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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have watched different promo's of "Women Make Film" on TCM and I especially was amazed and moved by one in particular. It starts off in the present and goes back in time to when film was just in its infancy. It centered on 100 years of films. I do believe it coincides with Women Filmmakers, I think it is so wonderful how far women have come along in the entertainment industry. Directing, producing and writing as well as acting. I have not found the promo/video on TCM or on YouTube.com either. I would like to know if anyone here could tell me about the song that was used to promote it, please? I could tell by the voice that the song was sung by a woman and it was very emotional and uplifting. It really did go so well with the message of the advertisement, if someone here could help me I would really appreciate it a lot. Thank you for your time and be well. Good evening, LadyLoriAnn46
  2. I am starting to flesh out my classic film book collection. And I have been trying to track down the best books on the history of the studio era, Scott Eyman's Lion Of Hollywood has been recommended to me as the definitive book about MGM, and there are others about Warner Bro's I am considering purchasing. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some recommendations, particularly for books about Fox, as there does not seem to be many out there. Thanks
  3. I'm sure glad that they showed last night the tin drum.I had not seen that in a long time,since h.b.o in the late 70's .What was really interesting is the scene where the radio was being played and you heard Zarah Leander singing ,"Is it a sin to love?It would have been nice if t.c.m. doubled featured it with the 1938 German film ,"The Blue Fox. This Zarah Leander classic had this song as part of this comedy costarring Paul Horbinger .Since after early 2000 t.c.m has been politically correct against showing any more film of 33 and 45 of Germany and Austria except what they repeated.They will show film made in japan during the war and some of the Russian film too and hypocritically show our own biased classics,but not the other Genre, any more .T.cm is selfish.What's worst they are causing desegregation of these films ,making them more poisonous than they are .This is typical of Hollywood greed and selfishness, beside over playing the winners.One day Hollywood will be pressured by the public to put out more variety or no more money Serve all consumer of classic film or else. The worst part is that the history channel and the American heroes channel is also double standard .Autobiography of a dictator ,but no movie made in that period .The owners of a.m.c are double standard politically correct too ,they own the history channel .Money first film history second .Pretending to serve. exploiting, a bunch of dull sorry audiences Turner classic movies need to have the Joan river attitude,but,in films.No aspect of film history should be above showing. T.c.m. only that way moderately only .
  4. When it comes to classic films,I'm like that animator,who set that strike at Disney.I believe in being fair to film history.T.cm is not.They don't show enough film history.Like most selfish greedy businesses ,they put ratings and profit first,Classic film fans and film history second.Time Warner live's by the hollywood legacy that started whenThomas Edison felt he had the right to own the camera and theater's. T.c.m. pretensiously serves the mainstream classic film fans.Time Warner shows their true colors when they barley serve our side .They discriminate us .We want to see more film history ,even more dark film history.The other side just want to see what made hollywood a success only .If time warner follow ethical buisness rules,which Hollywood never does, they would put film history and all classic film fans first,ratings and profit second.This is morally and ethically honest way to make a living.Putting money first before consummers is equivalent to murder and stealing .Early this evening t.c.m. pitted The disney classic ,"The Three Caballeros," against ."Salutos Amigos .How ? They did not show both.They discriminated Saluto's Amigos! That was not fair.They should of showed both.If Time Warner followed work ethics puting consumer's of film entertainment first,instead of discriminating and profit and rating's ,this would be a better classic film channel.Since Fort lee new Jersey 1910 ,Hollywood has been guilty of one thing,only serving the establshment.One decade after another ,to exploit them for the profit,which has yet to be illegal and discriminating the rest of the fans of film entertainment .Hollywood is no different than a bordello .What would be the cure?Putting it in it's place to show who's the real boss.The film consumers
  5. I have been curious about the medal Rudolph Valentino presented to John Barrymore in 1925, for his performance in Beau Brummel. The award, named The Rudolph Valentino Medal, was presented only once and is considered the precursor to the Academy Award Oscar. Specifically, I am interested to know the whereabouts of the medal today. I can find no evidence or pictures of it. Is it lost, or still in the possession of the Barrymore family? Any information on your part would be most appreciated. Here is a picture of the actual presentation of the award from Valentino to Barrymore in 1925. http://oldhollywoodincolor.com/tag/rudolph-valentino/
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