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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I have been trying to figure out the name of this movie for almost two years now, it was AMAZING and for the life of me cannot figure it out! I have a few basic details but everytime i search i come up empty handed so I figured why not go to TCM. Well, here it goes! Basically the movie surrounds a young girl who moves to New York to become an actress . She meets a man on a balcony during a party and they have a conversation on what they do as a career, he's an artist. jumping ahead the girl ends up working as a secretary for a gentleman who lives in the building in which the party was held, same building she ends up living and ultimately dying. Her bosses house keeper ends up finding her hanging in (from what i remember) a closest or bedroom. The head detective of the scene states that the victim was pregnant and says that because she was found in the bosses apartment they must have had an affair and he murdered her. Throughout the movie this detective searches for clues surrounding the young womans death and finds out that she has worked many jobs under many different names (a bar a restaurant etc etc) he also finds out that she ran from a small town to avoid a marriage to a young man who (i think) was to become a lawyer. While the investigation is going on the neighbors that threw the party from the beginning (a stay at home husband/ french artist and his actress wife) are being questioned by the police. **if i can remember who the wife was, i may be able to figure out the movie name but this is where i draw a blank** The wife says that she heard screams and signs of a struggle. she said that sometimes their telephone lines get crossed because they are in the same building and shes heard the suspect speaking with the victim numerous times (i could be making this up but im trying to remember best i can) she says that she cant believe he would have done this. Well fast forward to the end- the actress wife actually finds out that her husband (the artist) is having an affair with the victim due to the crossing of the telephone lines and over hearing a conversation between the two. I HOPE AND PRAY SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME THE ANSWER THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!! I REALLLLY LOVE THIS MOVIE AND AM SOOOO BEYOND UPSET THAT I CANNONT FIGURE OUT THE NAME OF IT LET ALONE WHO PLAYED IN IT!! Hopefull the details given is enough i can tell you this movie is in black & white and its more of a "dramady" (if thats even a word)
  2. I am seeking the name of a film I saw many years ago, in San Francisco, possibly on ABC channel 7 on Insomniac Theater. I believe the movie is set between 1920's and the 1940's in England I believe. Not certain. The film is about a family, husband and wife, and several children, I believe 2 or 3. The husband is struggling to find work in his background of masonry. The wife too also struggles to find work. What has haunted me to this day is the ending where I believe the mother comes to find that her young offspring have committed suicide. I don't remember if that is the correct ending, but is all I remember. I have yet to find this film anywhere.
  3. Hello. I'm trying to identify a movie that I only saw the middle of on TCM at least 8 years ago. It's set either in NYC or some other large city, but I definitely got the NYC vibe from it. It follows a girl in her early 20's as she goes about her routine. It's not about big-city life, it's more about loneliness. There's very little dialogue, she lives in a tiny apartment with an old fashioned sky light that she uses a broom handle to open. The styling is very austere and stark. She wears very plain dresses in the style of 1950's house dresses with no pattern on the fabric and her hair is just straight and down. She ends up on a bridge, or on a wall, and is contemplating suicide. A blue-collar man stops her and refuses to leave her alone because he's concerned that she'll try to jump again. I guess they become friends. I didn't see the end. Can anybody help me id this movie, please? Thanks in advance to any viewers/posters out there!
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