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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've been reading these posts on the TCM message board for a long time, and now that I have my official username I guess I'm now legit, so why not post for the first time? Anyway something has been bothering me for a long time (but maybe I'm just over thinking this). As my username implies I love everything from the past, the films, cars, even the basic household items like pots and pans If only the past come back to life. I've restored (and now use) a 1950s desk that belonged to a WWII vet, restored a 1950s desk fan, a 1940s clock...maybe one day I'll have my own 1930s house I shave with a 1940s double edge razor, use only old fashioned hair pomades (rock it Clark Gable esque), I dress adequately (not like a hipster), I have an array of records, a 1950s record player (and sooo many more vintage/antiques that I use), I love swing music, can't stop listening to Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra. The point is I'm naturally attracted to these things and many people probably say this but I genuinely feel like I was born in the wrong time period...but that's not the point. What's been bothering me is that I find it so hard to find a girl with similar interests (you can laugh if you want). I'm 23 years old and a college student. I'm not a bad looking guy and have no problem finding girls to talk to or even meet. Fortunately or unfortunately I'm frequently hit on by older women (like women in their 40's), and I won't lie I've willingly gone out to places with them (and that's all I'll say). How should I handle this? I don't who to talk to or ask for advice. I eventually want to meet a girl with shared interests, someone who appreciates the things I do but I haven't found one, it seems so difficult and rare, and with the world we live in I find it harder and harder to come upon one. Where do I look? At school? In class sometimes a professor will mention Gone With the Wind or mention stars of the past and everyone will look dumbfounded. I've been watching TCM and classic movies since my freshman year in high school and I can truly say it was a blessing to find the beauty of this channel. I've met WWII veterans in the past, one who actually became a close personal friend during high school (now deceased) and we'd watch TCM from time to time (although eventually he'd rather watch Sanford & Son). He was amazing and what he spoke about the past/his youth and time period (there were flaws of course like racism, etc.), times really seemed much simpler. Well, I think I've written too much but I could keep on going on and on and on so I'll stop.
  2. Upon reviewing lecture notes from yesterdays 1920s lesson, I have a couple of questions about the so-called race films. A ) If films made and marketed to the black audience were called race films, what about other minority groups like Asians and Latinos? Were there films created with these groups in mind (like Hallelujah for African Americans) and if there were, what were they called? It seems like anything related to black people was labelled "race" but what about other non-white groups? I doubt -what we would call in 2018- non black people of color (NBPOC) were considered part of the "white market" since technically they were not white. Also, why was the word "race" just applied to black people instead of other non white groups? B ) who first coined the term "race films" white creators or black? Was it a marketing term on the part of white studio heads/directors (like King Vidor) or black directors? I watched the Oscar Micheaux film Swing (1938) yesterday and that was referred to as a race film. Micheaux was black.
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