to time (although eventually he'd rather watch Sanford & Son). He was amazing and what he spoke about the past/his youth and time period (there were flaws of course like racism, etc.), times really seemed much simpler. Well, I think I've written too much but I could keep on going on and on and on so I'll stop.
  3. There is a new narrator for the “What a Character” segments. Does anyone know who she is? I know she did the narration for Mildred Natwick‘s “What a Character”. Can’t place the voice. Any ideas from knowledgeable fans?
  4. Howdy. I am marking my calendar for films I am most excited for during "31 Days of Oscar", one of which is "Sons and Lovers" (1960). However, I noticed a discrepancy between the ""31 Days of Oscar" schedule and the weekly schedule , that leaves me questioning the airtime of "Sons and Lovers". On "31 Days of Oscar" schedule:"Sons and Lovers" is set to show on Tues, Feb 18 at 9:45 pm ET between "Brief Encounter" and "Pygmalion". But on the weekly schedule: "Sons and Lovers" is curiously missing on Feb 18 (and every other day), even though "Brief Encounter" and "Pygmalion" appear at the same times as in the "31Days" schedule. This begs the question: is "Sons and Lovers" no longer showing on TCM on Feb 18? or was it simply forgotten in the weekly schedule? I was very excited at a chance to see this film, and would appreciate a timely response. Exhibit A: "Sons & Lovers" scheduled at 9:45 Exhibit B: "Sons and Lovers" has vanished
  5. I always loved TCM cause of the diversity and how it presents its self as a hub for not just classic movies, 70s, 80s, 90s,and sometimes 2000s movies. Im sorry i havent been up here so long, i been busy, but I still watch it. So tell me why you love TCM.
  6. Hi, everyone! After months of deliberation as to whether I should invest in TCM Backlot or not, my family made my decision for me and got me Backlot for Christmas! I've noticed that the closest chapter to me is in Miami which is still pretty far, so I wondered if there would be any interest in a central Florida chapter, specifically Tampa and Saint Petersburg. I would love to step up as president and do what I can for the group like plan events nearby and host fun games, screenings, and movie-themed dinners in my home (if that's allowed). Let me know if you're interested and live in the area!
  7. From the year 1994 to now, TCM has shown classic films. From silent to talkies; black and white to colour; beloved to controversial. Foreign and world renounced; from early 20th to late 20th century. TCM shows all films which are classic and continue to do so. With great hosts who have film historical background and express their liking of the film showing. Sometimes bringing guests during one of their many monthly spotlights. TCM was and still shows 'Gone with the Wind' regardless of what people think of it today. A film which also was the very first film ever shown when the channel debuted. Happy 25 anniversary Turner Classic Movies! Thank you TCM for all the memories and continue the good work!
  8. I am ecstatic to announce that we only need one more member in order to be recognized as an official TCM Backlot chapter! If you live in Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, Largo, Clearwater, or any surrounding area in central Florida, please consider joining us and message me privately if you're interested! I'm in the process of planning fun events nearby like games, screenings, and movie-themed dinners in my home, so let's get that last member and LET'S MOVIE!
  9. First off, just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and hopefully you all had a Merry Christmas as well. I was happy to see that to ring in the New Year, TCM showed documentaries about MGM musicals and dancing stars. We got to see classic films like 'Singin' in the Rain' to commentary from Russian male dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov and the late Debbie Reynolds. Hear the behind-the-screen stories of from Lena Horne and Gene Kelly, among others. The best part about these films, they also pay their respect and recognition to other popular and achieved films of the 70s and 80s. Really, when they say it was a GOLDEN age, they really mean it.
  10. Seeing on how Halloween is coming up and TCM will be showing some classic Horror films which I'm not too familiar with: https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3521003/heres-turner-classic-movies-halloween-programming-schedule-october-2018/ I'm excited to see the classic Christopher Lee Dracula and Abbott and Costello encounter with the Mummy. Which films are you excited to see on Halloween month on TCM?
  11. Thanks so much TCM for a great day of Crawford films. I only wish there had been time for more! Keep up with the wonderful programming, I hardly ever need to change the channel ☺️♥️
  12. I was glad to see the inclusion of one Mario Lanza movie, but I’m curious why not more? He was certainly popular, and had a lovely voice. Was it the lack of dancing as well? Curious over here. stefanie
  13. So there was one stop motion animation that I once see on TCM and it really got stuck in my mind since then, but I really couldn't identify what was the name of that animation. All I remember is that the animation starts with the boots of a misterious guy and red paint dripping on his boots from the brush that he's holding , that guy being dressed like a criminal or something, with a long coat, then shows him standing in the middle of the street looking at the window of a guy who lives in a big building with only one window, that one being the window of his apartment.His apartment is empty, and he has only a bed, a clock on the wall (and a table I guess, I don't remember to well).I remember that the misterious guy was trying to kill the one that lives in the apartament trough some ridiculous ways. I can't remember anything else, and that's all that I can relate, but if someone has any idea how this stop motion animation is called , please let me know and thank you.
  14. Hello, I am a very upbeat, active millennial who loves classic movies. I am looking to start a Fun TCM backlot chapter in KC. I would like to have themes and/or dress up for the movies. I want to treat every movie event like a party! Thanks for your consideration, Shannon
  15. Stars like Marlon Brando, Judy Garland and Elizabeth Taylor are always played on Tcm, they shouldnt ever be Stars of the Month. That special title should go to the stars who will be introduced to people for the first time. For example: Marie Dressler was a good choice, shes not as popular as someone like Marilyn Monroe, but she’s just as good! I hope to see William Haines, Lillian Gish, John Gilbert and Lon Chaney as stars of the month OR CLARLES KING! From The Broadway Melody and Chasing Rainbows. There are countless stars that havent been recognized so dont pick obvious choices. Im tired of Elizabeth Taylor and Bette Davis. We all know them and their movies. How about Herbert Marshall or Douglas Fairbanks or Rudolph Valentino? Or Gloria Swanson? Someone new!
  16. Hi! I'm in the process of recruiting new members for a TCM Backlot Chapter for the Tampa/Saint Petersburg, FL area. I hope to step up as president if we get enough members, but I'm wondering if there's anything that I should know about forming a chapter in addition to what's on this page. I've read it thoroughly, but it doesn't answer some of my questions. Is there a list of rules for how to organize or run a chapter that I should know about? Specifically, I was also wondering if it would be allowed or appropriate to host events or screenings in my home for the chapter. There are few classic film related events in the area, and I have a copy of TCM Scene It? as well as a decent DVD collection that I thought would be fun to bring out in between screenings of the Big Screen Classics. It's also a hobby of mine to cook personal recipes of classic movie stars, so maybe I'd host a themed dinner as well? These are just a few ideas that I'm thinking of doing for the group, but I want to make sure that I'm not breaking any rules. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  17. Prof. Edwards In reverse order: Thank you for an interesting, enjoyable class. Now a day without a Hitchcock film has something missing (in a good way.) I watched F. W. Murnau's The Last Laugh available on DVD. If you do another Hitch class with TCM I strongly suggest Asking TCM to see if they can broadcast it. Really provides an insight into Hitchcock's inspiration and loyalty to an art form. Doesn't distract from giving The Master his due. Will you be repeating the course, how do I find out what & when future courses will be? And will Noir course be repeated? I wish I'd known of that and regret missing it. (That's 3 questions.) Thank you, and TCM, for this course. Wonderful to see cable living up to it's potential. Peter Lyte
  18. Oh TCM. You are really starting to get on my nerves. Why would you not put all Hitchcock movies currently airing live on the on demand option? I was so mad when I missed Rebecca but then thought I could catch it on demand. Then to my disappointment you didn't put that on there. Then of course I missed Notorious and you again didn't put that on demand either. That's so unfair! I know everyone nowadays has a DVR but I do not. How hard is it to just make these movies available on demand? Especially during Hitchcock class time. I get it that maybe other movies are ok to leave out but if you're offering a class you should make the movies available on demand. Also, why do you cut off the host closing remarks after a movie on demand? You didn't use to do this but now you are. Also annoying. Every time I hear Ben Mankiewicz say "we'll discuss more after the film" I get excited but only to find out to my disappointment once again that you did not include those 40 seconds on demand.
  19. This will be my first and most likely last TCM cruise. I've never been on a cruise. I'd like to hear from others if they bought the travel insurance? Did you need to use it? Did you use the company affiliated with the booking company? Did you need to use it? How was their customer service? Did you use a different company?
  20. I am trying to remember a film with a scene where a jealous woman throws a plant from the patio into an entitled woman's arms saying something like "delivery" or something and she falls into a pool. I think that it was even in a TCM spot or commercial. PLEASE HELP! It's driving me nuts! It's either from the late 40's or 50's I believe. Best Regards & Thank You, Andrew P Jackson
  21. I am a customer of Time Warner Cable and TWC still is not a participating provider for Watch TCM. What gives? I've contacted TWC many times -- it doesn't go any good. Can anybody at TCM do something about this?
  22. Hello, TCM Forum members. The June 2016 schedule is now up. Marie Dressler is the SOTM, and there are features on Stage-to-Screen adaptations of both plays and musicals, and a continuing Friday night tribute throughout the month devoted to the films of Billy Wilder. Candice Bergen is the Guest Programmer. http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-6-01 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-06-01 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-06-08 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-06-15 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-06-22 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-06-29
  23. I came across this radio archive website that has the What Ever Became series by Richard Lamparski. Never given the credit for his series he did what Kevin Brownlow did for Hollywood by publishing and recording well know & obscure silent, sound stars and entertainers while they were still alive. Some of these recording are the only sound of their voices since they never appeared in sound films. I know that Brownlow's series ( yet to be released on DVD) is one of the most amazing and informative programs on Hollywood, but these recordings should see the light of day and as a classic film fan it would really be something to have them somehow incorporated into the TCM Film Festivals or at least as a program on TCM when one of these stars movies are being shown. The stars that are represented here from Mary Miles Minter to so many others forgotten about all together. It would really be something to have these recordings rediscovered, anyway let me know what you all think and wouldn't this add to the excellent programing TCM already has? .http://www.pacificaradioarchives.org/keyword-search?search_api_views_fulltext=richard+lamparski&=Search http://www.pacificaradioarchives.org/series-list/Whatever%20Became%20of...
  24. Hey everyone check this out: I came upon this link about the famous night club fire from Nov 28th, 1942. I was aware and had heard of this but after doing further research found not one feature film had ever been made about it even though one of Hollywood's own cowboy star Buck Jones perished in this fire. With lack of originality in Hollywood these days I thought why not? Why not make a movie about this and the way this screenplay is written it seems to have the sports, love story, mystery, and like it says: The Boston story that has never been told. In a triangle between love, coincidence & corruption, only two make it out alive. https://www.facebook.com/cocoanutgrovethemovie http://www.cocoanutgrovethemovie.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocoanut_Grove_fire So tell me what you think, check out the links and see if you feel the same.
  25. Hey anyone with any film knowledge who can help me list the movies in this advert ! I know Dr. Zhivago and the time travel one ... But I am most interested in the one with the hanging by the swimming pool and the guy reading in the airplane.
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