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Found 8 results

  1. It seems that finally the 3D archives is going to restore Universals first shot for Widescreen and stereophonic sound 3D western classic Wings of the Hawk. Reading info from i.m.d.b under the list of films in 3d of the 1950's, The movie will be ratio in it's original wide screen one by eighty five by one and the stereo will be recreated since the original stereo sound track is has been lost and the surviving two reels of it are in poor shape. the archives is also going to working on Taza son of Cochise in it's original 3d and widescreen too.
  2. Anyone ever discover WHY Howard Hughes constantly screened a copy of ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968)? I mean DAILY. Many times a day. thanks, if you know!!!
  3. Reading the new biography of Rock Hudson (ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS) started me wondering. Rock had open-heart surgery after a possible heart attack in 1981. Couldn't he have gotten a transfusion of AIDS-tainted blood? Blood banks certainly weren't TESTING for AIDS in 1981. And getting a blood transfusion would be a SURE way getting the virus, instead of the unknown, unseen, and private sex life he had. ---if anyone knows WHAT YEAR "AIDS" appeared, please tell us.
  4. Lots of stuff going on in this film, most of it pretty silly, but ROCK HUDSON makes it work. EASY to shine in a masterpiece, but it takes real talent and hard work to make THIS film fit together. The "titles" are nauseating, as are most of the male characters. Three starring actresses have the most offensive roles I've ever had to watch, and all 3 of them torment "Rock" throughout. He's not only a star, he is a hard-working star, willing to subject himself to this film. And it's fun.
  5. I just watched SEND ME NO FLOWERS (1964) after many years! I love this movie so much. So many great things about it (even though Doris Day's husband Marty Melcher was a total crook, we do thank him for exploiting her in these movies). One thing was the LIMIT on characters--it was really simple to keep track of plot-wise, compared to Rock and Doris's other films. Every character is perfect, a pro actor playing them, and they are all experts in comedy. I love them all. The OTHER fantastic thing is the SET. Rock Hudson and Tony Randall live next door to each other, and the interiors are perfection---the ultimate middle-class dream sets of 1964, that people all over the world aspired to copy. The bedroom colors MATCH Doris Days' blonde hair. Every little set prop is adorable. Tony Randall's KITCHEN is the ultimate designer kitchen for that era, in BRONZE colors for the appliances (very cool, modern, and popular.) Doris Day, as a housewife, spends her days at the grocery store, or playing golf with her girlfriends. Life is good. A gossipy milkman delivers all sorts of things (Honey, milk, eggs, etc). to the door every morning. This is life as it was once lived in the paradise of the suburbs. And, best of all PAUL LYNDE steals the movie--he is a sweet character, the Cemetery Plot salesman, and just about saves Rock Hudson's marriage at the end. He was so good in everything. Unfortunately, IRL., Paul was a tortured soul, and quite unpleasant to work with. But the movie "WORKS" because of his performance (ditto the film BYE BYE BIRDIE).
  6. This obscure film is supposed to be one of Rock Hudson's breakthrough roles. (according to his biography ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS). has anyone seen it? thanks!
  7. Author Mark Griffin joins The Silver Screen Oasis Facebook page to discuss his latest biography on Saturday, December 15, and Sunday, December 16. Con join us for in-depth discussions of Rock Hudson's life and Mark Griffin's fabulous new book! One of the researchers involved in the project is director Alexa Foreman, whose documentary, Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor, premiered at the #TCMFF 2018. Mark Griffin is the author of A Hundred or More Hidden Things: The Life and Films of Vincente Minnelli. His interviews, reviews, and essays have appeared in scores of publications, including The Boston Globe, Premiere, MovieMaker, and Genre. Griffin, who recently appeared in the documentary Gene Kelly: To Live and Dance, lives in Lewiston, Maine.
  8. BLINDFOLD is one of those fun 1960's films with a huge, fine cast that has possibly been forgotten. It's a blast to watch, and also interesting. But most of all, it's GREAT Rock Hudson. Fans! Don't miss this thriller. Also starring Claudia Cardinale, Jack Warden, Guy Stockwell, Brad Dexter, Anne Seymour, Vitto Scotti, Hari Rhodes, Ned Glass, Mort Mills, and best of ALL, Alejandro Rey, who would soon star in the tv-series "The Flying Nun".
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