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Found 1 result

  1. 'Gone with the Wind', what comes to your mind when you think of the classic film of 1939? 1. The Great Depression was coming to an end the year of release. 2. WWII was going to start-ironically the story takes place the same time as another famous war a century prior 3. It was the second film by director Victor Fleming to be shown in technicolor 4. It was based on a MASSIVELY successful best selling novel 5. It was also EXTREMELY controversial because of lead heroine Scarlett O'Hara behavior and the treatment of their slaves If you were to overlook all of those aspects surrounding the movie, you just want to see what it is for YOURSELF. When you watch a film like Gone with the Wind, and you, yourself analyse the movie. We see it as a film reflecting the lives of the people of that time and how they treat one another. Scarlett, the inconsiderate, conceited, manipulative Southern Belle whose sadly blind sided to the fact that Ashley Wilkes really truly loves his cousin Melanie Hamilton. Rhett Butler, the bold, tough, and honest handsome visitor from Charleston who falls for Scarlett and tries to make her understand that she's wasting her time wanting Ashley. Ashley Wilkes, the cousin of Melanie Hamilton who tries to do what is right and prevent himself from getting into any kind of trouble with anyone, especially Scarlett. Melanie Hamilton, Ashley cousin, wife, and mother of their son who doesn't try and judge anyone and is always appreciative and compassionate. Mammy, the servant who isn't going to let Scarlett be a tyrant to her and stands her ground when she sees Scarlett is up to no good. Big Sam, the strong and later free slave who doesn't think of the O'Haras as slave owners and saves Scarlett from a near sexual attack and robbery The film explores many of the following themes: *The most famous theme it lightly touches on is that of racism and how the slaves were treated, which Donald Bogle did an excellent job at analyzing. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aUi7zTDQ6g) *It also explores the theme of war and how it affects the lives of many, namely those responsible of it happening because of their beliefs. *Furthermore, it explores the personality of people who chose to be what others might not and wouldn't consider appropriate and disgraceful. *Another theme it touches on is the love that the main couples have and how they learn to live together after the war. *Finally, it reflects on the most important thing of all: SACRIFICE Gone with the Wind is a story about the pre-Civil War South where the not-as pleasant Scarlett O'Hara lives. She is literally obsessed with the notion that Ashley Wilkes is her true love. He loves his cousin Melanie and always will. The slaves in the Tara plantation are not oppressed and Mammy is the prime example. The arrive of Rhett Butler shows a difference in opinion about the war and his strong interest in Scarlett. Scarlett and Melanie relationship is not seen as the same in the other person's perspective but they still live in harmony together. The war comes and everyone's lives are forever changed. Time after the war we see the main characters lives are faced with other live altering events: debts, danger, hardship and rumors. In the end, the most important lesson is this... Each of us have face something in our lives which isn't pleasant but we overcome it, above all! When I first watch 'Gone with the Wind' back in Autumn 2003, I could see WHY my parents liked it so much.
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