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Found 3 results

  1. The three extremes film is one of the best horror movies of all time. It's an anthology horror masterpiece. Three extremes film took me on a journey full of disgust, shock, horror, dread, etc.! I was on the edge of my seat for the whole movie! In this review, I'll try my best not to spoil too much because this is a must-watch horror movie! Stories: Three extremes had a strong and gross opening story! Three extremes wasn't afraid to include very dark and violent content that might've crossed boundaries! Three extremes' dialogue was bone-chilling and electrifying! It made the film tenser! In fact, the dialogue is what made the Three extremes film so scary! If you want to read more, check my blog post! Three extremes film review
  2. The Soul disney pixar movie stood out to me because of its predominantly black characters and emotionally powerful story. I love the Soul Disney Pixar movie for it's profound themes, humor, memorable characters, list goes on. Story: The Soul Disney Pixar movie is about Joe Gardner, a middle school band teacher who's life doesn't go as planned. He's passionate about Jazz but when he travels to another realm and helps another being find its passion - he learns the meaning of soul. I loved how the Soul Disney Pixar movie portrayed blacks realistically in regards to their mannerisms, culture, speech, etc. I loved how Joe hated Jazz at first until his father took him to a Jazz club and Joe falls in love with Jazz after hearing it. I loved the character development in the Soul Disney Pixar movie. Joe was selfish and didn't care about the spiritual realm he was in. Eventually he realizes life is more than just your career. 22 originally doesn't want to live on earth because it's worthless in her mind. Joe could've been a lost soul had he continued in his selfish ways and stayed disconnected from life. 22 doesn't see the purpose of life which is why she refuses to go to earth. The animation of lost souls disturbed me especially when Joe saw 22 in the body of the lost soul and heard her insecurities. I loved the ambiguity of the ending in the Soul Disney Pixar movie. We don't know which body Joe Gardner and 22 end up in. I'll analyze my favorite scenes from the Soul Disney Pixar movie. We're introduced to Joe Gardner doing band practice with his students in a classroom that's poorly funded. First of all, I love how accurate this scene is. When I was in elementary school, kids dressed and behaved as shown in the the Soul Disney Pixar movie. They were fooling around and not taking music seriously. Joe dislikes this judging from his cringe but tries to instill his passion for Jazz in his students despite the situation he's in. The girl (Connie) plays the trombone with passion. When she stands up, we can see she's the only one who took music seriously. Nevertheless, she loses confidence when the class makes fun of her. She doubts herself when she points out she's 12 years old. The school is poorly funded probably because of institutional racism against blacks and society doesn't take music seriously in school. I loved the sense of humor in this scene. Joe's work seems to pay off when he plays the piano in front of the kids and they simply watch in amazement. Soul started with a strong opening because we not only learn Joe is passionate about Jazz that he doesn't care about money, he also wants to inspire others to be like him. I love how Soul reveals to us who the characters are through body language. When Joe looks at a picture of Dorthea Williams in the classroom and presumably his favorite Jazz musicians, we learn he idolizes them. Joe's flaws are revealed early in the Soul Disney Pixar movie. He's selfish. For example, when he tells his story to Connie - he doesn't stop and think if she can relate. Another flaw is he's not completely honest about his feelings towards others. This is shown when he tells the school principal "you're doing my ears a favor." His student gets offended and Joe says "not you! You're good!" but secretly tells the principal he's not. When he talks with his mother, we can see what kind of person she is. She doesn't completely support him. It seems she only loves him for who she wants him to be. When his old friend, Curly, calls Joe - we see Joe is humble. When Joe rehearses with Dorthea Williams and the rest of the band, we can see Dorthea is not impressed at first. This is probably because of so many musicians who failed to meet her standards as a pianist. This also suggests performing on stage with Dorthea Williams isn't what Joe is expecting. Joe can't see it because he's blinded by a fantasy and idol worship of her. This will play a bigger part later in the film. Joe plays the piano and gets into "the zone." This is likely when he somehow opens a connection with the soul realm later in the Soul Disney Pixar movie. When Joe's so excited that he finally got the job, he carelessly moves around and nearly gets in accidents. From this scene, we can see Joe's weakness. He cares too much about his career that he doesn't care much about his wellbeing. He believes life's purpose rests on your actions, namely his dream career. If you want more, check my post! Review of Soul Disney Pixar movie
  3. I've always thought wax figures are really creepy...it's hard to believe this movie was made in 1933! It's super creepy... Keep an eye out for the next spooky review! It's going to be a really horrific one!
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