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Found 4 results

  1. film 1, has a story line similar to "Night Flight" with Clark Gable but it turns out not to be the film I'm looking for. A small airline owner runs flights through treacherous conditions with a host of pilots a high faloutin girl hanging around and a lovely girl next door helper who has an obvious crush on our owner. He has a side kick retired pilot that gives him advice and a shady new pilot that has to prove himself. film 2 is about a young star who hides the fact that her mother is black to get ahead in her career with the final scene showing her finding out her mother has died and she runs to the very public funeral procession (which is a horse drawn hearse covered in flowers) and cries out for the lose of her mother. both these films are very old and I've been looking for them for ages to watch again I would be very grateful for any help cheers ps: please feel free to ask me for more info on the plot lines if needed
  2. Hello! I've been looking from the title of this film for a couple of years now. I first saw it on TCM, and I KNEW I should have written it down then. It's in black and white, and it has sound. It's about a doctor that digs up corpses in order to study human anatomy and further medical knowledge about surgeries. He does autopsies on them. The catch is the film is set sometime in the 1700's (I want to say shortly after the American Revolution) and it takes place in one of the original colonies, so surgery and digging up corpses are huge no-nos, obviously. Near the beginning of the film he's about to get hanged but accidentally gets saved by this group of ruffians. He then has to help cure one of the ruffians (I think it was either the leader or the leader's wife) of an ailment under threat of death. Afterwards they're really impressed and the leader wants the doctor to stay with them. The doctor doesn't want to though because he wants to continue his studies. I'm pretty hazy on the middle part of the movie, but he ends up settling in a town. He's very well liked and considered respectable, and there's a female love interest. However, he's still snatching bodies to study. There's only so many places to get bodies in the area, so people are starting to notice that graves are being desecrated. He's eventually found out. The ending of the movie deals with a shoot out between the ruffians and towns people at a house. The doctor performs surgery on an ill woman during the shootout and saves her life. The movie has a lot of humor. I wouldn't call it a comedy though.
  3. I'm looking for a movie title [haha obviously] and all I have to go on is what I remember from the movie. The movie itself is in black and white, so it makes me think it is prior to the 1950's but I could be mistaken. A rich guy comes into this smaller town for a business meeting [could be a business party] and is sitting in traffic for a long time, though he's in a rush. The main actress comes walking down the street and he asks her for help several times before she concedes. She accompanies him to this party/meeting and they get completely drunk. In the middle of the night, they've decided [in their drunken stupor] to get married. The next morning they wake up in his car, freaking out because they don't know what's going on, or who each other are. The rich guy takes his new wife back to his city and has to explain to his family AND his girlfriend/fiance what happened. During the trip back to the city, they get into arguments, [typical "I hate you but in the end I'll fall in love with you" storyline] and at one point are sharing a cottage room but the guy puts up a curtain to maintain privacy. He makes a deal with his wife; after six months, they'll get divorced and everything will go back to normal for them both. During the six months, she's practically a prisoner in their home/apartment, and she's not supposed to talk to anyone, except him. However, at the end of the month turns out he is falling in love with her. I watched this movie on TCM, 6+months ago, and have been looking for it ever since.
  4. Hello - Like so many, I'm searching for the title of a movie. It's a movie in english. What I can remember is I've seen it a few times in the last 30 years. Probably not the time period in which it was created, but, rather when it was re-run. I don't recall if it was b&w or color(ized). I do remember one part of the movie in which a "theatrical" event took place outside on what seemed to be a royals estate grounds. There were scenic "walls" which made up the parameters of the area and were moved at the end of this part of the movie. I don't believe the movie was a serious one, maybe more romantic. I am familiar with the movie "Mame" and the scene I'm referring to above had that sort of flavor. Thanks for any help you can provide! drgnldy147
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