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Found 14 results

  1. This movie played on TCM around the same time as O’Henry’s Full House last year. Writer has 24 hours to complete story. Working from an old mansion that has not been inhabited for some time. Was told he had the only key so he would not be disturbed. Far from that as this mystery unfolds....partly noir, black and white with a touch of humor. Everyone entering the house is after money in the safe. A few deaths and at the very end the police finally arrive. I recall a grand split staircase. A Big Thank you to anyone that can assist. BTW I would guess this film was made in the 50’s.
  2. https://exbulletin.com/tech/449364/ They aren't just old movies anymore. These films are getting new exposure to a new generation.
  3. After watching this Batman action figure fanfilm, I could swear that I recognized the underscore music from somewhere, but can't put my finger on it. Likely an old noir or mystery film... perhaps from 1939? Unrelated: The song during the dancing sequence is Jack Teagarden's "Stop Kicking My Heart Around" feat. Kitty Kallen (also from 1939) although, that hasn't helped me pin down the film. I really love the musical underscore, and would love to find the original film it accompanied. Anyone have any ideas? Unidentified Noir Underscore.mp3
  4. Has anyone got five years of their life to spare? Maybe ten? It might require that kind of devotion. It might probably be how long it would take to itemize every gloomy or depressing film which ...isn't a noir! Yes, I'm sure its hard to imagine, (for some). The throes of noir-fever can blind many a fan to the fact that most dismal-feeling films are entirely remote from the cachet and the savoir-faire and the hipness of 'film noir'.
  5. Hello all, Are the materials for this course still online somewhere? (Or is there a kind soul who may be able to provide them?) A recent trip to Los Angeles inspired me to revisit film noir in a comprehensive for the first time in a decade and Summer of Darkness is perfect for what I want, but obviously long since passed. I’ve emailed TCM with the same question but haven’t received a reply. Any tips out there, even if it is just a syllabus? All I’ve found is the TV schedule. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  6. Classic Film Lovers, I would like to introduce you to my latest project, Chalk. It's a comedic film noir with all the classic film noir tropes and even more laughs. We pay homage to classic noirs, while bringing a fresh, youthful spin. A tongue and cheek comedy that touches on sensitive subjects such as gentrification, urban displacement, and self-identity. It's a city of chalk slowly being replaced by dry-erase. Our lead detective is trying to solve a string of murders that have left the city on edge. It's most recent loss, the celebrated mayor of Chalk City. The suspect, the mayors beautiful and shrewd wife, Mrs. Chalk. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" meets "The Big Sleep" - http://www.thechalkmovie.com Eric Whitten (Producer | Writer | Director)
  7. Tonight I had the opportunity to watch The Third Man (1949) in its entirety. Before, I had only seen from the first reveal of Orson Welles to the end and loved it. This time, watching the entire thing, I did not enjoy it as much. The ending (especially the cinematography) was brilliant, but I felt the rest of it was quite slow. What do you think?
  8. I can't remember any useful details about this movie, except that it may have aired on TCM sometime from November 2015 to January 2016. Black and white. The setting is tropical or at least very hot and humid. Possibly on an island but I'm not sure. I think someone travels to the tropical place because they get a letter from a person there (a friend or in-law maybe) but the sender turns out to be either dead or missing when they arrive (I realize this sounds like the plot of The Third Man, and therefore I don't fully trust the recollection). There's general suspicion. I think a woman goes on several dates with a man to get close to him, or to maintain a ruse, but I can't be sure. There's a great deal of rain, which at one point factors into the plot I think. The specific bit I DO remember is that she goes to a party at the bad guys' place, though there was some doubt as to whether she would or perhaps as to whether it would be safe. She goes off to a sort of guest house to search it for evidence, is nearly caught but escapes, but she leaves behind what I believe was a handkerchief. I think there was something distinctive about the handkerchief, like perhaps it came from the man she wasn't supposed to be seen with? But again I can't be sure. I also think the bad guys were smuggling something? Or in any case there was some degree of rush because their plane or boat was leaving and they needed to be caught before that happened. Does this ring any bells for anyone? I know it's not a lot to go on but this vague recollection is sticking with me and driving me nuts. Many thanks if you've got any ideas!
  9. I can't speak for the movies, where no-one seems to drink anything but neat Scotch, but the Philip Marlowe of the printed page certainly had more varied tastes. From the pages of The Long Goodbye we find him drinking a Gimlet: "A real gimlet is half gin and half Rose's lime juice and nothing else" (Though I personally serve it over ice.) If it seems a tad heavy on the Rose's it may just reflect the possibly awful quality of the gin he may have been drinking back then, but I don't mind it...in fact I think I may just make one as my afternoon's viewing continues. Anyhow, it set me thinking about other suitable drinks for Noir Friday: I'd love to hear some suggestions and try them myself, of course!
  10. My apologies if this subject has been mentioned already, but I didn't see it, and thought that, since we're involved in a course as well, that some mention of books might be helpful. Of course, when I first went looking for something, I thought initially about reference books. Later, after I'd replied to a few posts, I realized that I was also mentioning the novels upon which so many great noirs are based, and that's so big that maybe we just end up with too many lists? My aim in starting this post is to get recommendations and reviews, and learning something from this Noir Community. I'm just trying to kick-off a discussion with some titles below which I've used. I haven't added general film references to avoid wearing out my welcome, but those are of course, also of interest: Reference Books Film Noir, Micheal L. Stephens A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of FIlm Noir, John Grant Film Noir - An Encyclopedic Reference . . , Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward
  11. I've created a facebook group for Summer Of Darkness, I do not have a twitter and thought a facebook group would be a nice place for some discussions on the topic. https://www.facebook.com/groups/103357930003601/
  12. Likely most of us are aware the first four films discussed in the 'Summer of Darkness: Investing Film Noir' class are scheduled to play on TCM tomorrow. DVR's everyone! The first film starts early at 6AM EST. While the intro's we are viewing are great for discussion, what better way to compare and contrast Noir styles than to watch these films in their 'entirety.'
  13. TCM should have a Street Scene Noir's theme night. The score is by Alfred Newman (originally used for Street Scene 1931) and was re-used for Cry Of The City, Kiss Of Death, I Wake Up Screaming, Where The Sidewalk Ends, and The Dark Corner.
  14. This is definitely a classic, but I just can't remember anything other than the final scene. I'm sure I watched it on Turner Classic Movies, perhaps a couple of years ago. It's b&w, likely from the 40's or early 50's, and the ending takes place around dusk in a very flat, low tide marshy area with lots of wooden planks placed over the deep mud. The rest is a bit sketchy, so some of the details may be a little off. The main character (a dark-haired fellow) goes to the muddy marsh to meet some other shady characters (maybe to pick up some money), but he gets killed instead. I think he was stabbed...not sure though...could have been shot. I clearly remember him slowly dropping, his body laying half on a plank and half in the mud. His wife (or girlfriend) was with him or followed him and witnesses the murder. That's where the film ends. Really stark and haunting. Another note about the main character...he was one of those guys who was either bad at the beginning but turned good as the story unfolded, or vice versa (good guy who goes slightly bad). He may have been trying to play both ends against the middle, as the saying goes. Either way, whether he deserved it or not, his death at the end was rather sad.
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