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Found 12 results

  1. I have run into an issue that no one in Hulu's support or YouTube TV, has any information on. Certain shows: "MGM Is on the Move!", "The Witches (1966), last night's "The Plague Of the Zombies" and many more are not available through either Hulu or YouTube TV! I had Hulu for a short time and recently switched to YouTube TV, partly because so many programs state "Not available" or "Blacked Out". I have attached a few screen-grabs to better illustrate what it is like. Love me some TCM but this is getting ridiculous !! Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, KCKB
  2. Hello all. I have been searching for a movie for a few years now, but none of my searches have been fruitful. I saw this film on the TCM chanel about eight years ago. If anyone could help me find the title of this film I would be forever grateful. The plot I remember: There's an older woman who has recently taken on a younger one to teach her. She's being taught to flirt with men and lead them on to get financial favors. Their car breaks down and a young gentleman helps to fix it up for them. Him and the younger girl hit it off, but the older lady writes him off due to the presumption he has no money. A scene I distinctly remember is of the girl sitting on a couch with a gentleman older than herself. She's playing coy and telling him that is is saving her kisses for marriage. At the end of the movie, the young man from the beginning is revealed to have money from oil. They are happy. And there is an implication of setting the older woman up with his uncle. I have scoured the Internet several times in the past three years. If you can, please help me out! Thank you.
  3. I remember seeing two separate films on TCM while on the treadmill at my gym but without a TVGuide menu I couldn't find the names easily. Both are quite old, either black and white or early color IIRC. Film 1: A famous female teacher/librarian in small college town becomes a local treasure/celebrity for opening and educating so many minds. Her students go on to live happy, productive, fulfilling American lives and all celebrate her. [spolier] She has many suitors but rebuffs them all in favor of celibacy and pure love of education. She eventually dies unwed and all her students, the town, and the school mourn her. EDIT: I found this one!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Male_Animal Film 2: Small town male teacher/professor plans on giving a public lecture on poems/letters that enrage the local conservatives who rally against him to prevent the reading of filth and poisoning the American youth. It's possible that some of the reading is about Sacco and Vanzetti . After much strife endured by the teacher and his refusal to back down, most of the town gathers for his lecture. [spolier] The lecture is concise and harmless and the entire town reacts by praising the teacher for standing up for the First Amendment and core American values of free speech and academic freedom. Parade in his honor follows. Thanks so much for the help!! Please let me know if you have questions for clarification.
  4. I am trying to remember a film with a scene where a jealous woman throws a plant from the patio into an entitled woman's arms saying something like "delivery" or something and she falls into a pool. I think that it was even in a TCM spot or commercial. PLEASE HELP! It's driving me nuts! It's either from the late 40's or 50's I believe. Best Regards & Thank You, Andrew P Jackson
  5. Does anyone know what the assertion URL for Badgr is?
  6. I have to "catch up" daily on the Summer of Darkness board - but when I open a topic, the newest message is at the top. How can I change the sort order of the messages within a topic? I can't find out how to do it. I changed the sort order on the board to A-Z but it didn't affect the order of the mssages
  7. Hello! I've been looking from the title of this film for a couple of years now. I first saw it on TCM, and I KNEW I should have written it down then. It's in black and white, and it has sound. It's about a doctor that digs up corpses in order to study human anatomy and further medical knowledge about surgeries. He does autopsies on them. The catch is the film is set sometime in the 1700's (I want to say shortly after the American Revolution) and it takes place in one of the original colonies, so surgery and digging up corpses are huge no-nos, obviously. Near the beginning of the film he's about to get hanged but accidentally gets saved by this group of ruffians. He then has to help cure one of the ruffians (I think it was either the leader or the leader's wife) of an ailment under threat of death. Afterwards they're really impressed and the leader wants the doctor to stay with them. The doctor doesn't want to though because he wants to continue his studies. I'm pretty hazy on the middle part of the movie, but he ends up settling in a town. He's very well liked and considered respectable, and there's a female love interest. However, he's still snatching bodies to study. There's only so many places to get bodies in the area, so people are starting to notice that graves are being desecrated. He's eventually found out. The ending of the movie deals with a shoot out between the ruffians and towns people at a house. The doctor performs surgery on an ill woman during the shootout and saves her life. The movie has a lot of humor. I wouldn't call it a comedy though.
  8. It's included in the promo for July Summer of Darkness. Thank you.
  9. Hi! I need help finding a movie that I watched on TCM several years ago. I've been searching for this for a long time. This is the synopsis: A wealthy young man gets drunk on evening and marries a poor girl. In the morning, he and the rest of his family discover his new wife. To avoid scandal, the couple must go on a honeymoon on the famly yacht. When they return, the plan is for them to be quietly divorced. Well, they are on the ship, but the two don't really get along. The young man is really snobby and mean to his new wife. He gets sick while they are on this ship and she starts nursing him. Well, after that, I reluctantly had to leave to go to class, so I don't know how the movie ends. I have been searching and wanting to find this movie for a long time. If someone could please help me find the name of this movie, it would be greatly appreciated!!! I know its not much to go on. I don't recall who was in the movie or exactly when it was made. I know it was a black and white film however. Any help in discovering this movie would be fantastic!!!
  10. My father-in-law's proposal to my now deceased mother-in-law was inspired by a scene in a western movie. All this time he thought it was "Cheyenne Social Club" but he recently watched it and oops, nope, that isn't it. Here is what he knows/thinks: It is a western movie he saw in the theater, probably between 1968 and 1971. The scene was set in a parlor that was 1800's looking. A suitor comes to talk to the father and asks for the daughter's hand in marriage. The following exchange happens: Father: Do you like my daughter? Suitor: I love your daughter. Father: No, I asked if you liked her. Suitor: (confused silence) Father: A year or so after you are married and the newness fades you will have a big fight. This could affect your love. You have to like each other to rebuild your love on top of that. Obviously he could have the wording slightly off but that concept was part of what he said to her when he proposed. He thought the dad was Jimmy Stewart but we've looked at other westerns he was in around that time and none of them seem right. I would really appreciate some help. He's writing the story of that proposal down and he's pretty bummed that he doesn't have a key piece of information.
  11. There was an older movie (maybe 50s/60s?). A professor had bought an apartment in the city and was renting it out to men (a group of four?) from the suburbs to see what would happen when they did come into the city and study their behavior. His assistant ends up falling for one of the men, wives come in at the end of the movie and it's complete chaos and fun. I watched this movie on TCM ages ago (back when I still lived with my folks and had cable!). I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, can anyone remember? I know it's not a lot to go on...
  12. Hey anyone with any film knowledge who can help me list the movies in this advert ! I know Dr. Zhivago and the time travel one ... But I am most interested in the one with the hanging by the swimming pool and the guy reading in the airplane.
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