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Found 7 results

  1. Just watched the 1966 Sci-fi classic, Fantastic Voyage. Which aired yesterday and would love to see a TCM tribute dedicated in honor of the sadly, underappreciated actor Stephen Boyd. Mr. Boyd starred in this classic sci-fi classic. Along with Raquel Welch and Edmund O'Brien. His ruggedly handsome good looks enabled him to star in a number of versatile roles. Including in his most memorable film, 1959' Ben Hur. As the villainous Masala. Despite his phenomenal role in this memorable film, Mr. Boyd did not receive an Academy Award. Nor was he even nominated. . Though he died very young, many of his most memorable films show cased his exceptional acting skills. It's a shame because he could have taken advantage of playing James Bond. To showcase his deep masculine voice, chiseled good looks and cleft chin I really wish that TCM would air some of his films. While introducing them to both new & old film fans. Including The Man Who Never Was (1956). Island in The Sun (1957), The Night Heaven Fell (1958). The Bravados (1958) Woman Obsessed (1959) The Best of Everything (1959) Ben Hur (1959) The Big Gamble (1961) Lisa (1962). Billy Rose's Jumbo (1962) The Fall of The Roman Empire (1964) Genghis Khan (1965) The Oscar (1966) The Bible (1966).
  2. Hello, this is a thread to talk about people whose talent spanned several aspects of the musical world. I do love Frank Sinatra overall. But I already have a thread about Frank Sinatra. But there are others who are singers, songwriters, and actors/actresses as well. Yes Sinatra only wrote two songs. But you don't have to be all three. You just have to be two of them. This is a thread devoted to those who are multitalented in that way. I will start with Frankie Avalon. Best known for making 1960s Beach films with Annette Funecello. He was a singer, songwriter, and actor. My favourite songs of his include Beauty School Dropout, Grease, and Venus.
  3. I am a big Hitchcock fan. I've seen nearly all of his movies, including titles that you never think of off the top of your head. What are your favourite Hitchcock movies, artists, sub-genres, movies with frequent stars, movies based upon books, and really any aspect of Hitchcock in general? I'll start with his most frequent male stars and my favourite movie of all time. Then I'll look at different aspects on different days so that it is a long running thread but not one where I am posting several pots in one day with no replies in between etc. My favourite Hitchcock movie of all time is Rear Window. He worked with two male stars 4 times each - James Stewart and Cary Grant James Stewart 4 Movies: Rear Window is my favourite. Cary Grant 4 movies: North By Northwest is my favourite. Among character actors, Hitchcock made the most movies with Leo G. Carroll. My favourite of his collaborations with Hitchcock is Spellbound.
  4. We all know that there are some actors and actresses whose screen personas, regardless of who or what they play, stands the test of time. Forty, fifty, or even eighty years later, the impression that they have left on the screen still remains fresh and accessible to generations of audiences. Then....there are the others. Those who remain distant and inaccessible to modern audiences (who are admittedly fickle), and whose work is either forgotten or outright rejected. Here is the space for us to talk about those performers who just don't seem to "click" anymore, even with lovers of classic films like ourselves. It may be because of the roles they played. Maybe it's because of the "look" that they projected. Maybe it's because something in their offscreen lives (their actions, politics, or general character) permeated their screen image. Or maybe it's just a feeling that one gets when watching them that makes one uncomfortable, or less than impressed. Let's talk about some of these actors, and come up with some reasons as to why they just haven't made it. Feel free to express and defend your opinions, and as always, let's keep it respectful and above the belt (but y'all already know that.) One point of clarification: I'm not talking solely about underrated actors. Rather, I'm referring to people who may have been wildly popular during their day, but have not maintained their popularity in the present.
  5. Here's a space for us to post our dream SUTS schedules. Which lineup of actors would constitute a perfect month for you, that would keep you smiling once it ended? Would you like to see a month full of character actors, or underrated performers? You don't have to post the entire month if you don't want to sharing a few choices is perfectly fine. Feel free to also share why you've picked who you've picked. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
  6. Anyone up for playing "six degrees" with classic movie stars?
  7. If you're like me, you spend a certain part of your TCM time thinking about who's going to receive a day during the SUTS schedule. Here's a place for you to post your dream schedule for August. What would constitute an awesome month for you? Which people people would you LOVE to see? I can't wait to hear what you all come up with!
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