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Found 14 results

  1. I'm sure there are several films that are hard to find on TV, streaming, renting, and even purchasing. For me, I'm working on finding a couple of Fred Astaire films that are impossible to find. Even physical copies are not compatible to US. You Were Never Lovelier Let's Dance I hope TCM will have these films on TV. What else should they add? Anyone know of other sources to watch hard to find films?
  2. Greetings! Early in the film documentary, What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael (2019), there are some quick film clips, including two from a film that takes place on the UC Berkeley campus. See screenshots, below. The included dialogue was very brief: the two characters were arguing about raising the minimum wage to 40 cents an hour on the Berkeley campus. Does anyone know what this film could be? I would love to learn more about it. Thank you so much, in advance. Best, Michael
  3. I am starting to flesh out my classic film book collection. And I have been trying to track down the best books on the history of the studio era, Scott Eyman's Lion Of Hollywood has been recommended to me as the definitive book about MGM, and there are others about Warner Bro's I am considering purchasing. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some recommendations, particularly for books about Fox, as there does not seem to be many out there. Thanks
  4. Hello all. I have been searching for a movie for a few years now, but none of my searches have been fruitful. I saw this film on the TCM chanel about eight years ago. If anyone could help me find the title of this film I would be forever grateful. The plot I remember: There's an older woman who has recently taken on a younger one to teach her. She's being taught to flirt with men and lead them on to get financial favors. Their car breaks down and a young gentleman helps to fix it up for them. Him and the younger girl hit it off, but the older lady writes him off due to the presumption he has no money. A scene I distinctly remember is of the girl sitting on a couch with a gentleman older than herself. She's playing coy and telling him that is is saving her kisses for marriage. At the end of the movie, the young man from the beginning is revealed to have money from oil. They are happy. And there is an implication of setting the older woman up with his uncle. I have scoured the Internet several times in the past three years. If you can, please help me out! Thank you.
  5. Please solve this great mystery, by sharing the name of film recently aired in which a lead actress plays a football in a performance within the movie. Much appreciated in advance! Gratefully.
  6. I am starting to flesh out my classic film book collection. And I have been trying to track down the best books on the history of the studio era, Scott Eyman's Lion Of Hollywood has been recommended to me as the definitive book about MGM, and there are others about Warner Bro's I am considering purchasing. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some recommendations, particularly for books about Fox, as there does not seem to be many out there. Thanks
  7. Hello all! I am new to the message boards and I am excited to partake in classic film discussions of all kinds! I just started a classic film blog two weeks ago, and I am very interested in any feedback or ideas that fellow classic film lovers have. I currently have written about 9 or 10 movies. I know I need to upgrade it in terms of graphics, etc., but I will do that in time. Thanks very much! https://charsmoviereviews.wordpress.com/
  8. film 1, has a story line similar to "Night Flight" with Clark Gable but it turns out not to be the film I'm looking for. A small airline owner runs flights through treacherous conditions with a host of pilots a high faloutin girl hanging around and a lovely girl next door helper who has an obvious crush on our owner. He has a side kick retired pilot that gives him advice and a shady new pilot that has to prove himself. film 2 is about a young star who hides the fact that her mother is black to get ahead in her career with the final scene showing her finding out her mother has died and she runs to the very public funeral procession (which is a horse drawn hearse covered in flowers) and cries out for the lose of her mother. both these films are very old and I've been looking for them for ages to watch again I would be very grateful for any help cheers ps: please feel free to ask me for more info on the plot lines if needed
  9. I remember seeing two separate films on TCM while on the treadmill at my gym but without a TVGuide menu I couldn't find the names easily. Both are quite old, either black and white or early color IIRC. Film 1: A famous female teacher/librarian in small college town becomes a local treasure/celebrity for opening and educating so many minds. Her students go on to live happy, productive, fulfilling American lives and all celebrate her. [spolier] She has many suitors but rebuffs them all in favor of celibacy and pure love of education. She eventually dies unwed and all her students, the town, and the school mourn her. EDIT: I found this one!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Male_Animal Film 2: Small town male teacher/professor plans on giving a public lecture on poems/letters that enrage the local conservatives who rally against him to prevent the reading of filth and poisoning the American youth. It's possible that some of the reading is about Sacco and Vanzetti . After much strife endured by the teacher and his refusal to back down, most of the town gathers for his lecture. [spolier] The lecture is concise and harmless and the entire town reacts by praising the teacher for standing up for the First Amendment and core American values of free speech and academic freedom. Parade in his honor follows. Thanks so much for the help!! Please let me know if you have questions for clarification.
  10. Hello everyone. ClassicMovieRankings hasn't been TCM forums in a few days, but I wanted to let people know who are fans of Lillian Gish that he completed her page: http://www.ultimatemovierankings.com/lillian-gish-movies/comment-page-1/#comment-17319 It is his quest to do all 50 AFI legends. He now has only Mary Pickford and Buster Keaton to complete this 5 year goal. He would love to publish a book on all 50 of them depending upon costs. My favourite Lillian Gish movie is The Night of the Hunter. I've seen some movies from her early career, and some of her television appearances. Lillian Gish lovers will enjoy this page.
  11. The unforgettable hat, the shining toy train, the pair of ice skates, as depicted by cinematic magic – these items have come to represent Christmas Joy itself. Don’t just watch them on television, bring them home for the holidays (or get them online and have them delivered while you stay home and watch old movies on TV). My blog guide points you to the websites that sell the items that our cherished old-movies made symbolic of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men. Where to get the goods to make your classic Christmas-movie memories come alive. "The stuff that dreams are made of." For a fun read or shopping ideas, visit: helenhighly.com/gift-guide-to-holiday-shopping-in-the-movies or http://wp.me/p6TF51-1h Have more ideas of your own? Let's hear them!
  12. When it comes to classic films,I'm like that animator,who set that strike at Disney.I believe in being fair to film history.T.cm is not.They don't show enough film history.Like most selfish greedy businesses ,they put ratings and profit first,Classic film fans and film history second.Time Warner live's by the hollywood legacy that started whenThomas Edison felt he had the right to own the camera and theater's. T.c.m. pretensiously serves the mainstream classic film fans.Time Warner shows their true colors when they barley serve our side .They discriminate us .We want to see more film history ,even more dark film history.The other side just want to see what made hollywood a success only .If time warner follow ethical buisness rules,which Hollywood never does, they would put film history and all classic film fans first,ratings and profit second.This is morally and ethically honest way to make a living.Putting money first before consummers is equivalent to murder and stealing .Early this evening t.c.m. pitted The disney classic ,"The Three Caballeros," against ."Salutos Amigos .How ? They did not show both.They discriminated Saluto's Amigos! That was not fair.They should of showed both.If Time Warner followed work ethics puting consumer's of film entertainment first,instead of discriminating and profit and rating's ,this would be a better classic film channel.Since Fort lee new Jersey 1910 ,Hollywood has been guilty of one thing,only serving the establshment.One decade after another ,to exploit them for the profit,which has yet to be illegal and discriminating the rest of the fans of film entertainment .Hollywood is no different than a bordello .What would be the cure?Putting it in it's place to show who's the real boss.The film consumers
  13. There was an older movie (maybe 50s/60s?). A professor had bought an apartment in the city and was renting it out to men (a group of four?) from the suburbs to see what would happen when they did come into the city and study their behavior. His assistant ends up falling for one of the men, wives come in at the end of the movie and it's complete chaos and fun. I watched this movie on TCM ages ago (back when I still lived with my folks and had cable!). I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, can anyone remember? I know it's not a lot to go on...
  14. Hello. I'm trying to identify a movie that I only saw the middle of on TCM at least 8 years ago. It's set either in NYC or some other large city, but I definitely got the NYC vibe from it. It follows a girl in her early 20's as she goes about her routine. It's not about big-city life, it's more about loneliness. There's very little dialogue, she lives in a tiny apartment with an old fashioned sky light that she uses a broom handle to open. The styling is very austere and stark. She wears very plain dresses in the style of 1950's house dresses with no pattern on the fabric and her hair is just straight and down. She ends up on a bridge, or on a wall, and is contemplating suicide. A blue-collar man stops her and refuses to leave her alone because he's concerned that she'll try to jump again. I guess they become friends. I didn't see the end. Can anybody help me id this movie, please? Thanks in advance to any viewers/posters out there!
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