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Found 8 results

  1. TCM. I now pay $10/mo to have your channel. I don't pay for the other channels, for ANY of those other channels that I'm now forced to pay for the "SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT" package that they grouped you into last month in with Comcast. I'm really starting to feel sorta bilked because the programming has now hit this new, all time low. Now, possibly some people really enjoy days of comedy in the line of 3 stooges, break free. Or, like today, PINK PANTHER. I snoozed through a number of those when you beat us to death with them last month during another run. Now, this absurdist stuff might be to some people's tastes, but when one genre totally dominates for bulks of hours and days, w/o break, and they aren't reliant on the previous one shown (for instance, Godfather I, II, III) why must you play so many of one particular oddball genre or selection of actors that aren't the actor of the month (for instance, 3 stooges for over 24 hours and then another of the same genre for the following days)? Now that I'm actually paying $10/mo for TCM, I'm expecting at least the type of programming we used to get just a couple of months ago, not a slide in programming to cheap free fare that I can just pick up if I want to watch it. And for screwball comedy, can we have a break now that we've had so many days of it in the last 1.5 months - this includes rehashing pink panther. I don't even know what category PP is in, not interested in it, not ever, not now, not before, never. Again, I understand that some people like this sorta thing, but I don't see other runs of other players of genre's like TCM has been hitting the screwball and PP over this past couple months and its really worn thin. Again, this is for me. Why not beat Kirk Douglas to death for 2 days straight? Or Ramon Navorro (if it's possible) - I'd LOVE to see some of his films - if you're going to beat something to death, educate us! Show us something hard to find, something different, unique - these odd, B's of Bette Davis have been cool. How about showing that Tracy Thanksgiving movie you always talk about but then NEVER show on Thanksgiving? I used to watch that EVERY Holiday and have been really wanting to see it uncut. Maybe beat some director to death. So many things to show yet you snatch up on 3 stooges? PP after you went through part of the collect just last month? I have an idea, beat that new host that does the silents to death for 3 days straight like you did screwball - I'd love to hear more from her and Eddie Muller. I can never get enough of Eddie Muller - why not do a full 48 hours of Eddie Muller Noir - just not screwball 3 stooges and PP, please! You own actually OWN so many movies, DIG IN and start SHOWING SOME OF THEM! Thank you so much for lending me your "ear" lmc
  2. Curious about a promo just aired about the film “The Late Show” with Art Carney and Lily Tomlin for this Sunday at 10:15pm ET. Not able to find it on any schedule. New to this...don’t know if this proper forum, place to ask.
  3. TCM has changed. I’m very disappointed. Every time I sit down to watch - what used to be "classic movies" - I find new programming. A new classic, I guess. I’ve lost my favorite place and I scroll the TV guide looking for another station playing 1940s, 30s, 20s American films like TCM use to play. Very sad days. Previously, I would have been proud to wear a TCM T-shirt, but TCM is not my TCM anymore. I must have missed the memo that this was going down. Sorry to say good-bye
  4. Hey TCM - where ar the Christmas movies this year? Showing "Christmas in Connecticut" over and over doesn't count. The only thing Christmasy about CinC is the title and one brief scene with a Christmas tree. Otherwise it's simply a charming mistaken identity romantic comedy. Similarly, while Going My Way has a religious theme, it has nothing to do specifically with Christmas. OK, so Holiday Affair was good, but where is The Bishop's Wife? Since You Went Away? Holiday Inn? White Christmas? Buncha Grinches.
  5. Now that 31 Days of Oscar is over, I am wondering about the memorial tribute videos or programming plans. I know that because Robert Osbourne has been ill and there has been scheduling conflicts that everything is being done in a different way this year, but I am wondering: Is there a memorial tribute video for George Kennedy or anyone else up yet? I don't see any reference to the topic on the main TCM page. I don't go to youtube unless I have an actual link as I can get distracted by cat videos. Any word? I know TopBilled, Barton, and Jakeem seem to know about these topics before others do.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions that hopefully some of you classic film experts can help me with. I have been a huge fan of classic films for years. I've also been a writer and am going to self-publish my work next year. To that end, I launched my author website which includes a blog where, among other topics, I write about classic films. Up until now, I've been using images from classic films from the usual places that have public domaine/Creative Commons images (Google images with filtering, Flickr with filtering, Wikimedia Commons). However, sometimes it's a challenge to find images that are in the public domain and that I can use. Since they're not like other images which are more general and easier to find (for example, if you're writing about computers, you can use a ton of images that are more general). These are creative works, so the copyright is very strict and I'm being extremely careful. So are there other places besides the ones I mention above where you can find PD images from classic films and classic actors, directors, etc., that I can use that I just don't know about? Also, I have an author newsletter that I want to send each month. Part of what I want to include, to try and encourage people to see more classic films, is a few recommendations of films that I've seen/liked that are showing on TCM each month. So, for example, if I send a newsletter for September, I want to check out the TCM schedule for that month, see what films I have seen and liked, and recommend them. Am I allowed to do that without any legal ramifications? I would just be mentioning the film and probably linking to the TCMdB page for the film so people could check out more about it. I tried to ask this question on the TCM page on FB but never received an answer so I'm asking here, if anyone might know. Thank you for your help! Tam www.tammayauthor.com
  7. Here's a space for us to post our dream SUTS schedules. Which lineup of actors would constitute a perfect month for you, that would keep you smiling once it ended? Would you like to see a month full of character actors, or underrated performers? You don't have to post the entire month if you don't want to sharing a few choices is perfectly fine. Feel free to also share why you've picked who you've picked. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
  8. If you're like me, you spend a certain part of your TCM time thinking about who's going to receive a day during the SUTS schedule. Here's a place for you to post your dream schedule for August. What would constitute an awesome month for you? Which people people would you LOVE to see? I can't wait to hear what you all come up with!
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